Shelley Murphy

-WNFR Qualifier
-2008 DNCFR Champion

  • Tell us about your main mount(s).

Ms Lucki Kelly affectionately known as Dyna.  I bought her as a 3 year old off the track and trained her, she is just started to get seasoned and I have high hopes for her.  I like her so much I bought her sire and dam and will have full Dyna siblings starting next year.

SX Hot Alley Cat, known as Kitty Cat or Alley.  I bought her from Lainee Sampson (Shearer) as a 3 year old that had been ranch ridden.  She did well at the few futurities I took her too and is going to debut as a rodeo horse this year.  Her first rodeo was the Rapid City Pro Rodeo this past February where she was 16th out of 140+ horses.

  • How did you get into rodeo?

I started out in the O-mok-see world (gymkana) and then into our local rodeo and jackpot barrel racing.  I bought my amateur association rookie card in 2005 and made the NFR on the same horse I bought my ammy card for in 2008.

  • What has been your best memory so far?

Winning the Dodge National Circuit Finals in 2008 and setting the arena record while in route to the win.

  • What do you like most about feeding SLH?

The fact that the product is all natural and that I can isolate one issue with certain herbs.

  • What products do you use?

Dyna gets immune, kidney, digestive and joint.  Alley gets immune, kidney, digestive, joint, and mare moods.  I also feed the training mix to my youngsters, and both of my 1st string rope horses get feet and bone, joint, and kidney.  I also have a horse with laminitis that gets the laminae.  I have pretty much used and believe in all of the SLH products, again being able to isolate certain issues for certain horses is a plus for me!

  • What do you like to do for fun outside of the arena?

Outside the arena I have become an avid upland bird hunter.  I recently purchased a finished dog and I can hardly wait until bird season!  We also enjoy waterfowl hunting.  Back to the arena we love to team sort and rope as well.

  • What is your favorite movie?

Seabiscuit and Secretariat for horse movies (yes a tie and I can recite most of the lines in each!)

Guardian, Taken and Hangover are my other favorites.  I watch them all at least couple times a month!

  • What is your favorite food?

Ribeye steak, medium rare.

  • What super power would you like to have?

Be able to grow a money tree, I’m in the horse business.

  • Can you give a training tip?

Smooth is fast and exaggerate in practice, things tighten up when you’re going fast.

  • What is your routine for warm-up/preparing for your run?

Over the past months, Dyna has proven that even the older horses can have fun, therefore requiring longer warm ups than normal.  I will lope her until she gets the hump out of her back and then we are typically ready to go.  I hand walk until I get on to run.  Although harmless, if she bucks during our run it does add time to the clock.

Alley is a pinch, she takes about 5-10 minutes of warm up max and then we do some flexing and she is ready.

  • If you didn’t rodeo full time, what career path would you choose?

I sold my NFR horse in 2009 so that I could stay home with my family.  (Husband Matt, daughter Kaela, son Luke)  I continue to train futurity and rodeo horses for both my family and outside clients as well.  Kaela and I haul in the Montana circuit and to the amateur rodeos as well. Is there any other career path besides horses?

  • What is something most people don’t know about you?

I would be a dog hoarder if my husband would let me and I don’t drink.