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Natural Remedies for Bot Flies

Fall is quickly approaching us! Which means so are the Bot Flies. Without proper prevention and care they can be dangerous to the health of our horses. What is a Bot Fly? A bot fly looks similar to a honey bee. Larger than the typical fly, brown and hairy. These flies only have a one-year life cycle and are most active during the fall and winter months. They land on your horse, typically on their chest, stomach and legs and lay their eggs, which is where the process begins. Your horse will lick and scratch at the affected area, causing them to ingest the eggs, where then the eggs eventually hatch in the digestive system of your horse. Bot Fly Read More...

Round Table Discussion – September Recap

LISTEN NOW wherever you listen to podcast or click the icons below Josi and Chance sat down and talked about the importance of health for your horses, your dogs and yourself. A few topics that are covered are: Deworming - when and how to deworm? Bleeders - Is there hope? Answered guests questions & more [embed][/embed]

Natural Alternative for Horses that Bleed

LISTEN NOW wherever you listen to podcast or click the icons below [embed][/embed] What catches people by surprise when a horse gets a nose bleed is how much blood the horse seems to be losing. The amount of blood makes owners very worried about the horse's health. Through this article, we will explain why so much blood is being lost and what are common causes of nose bleeds in horses. How Much Blood Does A Horse Have? Let's compare the horse's cardiovascular system to that of a human. This way you will get a better understanding of what is going on inside your horse. The amount of blood can vary depending on the size, weight, and age of a human, Read More...

4 Tips to Help Your Horses Deal With Poor Air Quality

LISTEN NOW wherever you listen to podcast or click the icons below Poor air quality comes with wildfires, smoke, dust, harvest, smog, and other factors that may cause our horses to have breathing issues.  Being proactive in keeping your horses respiratory system healthy will hopefully safe guard you from having an issue come up.  So what can you do to help?  Here are a few tips when your horses are dealing with poor air quality. 1. Provide plenty of fresh water.  Drinking water will help soothe and keep the respiratory system moist. 2. Spray hay and ground down with water. This will help eliminate dust around their feeders and in their hay. 3. Limit exercise.  Increased airflow can potentially cause Read More...

Round Table Discussion Recap

"That's what so cool about Silver Lining is we have such a full line of products. I'm very confident that anything that is going on within the horse's body, we have in our line." - Josi Young The experts Josi & Chance hosted a July Round Table Discussion where the experts answered many questions. The guys also filled our attendees in on our upcoming Christmas in July Sale, which you will not want to miss (minute 45)! Minute 5:30 - One of the attendees, Cindy has been concerned about her easy-keeping horses potentially foundering. Chance learned from her that she has been dry lotting her horses because she was concerned about sugar levels.  She also commented about them having cresty Read More...

Summer Bundle Box for Horses

The bugs are in full effect. The Summer Bundle Box for Horses has your horse in mind to deal the bugs this summer. It contains what your horse needs internally and externally. Summer Bundle Box for Horses includes: -24 Immune Support -Bug Repel (Qty 2) -Tail bag Why 24 Immune Support? If you have seen a single horse that is being bothered by more flies and other bugs than the others it is typically because they have a lowered immune system or toxins in their body that is attracting bugs. Flies and other insects are opportunistic and because of this will go after these "weakened" horses. 24 Immune Support supports a normal immune system that will give your horse what Read More...

4 Calming Herbs to Support Your Horse (Natural)

LISTEN NOW wherever you listen to podcast or click the icons below Your horses’ anxiety can turn any situation into no fun for anyone, them, or you.  Anxiety can be triggered from competition, fireworks, thunderstorms and more.  Beyond that, anxiety can lead to chronic health issues.  So it is important to support your horse’s emotional well-being. Herbs to Calm Horses: Here are 4 calming herbs that we use in our #20 Keep Cool to support horses with stress. 1. Catnip for your horse. Catnip is useful for calming the nerves and helping with anemia.  It also contains some antibiotic properties.   It is a mild tonic for colds, flu, and fevers. It can also help stimulate the appetite.  It was used Read More...

Tack Room Talk – Sherry Cervi Barrel Racing Legend

LISTEN NOW wherever you listen to podcast or click the icons below Barrel Racing Icon Sherry Cervi joins us for some Tack Room Talk about her families farm, her eye-opening experience due to an injury,  what the future looks like for her barrel racing career and so much more! We're also so happy to present to you the Sherry Cervi Bundle Box that has three of her favorite products. Be sure to check those out below!

Tack Room Talk – Start Getting a Return on Failure

LISTEN NOW wherever you listen to podcast or click the icons below "Ever tried? Ever Failed? Try again. Fail again. Fail better." - Samuel Beckett On this week's episode of Tack Room Talk, Josi and Chance chat about how it is so important not to fear failure, but embrace it. They discuss how returning on failure is one of the best practices you can do to propel your life in a positive more fulfilling direction.

Tack Room Talk – Driving Around with Amberley Snyder

LISTEN NOW wherever you listen to podcast or click the icons below Amberley does not let anything get in her way when it comes to achieving her dreams.  As a competitor and care giver she doesn’t take any short cuts for her horses. Join us as we drive down the road (literally) with the amazing Amberley Snyder.  Amberley is an inspiration that has overcome so much adversity in her life.  We talk with her about life, family, her Netflix movie, Walk. Ride. Rodeo. & so much more. Be sure to follow Amberley on Instagram @amberleysnyder You can also shop Amberley's favor products with,  The Amberley Snyder Bundle Box