4th of July Safety for our Dogs and Horses

Fireworks…LOUD, POPPING, EXPLODING fireworks don’t typically mix well with our horses and dogs. These loud human entertainment contraptions can cause severe anxiety in our horses and dogs. Here are a few things to remember when July 4th rolls around:

  • It is completely normal for our animals to be scared. They are naturally equipped with sharper senses than humans that can make this experience more intense.
  • There are plenty of horses and dogs who aren’t afraid of fireworks. It may be because they were exposed to loud noises when they were young or they may just be more naturally easy going.
  • Fireworks are not the same experience as a thunderstorm. While some do get scared, you will likely see both horses and dogs stay calmer during a thunderstorm. There are usually warning signs when a storm is rolling in, high winds and changes in barometric pressure. Fireworks on the other hand, are sudden and happen less frequently during the year, so our animals may be intimidated by them.

How can Silver Lining Herbs help your horses and dogs this 4th of July? Start with our E20 Keep Cool for horses or K20 Keep Cool for dogs. There are some great herbs in this combination to help support a normal disposition in a stressed environment, allowing the animal to exhibit a more natural and relaxed behavior. Herbs like Catnip, Chamomile, Hops and Valerian are all nervines that are know to have soothing and relaxing qualities.

Some tips to help make your dogs more comfortable over the holiday:

  • Find a place in your home that they are the most comfortable. Supply them a bed, fresh water and their favorite chew toy or treat to make them feel safe.
  • If they are crate trained, they may feel the most secure being crated during the festivities.
  • Stay calm yourself. As we said before, they are equipped with sharp senses and if they feel tension or anxiety from you, likely they will react accordingly. They looks to us for comfort and reassurance.

Some tips to help make your horses more comfortable over the holiday:

  • Ensure that your horse’s stall/pen/pasture fencing is secure and no harmful materials are exposed if they were to try and run from the noise.
  • A larger turn out area is more ideal so they are able to move around and not feel trapped.
  • If you do stall your horse or they have access to being inside, try playing soothing music on a radio. It may help to dull the noise of the fireworks.

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