4 Ways to Prevent Colic in Your Horse

How to prevent colic in your Horse?

Whether you are trying to prevent colic in your horse or help your horse recover after colic, it is important to provide them with what they need to have a healthy digestive system. 

Here are 4 quick tips to always keep in mind that will make a big difference in their digestive health

1. Helpful Herbs for Horses to Prevent Colic

So many herbs are helpful for horse’s digestive tracts.  Psyllium, cascara, chamomile, corn silk, slippery elm, and ginger are all great herbs to support better digestive function for horses.  The blend of these herbs can be found in Silver Lining Herbs’ 30 Digestive Support.  This blend is known to support normal dispel gas, regular bowel movements, and be soothing to the bowels.

2. Incorporate a Probiotic into Regimen

A probiotic can do a lot to help horses digest better, which helps prevent colic.  When hay and grain are digested better, less gas is created, therefore fewer chances of gas colic will result.  Beyond this, there are many other reasons why a probiotic would be beneficial your horse.

3. Make Sure Your Horse is Hydrated

Having your horse drink enough water is vital to the prevention of colic.  Ideally, a 1000-pound horse should be drinking between 6-15 gallons per day depending on weather and workload.  Encourage them to drink by providing clean fresh water at all times.  Studies have shown in colder months that horses will consume 38-41% less water when it was near frozen compared to when it was 66°F

4. Feed Plenty of Forage

Horse are grazing animals, so having forage in front of them at all times is needed to have their digestive system working at its best. Slow feeders increase the opportunity for horses to graze more naturally when on a full hay diet and do not have availability to pasture turn out.

Incorporating these 4 tips will have you and your horse in the right direction to keeping their digestion more balanced, regular and supported to prevent colic!

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