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Effortless Time

A foot injury put Nick Guy out of competition this winter, but because of a new horse, ET, he has won $16,000+ in little over a month.

Nick calls ET “the real deal.”  He is owned by Travis Venn, his college roommate’s family, Jody and Dave Smith from Miles City, MT.  ET was the last horse that Travis’s Grandpa raised before passing away, so this horse has a lot of sentimental value to the family.  The horse had a successful racing career on the track as a 2 and 3 year old in Montana, then went into barrel horse training with Jane Melby originally, and later futuritied by Ashley Schafer.

The 10 year old sorrel gelding really likes to run straight, so Travis had Nick start him as a steer wrestling horse 2 years ago.  Because of his barrel racing training Nick says, “He was incredibly broke, and easy to train.”

Nick owes the success he has had this spring to ET, placing at or winning nearly every rodeo they have entered.  “He has serious speed on his 2nd and 3rd stride.  I am catching steers a stride or two faster than the other guys, and I don’t have to push the barrier as much with him.”

The coolest thing about ET is that he knows he is a winner. He is confident in himself and that confidence is being passed onto Nick.  “I feel like I can contend for a World Championship with him.”

Nick plans on only him riding ET through this rodeo season as he is still being seasoned.  He currently has him on #12 Feet and Bone Support, #24 Immune Support and #37 Kidney Support.

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