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Our Team

Mickey Young: Owner

Mickey Young, owner and developer of Silver Lining Herbs, has been deeply involved with animals all his life. After a rodeo career that spanned competitor (11-time NFR qualifier in rough stock), stock contractor (seven times to the NFR), as well as once as a NFR pickup man, Mickey began focusing on the vast herbal knowledge he’d accumulated apprenticing to his parents and on his own. This resulted in the creation of Silver Lining Herbs, a formalization of something Mickey had already been doing for years – supporting hundreds of his own animals and his friends’ animals with various custom blends of superb-quality powdered herbs. Through Mickey’s hours of endless study and hands-on experience, there are now over 50 Silver Lining formulas designed to promote natural health for horses and dogs.

Today you can find Mickey out and about more often than in the office. His love for horses and dogs continues and when the toughest cases arise, his number is the one we call. He is still involved with team roping and enjoys the World Series finals as well as going to Rancho Rio in Arizona. You can often find Mick running his backhoe and dozer, taking care of his place, and sitting in on company meetings.

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He is active in his church and whole-heartedly supports this beautiful nation in which we live. He and his wife Lori enjoy spending time in Arizona in the winter, as well as spending time with their two kids and their spouses and their four grandchildren.

When it comes to horses and dogs, Mick has a lot to say. “All I know is this life would be pretty incomplete without horses and dogs. Horses are an incredible animal. They can pack the weight of a grown man and his saddle and all of his equipment. They can run faster than a cow, and if you rope the cow, you can dally and that said horse will stop a full-grown bull, turn around, and drag that bull that might weigh 600 more pounds than he does.”

He continues, “They often times are asked to travel 50 miles in a day packing that man, and even farther. Put a little kid on them and a lot of times that little kid is taken care of and feels good about themselves all day. They will teach kids respect and responsibility, and teach all of us patience and loyalty.”

“Today, more than ever, horses are demanded to be more athletic with less room for mistakes in a competitive environment. They are living under some of the most trying times as far as health environments are concerned. In years past, horses have had the opportunity to graze on natural vegetation at some point during the year. Today, however, most horses don’t ever get a chance to eat naturally grown vegetation. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to fulfill those needs to these incredible animals.”

“Where dogs are concerned, it’s been said that if you are not sure who loves you more, your wife or your dog, lock them both in your trunk for an hour and see which one is happiest to see you when you let them out. I say this in jest, but it demonstrates the intense loyalty and love of dogs. They, like horses, have an incredible sense of sight, hearing, and smell but above that a quick, correct, judgment of character. Its also been said if my dog doesn’t like you, you have a lot to prove to me.

I’ve had some good dogs in my life. And every one demonstrated a Christ-like love. I feel a responsibility to make their lives better by offering them an avenue to better health.”

The name Silver Lining was the same moniker that Mickey used on his professional rodeo company. When he sold his company, Mick retained the name and rolled it right into Silver Lining Herbs. The name implies that every cloud has a silver lining.

“When I discovered that everything we need to maintain health was available in the vegetation with God being the author, it was easy for me to embrace it. As time went on, I realized how much there was to know and how little I knew, but always, the herbs backed me up. Learning what I have learned about this incredible line of products has changed my life for the better. It has helped me through many intense situations and helped countless horses and dogs maintain a positive health. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.”

“Silver Lining Herbs, the company, is an incredible company, mainly due to the people that work there and the people who patronize our product. Both are the high end of humanity. It has been an incredible journey that has brought us to the point that we’re at now, and as this is being written, our business is experiencing a spike in growth, another testament of how good the products are. The positive environment at Silver Lining Herbs helps people to know the value it lends to all of humanity and the horse and dog world. We look forward to the future where everybody and every horse and dog has the opportunity to be embraced by God’s medicine chest i.e. herbs.”


