All About our Equisalve

To start, how about a little background on what our salve is. The base is made up of Ostrich Oil, which was used by the Egyptian, Roman, and African cultures over 3000 years ago for dry skin, lesions, burns, and many other ailments. Ostrich Oil is able to deeply penetrate the skin, unlike many petroleum based products, that can provide moisture for hours. The rest of the Equisalve consists of Lanolin Oil, Beeswax, Powdered Comfrey, Lavender oil, Tea Tree oil, and Bergamot oil. You can read more here.

Next, let’s take a look at the process of making our Equisalve. It can be somewhat of a long and painful process. No, not really painful but it does take some time. All together, around 5 hours from start to finish.

Have you ever seen what Ostrich Oil looks like? Well, here it is before rendering down, striking a close resemblance to vanilla pudding and after, looking more like a big bowl of caramel.
20150818_091434    20150818_105317

After the ostrich oil has rendered down to a more clear liquid, we add the beeswax and let it melt. Then comes the powdered Comfrey and essential oils.


And the fun part, pouring it into the jars without making a mess!
20150818_120046    20150818_121219

Question: What is the black grainy stuff that is in the jar of Equisalve?
-Some of the Comfrey may settle to the bottom of the jar as it sets. Don’t worry, this is the best part.
20150818_121317    20150818_122832

There you have it, the process of making that jar of goodness. All that is left is to add the lids and proper labeling and they are ready for you.

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