Is your horse a picky eater?

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“How can I get my horse to eat your products?” A simple question we get on occasion.

While we cannot speak for every horse out there, most don’t mind the taste of our products and are actually happy to lick their bucket clean in the end. There are those, however, that can and will take their time getting used to something new because of the smell and/or taste. We strongly believe in keeping our products strictly herbal and do not use flavor additives. If you have used our product before, you will notice that some tend to have a stronger smell than others depending on the ingredients. Clove, for example, in our Herbal Wormer is one of the stronger smelling herbs or Valerian that is used in our Mare Fertility, Mare Moods, and Keep Cool can be pungent. Their are others, but you get the idea, some herbs smell different than others.

Now back to the question at hand, “How do you get them to eat it?” Using our own personal horse experiences, here are a few different tips and tricks to try when you get a picky eater that can sniff new products out from a mile away:

  • If you are giving more than one product, try cutting down to just one to start and slowly add in the any others over the course of a couple of days.
  • Start off with a smaller dose, say 1/4-1/2 of the provided scoop, and work your way up to the full recommended dosage.
  • If your horse is eating hay, you can dump some of the grain on top of the hay so they have to sift through it in order to get hay.
  • If able, you can leave the grain pan/bucket in with the horse for as long as needed to allow them to pick throughout the day.
  • Real Apple Cider Vinegar can also be used to help with the smell and taste. This is not your basic store brand ACV, but should be one that contains “the mother” in it. We are also not proponents of using anything sugary, such as molasses, to mask the taste.
  • As a final attempt, you can add a small amount of water to the powder to make a paste and give with a syringe on the back of the tongue.

Over the years of getting new horses that have never had SLH we have found most of the “tricks” to be very beneficial. There have been several times where we were able to leave the grain pan in with the horse so they could pick at it. Some horses took a few days, but others have taken up to one or two weeks before they would sit and eat all at once. Those that took the longest are typically the first ones now waiting to receive there daily dose of herbs!

 20150528_164158Here is a horse that had never had grain before, let alone any herbs. It took some time, but now he is the first one at the gate waiting on his herbs.

2 thoughts on “Is your horse a picky eater?

  1. Penny says:

    I feed chaffhaye which is a wet fermented alfalfa hay. I put just enough chaffhaye that the herbs will stick to, then mix that with their grain. Even my picky eater will clean it up!

  2. Jackie Allen says:

    My horse has sidebone, how long before I see some results?

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