Barrel Racer-Sherry Cervi

This year will mark Sherry’s 17th qualification to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. She is a four time World Champion and is heading to Las Vegas with $93,048 in earnings for 2014. She has lifetime earnings of nearly $3 million with no plans to slow down. Sherry has won the average title at the WNFR 3 times, including 2013 where she set a new average record of 138.15. She also set a new WNFR earnings record of $155,899 during the 10 day show, which earned her a new Ram truck for the Top Gun Award.

Read more about Sherry on her page. 147 Sherry Cervi small

3 thoughts on “Barrel Racer-Sherry Cervi

  1. You’re certainly the best of the best In my books! I used to run barrels at small area rodeos and I have just a small inkling of understanding the time and effort you’ve put into such an accomplishment. I attended 80 performances of the finals during the 90’s when my son qualified in the BB riding. What an exciting time in our family’s past. Keep up the good work. We’ll be rooting for you!

  2. What a great photo. Your horse is doing one thing with his front end and another with his rear half. Cool. I am not a barrel racer but have followed your career in part because you so obviously have an actual relationship with your horses. I am not a total goo-goo/gah-gah, but do think it is possible to demand excellence from our horses and still have an appreciation of them on a more spiritual level. I too wish you continued health and success for both you and your horses. And good luck at the NFR!!!!

  3. What an icon of what hard work can accomplish in your life. Would love to hear more of your trials and tribulations and what all has gone into becoming the champion that you are. Wishing you continued safety, health and success at the NFR this year. You are a beacon of hope, love and the American Dream.

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