Lori Young – Owner

Co-owner of Silver Lining Herbs, Lori Young, grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was very much a city girl and was into fashion as well as sports. After college she was working during the week at a hotel and casino, and on the weekends she had another job as a waitress at a dance hall/saloon called ‘The Nashville’. One evening, Mick and a few of his friends came in after they competed at the Helldorado Rodeo. Lori happened to wait on them and soon after, she and Mick starting dating. After 2 years of long distance dating, Mickey moved to Las Vegas and began rodeoing from there. They were engaged for about six months and have been married for 42 years.

Mick and Lori have two kids – Shayna and Josi – who are as adventurous and active as their parents. Shayna enjoys dancing and is tremendously talented in all aspects of her life. She now lives in British Columbia, Canada with her husband and her two children. Josi grew up rodeoing and found a love for the sport of bareback riding. Josi has since retired from rodeoing and lives in Buhl, Idaho with his wife two kids.


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Lori and her family enjoy camping, watching the guys compete at team ropings, swimming, tubing (both on snow and water), hosting and attending barbecues, working out and being festive for every holiday. If you come to Silver Lining Herbs’ Headquarters, you will find the office decorated for the upcoming holiday. Lori’s personal favorite is Halloween, and each year everyone in the office dresses up to help her celebrate this holiday fully. Lori personally loves decorating, gardening in the summer, and her all-time favorite thing to do is hang out with her grandkids.

When it comes to Silver Lining Herbs, Lori has a deep conviction for the product and its abilities. She says, “After 20 years of being in business, and hearing about so many testimonials, there is no way I couldn’t believe in the product. I have used every one of the products, and have seen with my own eyes how well the products work.” This knowledge has come with her personal experience with the herbs, but also from what she has heard from customers. “It is fun to hear from the customers how our product has helped their horse or dog. I never get tired of hearing about that… I am so thankful for the knowledge of herbs.”

With Lori in the office, you can count on it being a great day. She brings light and enthusiasm with her to work and is always fair and kind to everyone that she employs. “All my best friends work here. They are all so fun to be around and they push me to be a better person.” As her coworkers and friends, we can say the same thing about Lori, and all that know her, love her. She is a huge reason this company cares about the animals like it does and is genuine, through and through.

“My favorite dog was Wiggles. She was such a lover. She would literally hug you and try to tell you that she loves you. Mick found her wandering around on our property one day, and nobody claimed her so we just kept her… she was such a sweetheart and we all still think about her every day!”


Josi Young – Owner/Chief Operating Officer

Son of Mickey and Lori Young, Josiah (Josi) grew up in Jerome Idaho, and moved to Buhl after high school. He rodeod through high school, college rodeod at the College of Southern Idaho and then also Idaho State University. Josi has always enjoyed working both ends of the arena and was one of few to do it successfully. By doing this he was able to win several All-Around titles. Josi eventually chose to professionally rodeo as a bareback rider because of the training he received from his dad who was an 11-time NFR qualifier in this event. If you couldn’t find Josi on the back of a bucking horse, you’d find him astride a gentler but just as explosive type of horse at the other end of the arena, team roping. Now retired from professionally competing, he continues to train team roping horses at his ranch in Buhl, Idaho where he lives with his family: his wife, Hannah, his son Bodi, and his daughter, Charli. Josi enjoys going to jackpot team ropings, hunting, shooting guns, and working out. Josi stepped into Silver Lining Herbs to oversee research and development as well as production. He enjoys the brainstorming aspect of our team meetings and likes looking to see how Silver Lining can continue to be on top of its game.

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As a family they enjoy spending time together, eating dinner together, traveling and exploring the outdoors (especially if it involves water and water sports).

Josi stepped into Silver Lining Herbs to oversee research and development as well as production. He enjoys the brainstorming aspect of our team meetings and likes looking to see how Silver Lining can continue to be on top of its game. One of his favorite parts of the company is that it is a family-owned business whose main objective is to help horses and dogs live a better quality of life. “I like hearing that we’ve helped someone’s horse or dog because these animals are family to a lot of people.”

Josi continues by saying, “I love the people that work here. Everybody has the same mentality, they are good, honest, hard-working people, and you can trust everybody that’s in here. They are like family.”

