Curt Moore

World Champion Mounted Shooter

  • How did you get into shooting?

Saw a Wild West Show in Arizona in 2000 and thought it looked fun.  While I was there the MS people were so friendly they offered their horse, holsters, etc… just to let us try it!

  • Who are your idols?  

Anyone who has fought for our country and our freedom… without them we wouldn’t be doing this awesome sport

  • What has been your best memory so far?

Seeing my clients do well always makes me happy…

  • What do you like most about feeding SLH?

The fact that it is not toxic to my horses, animals or my family and friends.

  • What products do you use?

Immune support, INF-X, Herbal Wormer, etc.. Too many to list!

  • What is your feed program like?

I have anywhere between 10-12 horses most of the time and it varies on what each horse gets but all my personal horses use Herbal Wormer, Immune support and Inf-X

  • What do you like to do for fun outside of the arena?

Hunting, spending time with family and friends.. Enjoying going to shoots and spending time with MS family

  • What is your favorite movie?

Seabiscuit and Secretariat for horse movies (yes a tie and I can recite most of the lines in each!)

Guardian, Taken and Hangover are my other favorites.  I watch them all at least couple times a month!

  • What is your favorite food?


  • What super power would you like to have?


  • Can you give a training tip?

Light hands, allow the horse to make a mistake before you correct, minimum pressure till maximum pressure is required.  You can get a lot done with proper correction!

  • What is your routine for warm-up/preparing for your run?

Lope circles, until the horse stays between the reins, maneuver through the course making random turns, bending the neck to become more flexible…

  • What other career path would you choose?

Professional Singer

  • What is something most people don’t know about you?

I love history more specifically bible history.

  • Tell us a funny story from the road.

Sheila and I were headed to a shoot in south Texas in the motor home… we were almost there when we missed the exit to the arena so we had to go up a ways to turn around.  The motorhome ran out of diesel about 1 mile away, of course we had a client’s horse with us and they were waiting on us to get there.  So I saddled my horse and the ponied the client’s horse to the shoot, leaving Sheila back with the motorhome.  She was rescued by two fellow mounted shooters wives!  We still laugh about that…

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