Fall is on its way…

Here in Idaho, it seems that Fall may be coming on sooner than usual. Our weather has been very erratic with hot temperatures one day and rain with cooler temps the next. This has not been a typical August for us.


With the dramatic changes in temperatures and weather, we feel that our, as well as your, horses may benefit from getting our E30 Digestive Support. A healthy digestive system is of utmost importance to the overall health of any horse. An optimally healthy digestive system may avoid problems and further offer a more effective and efficient nutritional value to the cells.


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Large Intestines are one of the organs closely related to Fall. Because of this we want to start providing the support needed in Late Summer. While maintaining a healthy digestive system at the end of each season is ideal, it is especially important in Late Summer. Doing this will allow the body to best absorb and digest the proper nutrients as it prepares for Winter.

Digestive Support

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