Something that stands out to Josi is that he has been around SLH since it started. He has seen where it came from and how it has grown. “Now… no matter where I go, whether it is from Florida to Washington, I love hearing about the good experiences people have with SLH products… its fun to see that.”

Josi has had a lot of good horses over his lifetime, and if he had to guess, has owned somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 horses. One that stands out in his mind was named Wine Dot. He passed away a year and a half ago.

“He was one that my dad trained but I started riding him in high school and I qualified for the high school finals in the team roping on him and then I college rodeod on him and went to the college finals in the team roping on him. And then I went to my pro rodeo career and I qualified for my first circuit finals rodeo on him. I’ve been through every level of my rodeo career with him, and that will always be very meaningful to me.”

One family member that he couldn’t forget to mention is Dolli, a10 year-old dachshund, that is his “little buddy”. Although Josi’s wife, Hannah, may have had to talk him into getting a house dog, over the years she has become a family member.


Chance Schuknecht – Marketing & Sales Manager

Chance Schuknecht was raised and graduated high school in Iowa Falls, Iowa. His love for horses and a rodeo scholarship took him to Rapid City, South Dakota where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Equine Management from National American University. A college internship brought him to Buhl, Idaho where he worked along side Mickey Young, learning how herbs aid and support equine and canine health. Chance now oversees all of Silver Lining’s sales representatives and distributors.

“My brother got me started roping in the 8th grade and I rodeoed through high school and college. I’ve always loved horses and in college thought I wanted to be a trainer,” explains Schuknecht. “I worked for a reining cowhorse trainer and worked for Lisa and Grady Lockhart one summer. I got burned out and realized I would rather ride for pleasure than as a job.”

A college friend, Dustin Luper, introduced Chance to the owners of Silver Lining Herbs, Mickey and Lori Young. Chance was offered a chance to do his college internship at Silver Lining and has been there since.


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A college friend, Dustin Luper, introduced Chance to the owners of Silver Lining Herbs, Mickey and Lori Young. Chance was offered a chance to do his college internship at Silver Lining and has been there since.

“Going into that experience, I wasn’t a supplement or herbal person, but this was a chance to stay in the industry and not have to ride every day. My internship was a life-changing experience. It inspired me to take care of my horses. It made me think back to a mare I owned and all the problems she had like pulling back, and how she would dunk her hay in the water. We thought she was half crazy at the time, but after what I learned from Silver Lining, I realized she probably had some physical things going that needed addressing.”


What has resonated with Chance after working at SLH for 7 years is that the truth doesn’t change. What truly helps these animals goes beyond trying to place a Band-Aid on the wound and hoping it goes away, but going to the core of the problem. Chance feels that everyday he gets to help to truly make a difference in the lives of horses and dogs.

“We are truly like a family here. We all truly care about each other at the end of the day. We are involved on a personal level as well as a professional level. We all have each other’s backs and I love the people that I get to work with.”

“The products are also great. People ask me if they are the best products out there and I truly believe they are. I’ve seen a difference in my animals and I get comments from customers on a daily basis that reaffirm that it is the best product out there.”

Chance looks forward to attending the NFR every year and having that face-to-face connection. “I get to meet people that I’ve been talking to all year, as well as meet new people… it is definitely an annual highlight.”

Chance and his wife, Kyla have been married for over 10 years. They have two children, Austyn (7) and Wade (4) who are involved in every aspect of the horses and dogs that they own. Chores, training, feeding, it is all a family affair and the kids enjoy helping do their part. Chance and his family enjoy riding horses and teaching their kids horsemanship. “We love to wrestle, be together, enjoy the lifestyle that horses and country living offers. We go tubing in the South Hills every winter. We read a book every night together and always sit at the dining room table to eat dinner (except on Saturday nights when they watch a show together).”

