Fighting the Good Fight: The Battle for Health

It seems like recently there have been more sick horses than healthy. Horses with infections; horses coming up lame; horses getting heat strokes; horses losing weight and we could go on.

Obviously we are a natural health product company, so we hear about more issues in horses than not, and that is why we are here; to support the healthy horse. But it makes you wonder why it can be so hard to keep these guys up and going.

Let’s just face it; keeping our animals healthy is a battle.









Don’t you agree? Trying to keep these horses and dogs of ours healthy just seems like a dog-gone battle. You think you’ve got them healthy and you’re excited about taking them to your next event, and so you walk out into the pasture to get them and they are limping or their head is low and their eyes just tell you that they don’t feel that well.









We are constantly reminded that good health is an EVERY SINGLE DAY pursuit.  Every day we get closer or further away from good health, but we are never in a stand-still.  Several factors can play part in health deteriorating, including the environment they are in, the feed they eat, the exercise they get and so forth. Today’s horses and dogs are also subjected to more outside forces than ever before: pesticides, herbicides, vaccines, fly sprays, poor feed, rich feed, processed feed, not enough feed, lack of variety in their feed….the list goes on.









So what do you do? You do the best job that you can.  You educate yourself on things that make sense for good health, and things that make sense for your horses and dogs.  You get curious and start to ask why, and investigate the root cause of the issue.  You don’t chase symptoms, fall for marketing schemes, or do something because someone with a title pushed you into it. And you DEFINITELY don’t just put a bandage on it and hope it will go away. When you took ownership of that horse or dog, you took the responsibility to make their quality of life the best you can.  And guess what?!  If you are reading this blog, your heart is in the right place, and you are heading in the right direction.  We can’t stop the life/death process.  Our animals will all be born and they all will die, but we don’t have to get sick and die, or get lame and die.  We can make conscious decisions each day for our horses and dogs to better their health, it is just up to us to do it.  Now this doesn’t mean we won’t have sickness, or that accidents won’t happen and we won’t have different issues along the way, but it does mean that tools we use and knowledge we gain will support their needs in a way that makes sense for everyone involved. And just like any injury or health issue, patience is the key and sometimes you just have to trust the process.

The thing that amazes us at Silver Lining Herbs, is the length that people will go to try and help their animals become healthy again. Weeks, months… sometimes even years of problem solving and figuring out just what our animals need to get feeling better really does take a lot of time. We’ll be honest, it’s just flat-out impressive to hear of the dedication you all have, and we are grateful to get the opportunity to rub shoulders with so many caring, loving people, who will do just about whatever it takes for their horses and dogs. If you think about it, we are the only ones that our horses and dogs have got to rely on. So from all of us at Silver Lining Herbs, to all of you who go the extra mile, no matter how many extra miles of fighting the “battle for health” there are, THANK YOU. You are fighting a good fight and we are honored you have chosen us to be part of the process to getting your animals back to where they should be. The animal world is a much better place because of you!

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