Brenda Mays

6x WNFR Qualifier
2012 WNFR Average Winner
Judge Buy Cash (Jethro)-2010 AQHA/WPRA Horse of the Year

  • Tell us about your main mount(s).

Jethro is the kind of horse that gives you what he has and is very consistent. He is very smart and loves his job. Dora is probably faster than Jethro, but is not as consistent yet and will hit more barrels than Jethro. She also gives you everything she has plus some. The saying we have for Dora is slower is faster. She will get herself in a speed jam trying to go to fast.

  • How did you get into rodeo?

My parents and grandparents where involved with rodeo, so I grew up around it. From a very young age I knew rodeo is what I wanted to do.

  • Who are your idols?

When I was I kid I looked up to Jimmie Gibbs and Jerri Mann. But my true idol has to be Mark Harmon, no doubt.

  • What has been your best memory so far?

For Rodeo it has to be winning the WNFR average title. For everyday life it would have to be getting to meet Mark Harmon and getting to be on the set of NCIS.

  • What do you like most about feeding SLH?

I like the fact that SLH has something for all my horses. All horses need different things and they can provide that for all the horses I’m running.

  • What products do you use?

Feet and Bone Support, Immune Support, Kidney Support, Brain & Nerve Support, Nolasix, Keep Cool, and Kolik Eaz when needed. These are the ones I use just about everyday.

  • What do you like to do for fun outside of the arena?

I go watch my son in whatever sport he is doing at the time. I also like watching TV.

  • What is your favorite movie?

I really don’t have a favorite movie, I like all kinds. I do have favorite TV shows, I love NCIS and Castle, I will not miss an episode of either one and own every season of DVDs for both.

  • What is your favorite food?

Probably Chinese food and Starbucks!

  • What super power would you like to have?

I would love to have the power to snap my fingers and already be at my destination, instead of having to drive all the time.

  • What is your routine for warm-up/preparing for your run?

It depends on the horse. Jethro I walk a lot and trot. I usually give him about 30 to 40 min. Dora its only about 15min. The more you are on her the hotter she gets.

  • Can you give a training tip?

Don’t over work your horse to point of boredom.

  • If you didn’t rodeo full time, what career path would you choose?

I would train barrel horses.

  • What is something most people don’t know about you?

About 5 yrs ago I started working out with a trainer. I loved it so I made a lifestyle change and now I’m addicted to working out. When I’m on the road I will run or lift weights that I pack with me. And when I’m home I train with the trainer.