Chance’s favorite horse is his wife’s sorrel mare ‘Derby’. “I love the passion that Kyla has for horses and so it is fun to see Derby take Kyla to a new level. Kyla had the work ethic and talent but Derby was the horse that helped her get there. That was a pretty rewarding thing to witness…” Chance enjoys starting these horses and then watching them have success knowing they are your homegrown products who also become members of the family. “I’m just hoping one becomes famous one day because then I can say I was the first to take it around barrels.”

The best dog Chance has ever had was a blue heeler named Duece. Chance’s wife had her when they first started dating, and she ended up living for 17-18 years. “She was so loyal and so pleasing. She’d look at you with her big brown eyes and you couldn’t help but see the passion and love that she had for you. She was an extraordinary dog.”

The best advice that Chance gives his customers is to listen to what their animals are trying to tell them. “If we pay close attention, our horses will let us know when something is hurting or bothering them. Recently my head horse was swishing his tail through the corner. Obviously something is bothering him. We can ignore it, or try and figure out what’s wrong. I found my horse had sore kidneys,” explains Chance. “The kidneys are not protected by the structural system and the bars of our saddles sit over the kidneys. Then we’re asking our head horses to put that bend in his back going across the arena while pulling a 400 lb. steer. It’s no wonder they may not finish well or might leave harder or not pull. A typical reaction for most people is to get after their horse. But we really need to take a minute and ask ourselves why it’s happening. The fact is horses by nature are willing and try to please us.”
Some horses are more vocal than others. Those horses that hump up or flag their tail are horses that are trying to communicate with us, to let us know something is up. We should always be listening to our horse’s needs, but, now that we are able to rope for the large amount money available, and considering what our horses are worth, I think it’s very important to listen to what your horse is trying to tell you.”
If we throw a saddle up on a horse and he pins his ears, he’s trying to communicate and we need to listen. I can sit at a team roping and see a 400 lb. guy on a little 14.2-hand horse or see a guy lose his temper and whip his horse these are some of the things that amaze me about horses. These horses show up every day and perform regardless of what they’re having to overcome. I’ve become very sympathetic to horses and realize that they are the coolest animals God has created.”


Julie Watson – Secretary

When you first walk into Silver Lining Herbs, you’ll first meet the kind face of Julie Watson. Julie has been with us from almost the beginning (just about 18 years). Overseeing all office activity is a busy job and involves wearing a lot of hats, which Julie handles well. She also offers great insight on products and branding that comes from years of experience.

Julie grew up in Buhl, Idaho, but has traveled almost her entire life. She loves learning the history of different places and fondly remembers traveling to the East Coast, Mid-West, as well as Europe. Julie and her husband have 5 kids (3 boys two girls) and now also have 20 grandchildren. Julie’s favorite pastime is chasing all of these kids and grandkids to the activities they are involved in. Most often they are athletic events, and rain or shine, you can find Julie there, and sporting a grin and encouragement. Julie had all of her kids by the young age of 23, and is therefore a young grandma, who absolutely loves being active in her grandkids lives. If we are being honest, we all wish Julie was our grandma! Julie enjoys spending holidays together as a family, camping, grandkids night, photography, drawing and doing crafts, and in another life she would have liked to have been an art teacher.

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As we stated previously, Julie has been with Silver Lining almost from the beginning. She met Lori because they both cleaned houses. Mick and Lori were just starting their business and they started to grow and Lori asked Julie if she was interested in a job. “I started by answering the phones, and started in an office in their house… when they were gone I would take orders. From the house they moved to a building by their house and we were there for a few years… and then we came to town to the building we are in now.”

Julie remembers the days of rolling product in an ice cream bucket, a barrel and packaging the mixtures in zip-lock baggies. It has changed drastically since then.

“I like SLH because I feel like part of a family. I have good friends here and I love the atmosphere. It is laid back but everyone is also driven at the same time. I enjoy coming to work every day. There is honesty and integrity here and there is a love from our bosses that we feel. You know that they care.”

“One of the most amazing products that people don’t realize how great it is is the #16 Power Dust. I’ve seen what it can do and I just think it is a miracle what it can do for animals.

