COVID 19 Precautions – Silver Lining Herbs

COVID 19 Precautions

As news about the COVID 19 virus dominates news media and our daily conversations, we wanted to share with you our action plan for dealing with the constantly changing situation related to COVID 19.


·    Receiving staff will be disinfecting any incoming shipments from various carriers.


·    Our production team has always been committed to manufacturing a safe product for your horses and dogs. Thorough hand washing is required before entering in the production area, and all staff in production wear gloves. No food is allowed in production area. Daily sanitizing is done to the equipment and counter tops. 


·    Thorough hand washing is required before picking, boxing, and shipping packages. Staff is instructed to avoid touching their face, and can use gloves if they wish. Daily sanitizing is done to the equipment and counter tops. 


·    Thorough hand washing is required and daily sanitizing is being done to phones, computers, and workspace. No employee that is sick is allowed to come to work. 

We feel as though it is important to be a good citizen and take appropriate steps to protect the health of our employees and customers. We want to be a part of the solution and help us all get past the COVID 19, so that we can all get back to our normal daily lives, as fast as possible.

We appreciate your business, and choosing us to better the quality of life for your horses and dogs.

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