A Horse with Sand in the Belly

Have you ever had a horse with sand in his gut? Watch the video, posted to Thompson Vet Services’ Facebook page, to see just how much sand this horse had in his belly. Unfortunately, the horse was euthanized and a necropsy was performed. This horse had loose stools, weight loss, and repeated bouts of colic.
**WARNING-video may be graphic!!.

This video is of a necropsy of a horse that was euthanized due to severe sand colic. Preliminary signs of possible sand in the intestines/stomach…loose stools, weight loss, repeated bouts of colic….kinda sounds like parasites or EGUS doesn’t it?….but it wasn’t….once again, I hope this may make you think outside the box, next time you have a horse that may have similar recurring signs….it just might not hurt to do a “glove test”….just saying…have a greatly successful week!! Dr.T

Here is a great article explaining the “glove test” as well as how to perform it using a bucket.

How can we help? We offer our #30 Digestive Support that contains a variety of herbs to help support the digestive system as a whole to function normally. We also recommend keeping our #17 Kolik Eaz on hand in the even your horse started to have an achy belly.

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5 thoughts on “A Horse with Sand in the Belly

  1. Poor horse!
    I would suspect this horse had pica. Pica is a symptom of something else being wrong.. like iron or zinc deficiency or gastritis. That is way too much sand to not have been eaten on purpose.
    I have a mare that eats dirt and sand if I don’t supplement with iron. We have lots of copper in the soil in Arizona but iron doesn’t make it into the hay because of how alkiline the soil is. There is a study that supports the idea of mineral imbalance in horses can causing pica. (Copper and iron ratio specifically)

  2. Great article you guys. On the chart above what are the numbers? Also, since I already have the spray bottle do you offer a concentrate to add and refill and reuse the bottle?
    Cristine Cameron

    1. Hey Cristine,
      Those numbers represent acupressure points. An example of kidney points would be k12, k27, etc. Their al lots of points for the kidney’s and other parts of the body, and so they are numbered.

      Also, we do not offer a concentrate at this time.

      We love you too!

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