Growing up Julie had a dog named Taco, and then during her kids childhood years they had a black lab named Rocky. Rocky was a great guard dog and grew up with the kids. It was comforting knowing he was always there for us a family.


Joy Clements – Office Assistant

Just like her name, you can always count on Joy to put a smile on your face. She is helpful in every way! She has been with Silver Lining Herbs for 12 years, and that experience really is invaluable to running the company smoothly.

Joy grew up in Kimberly, Idaho and then moved to Buhl, Idaho with her family of 6 kids. Being outdoors was a regular activity for their family and they came to love camping, fishing, hiking, and snowmobiling. You can also find them playing board and card games together, and she has admitted to it getting pretty competitive (but all in good fun). Joy now has 9 grandsons who she loves with her entire heart and tries to see often.

When asked about Silver Lining, Joy spoke with a conviction for all aspects. “I believe in the product, I love the company, I love animals and I love that it helps their health.”

Like others have said, Joy also agrees that the work environment is amazing. “It feels like a home away from home and the coworkers feel like family.” On the phone answering questions and placing orders for customers, Joy says that the phone calls she really enjoys are the ones where people have called to just say how grateful and satisfied they are with the product and with the result and that she receives these calls almost.

Joy’s current and favorite dog is named Bo, who is 7 years old and is just happy. He loves attention and is a comforting companion to Joy and to her family.

Cynthia – Production Technician

Cynthia was born and raised in Buhl, Idaho and has lived here almost her entire life. She did live back east in New Hampshire and worked in Massachusetts for a couple of years, but moved back to Buhl afterward. Cynthia and her husband have 4 kids, who keep them very busy! Her oldest daughter (Kass) will be 17, her son (Dan) will also be 17, then there is her son Justin who is 16, and her youngest daughter, Rileigh, is 13. Four teenagers and they keep her on her toes. “I like to do what my family likes to do. I’m a mom and love being a mom. I mostly hang out with the kids and am involved in the activities they are doing…sports, camping, fishing, hunting and traveling.” As a family, they love going to the Oregon coast and spending time by the ocean. Their favorite place to camp is Stanley and do this every summer. Sometimes they’ll ‘rough it’ or sometimes they’ll stay in a cabin… they love it either way.

Cynthia’s husband is retired military, and they met at a flag football game and have been married for 5 years. Before Silver Lining, Cynthia worked in the medical industry for 25 years. “I quit because I didn’t believe in them [medicine] anymore… but I can believe in Silver Lining Herbs’ products. I like Mick and Lori because of their values and ethics and I like this company for the same reasons. I believe in the products and I’ve seen what they can do, and I like working for a company that I can trust and believe in.”

Cynthia has had dogs her entire life, and they have either been a poodle or a lab. Her current dogs are a poodle (Frank) and a lab (Badger) who are important parts of their family. Cynthia’s poodle is on #20 Keep Cool and her lab is on #18 Joint to help support his joints as well as on the #13 Herbal Wormer because he likes to eat rodents.


Laura Jacobson – Quality Control Manager

Laura has been with Silver Lining for two years, and has been a great addition to our crew. Laura grew up in Twin Falls, went to college at Southern Utah University as well as the College of Southern Idaho. She taught English in Japan for a semester of College and then graduated with an Associate’s Degree in General Studies. Laura and her husband Zac met in college on a blind date (yes those do work sometimes). They now have four kids ages 14, 11, 8 and 4. They live out in the country and farm 700 acres as well as raise beef cows.

As a family they enjoy camping, traveling, and doing lots of activities with the kids and just being involved with all that they do. They have Friday movie night every week and love spending time together doing that. Laura likes to read historical fiction, likes yard work, and likes spending time with her sisters and mom.

When asked about Silver Lining, Laura says, “I’ve been a stay at home mom for ten years, and so I like coming and connecting with other people and I enjoy associating with my coworkers. I also enjoy learning new things about quality control and being part of a company that has products that have value for people and their animals. Mick and Lori and Josi treat their employees really well, and it is nice to come and be valued.”

