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Tack Room Talk – Driving Around with Amberley Snyder

LISTEN NOW wherever you listen to podcast or click the icons below Amberley does not let anything get in her way when it comes to achieving her dreams.  As a competitor and care giver she doesn’t take any short cuts for her horses. Join us as we drive down the road (literally) with the amazing Amberley Snyder.  Amberley is an inspiration that has overcome so much adversity in her life.  We talk with her about life, family, her Netflix movie, Walk. Ride. Rodeo. & so much more. Be sure to follow Amberley on Instagram @amberleysnyder You can also shop Amberley's favor products with,  The Amberley Snyder Bundle Box

Spring Maintenance Bundle Boxes for Horses

Watch below to learn all the benefits of our Spring Maintenance Bundle Boxes! [embed][/embed] Other Resources Spring Maintenance for Horses Detoxing is Natural for your Hoses & Dogs 2022 Deworming Schedule for Horses Tack Room Talk Podcast - 13 Herbal Wormer

Spring Maintenance For Horses

It is best practice for all horses to be dewormed in the spring, along with their detoxification system to be supported. Parasitic worms live in the intestines of horses and ponies.  Small numbers of worms can be tolerated, causing no effect on a horse’s well-being.  Larger worm populations can cause a range of issues.  Symptoms like diarrhea and constipation, colic, rough and dull-looking coat, poor growth in foals, and respiratory issues such as cough and nasal discharge can indicate that your horse may have worms. Our #13 Herbal Wormer works naturally by simply creating a healthy environment in your horse but an unpleasant one for parasites. Detoxing is not a fad.  Every horse detoxes.  It is a natural occurrence in the body.  Read More...

How to Support EPM Horses Naturally – Tack Room Talk

A new Tack Room Talk episode is out now and most importantly, so is our new product EP Minus! Josi and Chance go over our original protocol that was put in place years ago by founder Mickey Young to support EPM horses. The original protocol included using four of our products; 13 Herbal Wormer, 11 Brain & Nerve, 24 Immune Support and 29 LCR. Today we decided to combine all these products together to create EP Minus. Click the icons above or listen wherever you get your podcasts! Other EPM Resources & More EP Minus Information Signs of EPM in Horses (Symptoms and Causes) EPM Treatment for Horses 2022 (Naturally)  Shop EP Minus    

Detoxing is Natural for your Horses and Dogs

Liver and kidney detox for Horses and Dogs Detoxing is not a fad.  Every horse and dog detoxes.  It is a natural occurrence in the body.  The body is meant to bring good stuff in and take the bad stuff out.  The problem is that our horses and dogs are getting less of the good and more of the bad than ever before and because of this their kidney’s and liver may need some added support. Why detox liver and kidney The environments that our horses and dogs are in are obviously not what they were 100 years ago, and the quality of nutrition is of lesser value than it was even 20 years ago.  Today we spray the plants Read More...

Best Natural Product for Mare Hormones

The important thing to remember about horses is that they are eager to please.  Rarely do they intentionally act onery for the sake of acting onery.  Many times, these less desired behaviors are for a reason.  In the case of mares, they are not wanting to be uncomfortable or act onery, rather they are in discomfort, and trying to deal with that discomfort. But what do you do? How to help a hormonal mare naturally? One of the best ways to better support a hormonal, uncomfortable mare is by using 31 Mare Moods.  31 Mare Moods has 12 specific and unique herbs to not only support her normal endocrine system, but also to support normal emotions that allows her to Read More...

Signs of EPM in Horses (Symptoms and Causes)

EPM is a disease that is most commonly recognized by the horse having ataxia, general weakness with muscle spasticity. Early signs of EPM in horses Early signs of EPM can be recognized by abnormal gait, lameness, muscle atrophy, head tilt and other neurological symptoms. Riders have often reported that EPM signs were first recognized by performance issues, such as trouble staying in correct lead, stopping, backing up and turning around. Alternative Way to diagnose EPM in Horses Naturally Alternative diagnosis to EPM can be done by using acupressure points.  Specifically, and easiest to identify is a point on the horse’s right side hindquarters.  This point is stifle high and would be where if you would image an out seam would Read More...

EPM Treatment for Horses 2022 (Naturally)

EPM is a disease caused by the apicomplexan parasite Sarcocystis neurona that affects the central nervous system of horses. The most common symptoms of EPM are ataxia, general weakness with muscle spasticity. In order to best support horses during EPM recovery we must look at supporting every aspect of the horse that is affected. -Central Nervous System – neurological issues that arise from EPM including gait issues and muscle atrophy -Immune System – immune system that is compromised from the system being under immense stress -Digestive System – support normal healing of the digestive system where the protozoa accessed the CNS -Encourage the protozoa to be evacuated from the horse Best Natural Support to remedy EPM with Herbs We have had an EPM recovery protocol Read More...

Best Ways/Diet to Increase Mare Fertility

A clean – wholesome diet is always the best way to go when optimizing health, but what does that mean?  Here at Silver Lining Herbs, we suggest a variety of grass and some alfalfa in the hay so the mare has as much wholesome variety as possible.  We also suggest whole oats for grain for the vast majority of horses out there, being sure to stay away from processed feeds and molasses. Natural Supplements to Boost Mares Fertility There are specific herbs that are known to support fertility in mares. We have combined these specific fertility herbs into one blend, called 14 Mare Fertility. The herbs in the 14 Mare Fertility work together to support the female system in preparation Read More...

Tack Room Talk – Tyler Magnus 9x NFR Qualifier

  "Live in the middle. Your highs can't be too high and your lows can't be too low." - Tyler Magnus On this week's episode of the Tack Room Talk podcast, Josi and Chance sit down with 9x team roping NFR qualifier Tyler Magnus. Tyler brings a lot of knowledge when it comes to being a competitor that translates to anyone's day to day life. He also talks about the importance of taking care of your equine athletes and how the care for horses has upped the competition in the western industry. This episode of Tack Room Talk is brought to you by Silver Lining Herbs.