4 changes since my horses and I became hooked on Silver Lining Herbs

I’m a newcomer to Silver Lining Herbs (SLH). Many of you have been using herbs for your horses and dogs for years, but I was introduced just under three years ago. I can honestly say that my horses and I thoroughly love SLH’s products. I know I won’t go back to how I took care of them before. But just so you other newcomers know, there are a few changes that might occur in your life, once you’ve started using these herbs faithfully, because there have been a few changes in my own life.

#1 – I read labels on EVERYTHING now

Have you read the back of a Silver Lining Herbs’ label? Guess what? You can read and pronounce (pretty dang close) Every. Single. Ingredient. There aren’t huge words like Cetyl Myristoleate (which by the way is a chemical compound found in many animal supplements) and I am honestly glad, because I don’t have the time or the knowledge to break down every ingredient and decide (after I figure out what the definition even is) if it is safe for my horse or not. So now I find myself reading all sorts of labels, whether it is food for myself or food for my horses, just to see if I really do know what my horses and I are consuming, and from this, hopefully I’m making better choices. Once you start reading labels, you can’t go back. 

#2 – Other fly sprays now don’t cut it for me

Since using Silver Lining Herbs’ Fly Spray, every other fly spray now smells… toxic. Like chemicals… and more chemicals. And when it tells you to wear gloves and eye protection to apply? I don’t know about you, but I don’t keep my chemist goggles on hand for myself or my horses (those went out the door with my chemistry knowledge the day I passed that class in high school). If I get SLH’s Fly Spray on me, I don’t even concern myself with washing it off right away because it is safe for both my horses and me. It even smells like essential oils –because that’s what’s in it. Funny story, I was looking for one of our team members at a rodeo one time, and I couldn’t find their trailer amongst all of the trailers that were parked behind the arena. All of the sudden… I smelled SLH’s Fly Spray! I followed my nose and found Alexa Lake spraying her horse with our fly spray (true story, you can ask her!). If that’s not good branding, I don’t know what is. Once you use a natural fly spray, you’ll realize you shouldn’t go back.

#3 – I conduct a personal health evaluation more often

I’d like to think that my health has always meant something to me. But honestly, I don’t think I had given too much thought to taking care of myself to thwart that cold from coming on. But if SLH is now making me think of a health plan for my horses, shouldn’t I be thinking of one for myself? I definitely do a better job of that now. Once you realize how important prevention is, you’ll see the importance of not reverting back.



#4 – I realized – It’s not just a company, it’s a way of life

I was skeptic… skeptic that something so natural could help my animals and make a real difference. But you know what? I think I can classify myself as a believer now. My seasons aren’t just spring, summer, fall, and winter, but also Herbal Wormer and Kidney Support season, Fly Spray and Feet and Bone Support season, back to Herbal Wormer and Kidney Support season, and then finishing the year off with #10 Maintenance. Its crazy… and you might call me crazy, but sometimes I can just look at my horses now, and they’ll look back at me and its like they are saying, “You know what we need, so bring us our herbs”. It makes them feel good and I feel good giving it to them.

Silver Lining Herbs has changed the way I think about health. I wish I would have known that I’d have a different mindset after being educated about these herbs, because just like that saying, “you wish you would have started yesterday”, I would have started using these products on my horses A LOT sooner.

Once you become part of the Silver Lining Herbs’ family, you won’t want to go back.

-Jessica has worked for Silver Lining Herbs for almost 3 years as a videographer and social media manager. She and her husband Stetson currently live in Rexburg, Idaho while he is finishing his degree in Agribusiness. They recently welcomed their daughter Jozee to their family in December. Jess and Stetson enjoy spending time with their 4 horses and are excited to introduce Jozee to them soon!

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