Growing up Laura always had horses and her grandparents had what they called, “the horse pasture”. They would ride their bikes over to this pasture and they’d make forts in trees where and be around the horses. They also enjoyed being pulled on a sled in the snow by the horses and Laura has many other great memories with them.

Gretchen Montgomery – Accounting

Gretchen, was born in Jerome, Idaho and raised on a farm overlooking the Snake River Canyon on the northside in Wendell, ID, but went to school and church in Buhl. She left only for a few years to live in Salt Lake City, Utah while she attended the University of Utah, and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

Gretchen married her husband Chad and they now own a home in Buhl overlooking the Snake River Canyon on the southside. Gretchen and Chad went to the same high school and become friends his Senior year and Gretchen’s Junior year when he was a teacher’s assistant in her PE class. They got to know each other and became friends. Eventually, one day at church, Chad’s mother, brother and sister invited me over for Sunday dinner, which Gretchen thought was weird, until they told Chad to go show Gretchen the pigs. It was definitely a setup, but it worked! Shortly, after that they started dating. Chad proposed while Gretchen was in her Freshman year at the University of Utah and so began a long engagement while Gretchen finished school.


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Chad offered to sell his cows and move to SLC, and that’s when she knew he truly loved her because he despised big cities and loved the country and his cows! After being engaged for almost 4 years, they were married 28 hours after Gretchen graduated. They’ve been married for almost 26 years now…. and she can’t believe how fast time goes!

Chad and Gretchen have four children; Morgan age 21, Garett age 19, Autumn age 17 and Meghan age 14. They are very involved with their schooling, sports, and church activities, as well as squeezing a family vacation in between cows, farming, and all of the other activities.

Their family loves all kinds of babies! Gretchen thinks that the reason they have so many dogs is because Chad can’t resist puppies. Currently, they have 5 dogs, and 5 puppies; all are either blue or red heelers. One of Gretchen’s very favorite dogs ever was Scooter, who was also a Heeler. They rescued him from a pound and Gretchen believes he genuinely loved them for that! They took him camping and he was a great camp dog, watching over and protecting them all! Living on a farm, they also have lots of cows, horses, pigs and chickens. They love to eat food that they raise; beef, pork and chicken, and in our large garden and orchard they grow vegetables and fruit. Many hours are spent raising, preparing and preserving food for their family.

When asked what she does in her free time, between the duties on the farm and home, her job and all the fun activities the kids are in…. she says, “I DON’T HAVE ANY, so I wouldn’t know”.

Gretchen loves working for Silver Lining because she loves the people that work there! She says, “It is truly like a family. Mickey and Lori are two of my dearest friends and I love working for them. They have hired people that they know and love so it’s truly working with the Young’s extended family.” Her favorite moments with coworkers are when they are enjoying one another’s company at one of the many company parties that Lori hosts. “Lori is the BEST at party planning! I look forward to her various parties all year, maybe almost as much as she does!”

Gretchen doesn’t have a favorite herbal product, and wonders how could you possibly pick just one! The ones she uses the most are 9 Inflammaid, #12 Feet & Bone, #18 Joint Support, #22 Respiratory Support, #24 Immune Support #25 INF-X, #37 Kidney Support #40 Equisalve, #61 Joint Rub, and #62 Muscle Rub. Gretchen loves herbs and found that love from her Grandmother who is her hero. She has passed on now, but taught Gretchen to look for healing in natural products, not fabricated. “She often used herbs and oils to help heal any aches, pains or illnesses I suffered as a child. I remember her taking me to visit Mickey’s mother in Jerome at her herbal store when I was about 8 years old… I wouldn’t even know who Mickey was until several decades later. “

Gretchen’s favorite quote is “Decisions determine destiny” by Thomas S. Monson. “I believe that if you want to live a long and healthy life you have to make good decisions and that is why I love incorporating Silver Lining Herbs in my daily regimen as my beloved Grandmother taught me.”