Why use a probiotic for horses?

probiotic for horses

By feeding our Probiotic on a regular basis, you are providing a constant supply of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. This effectively aids in the creation of a more consistently balanced digestive environment.
We encorporated six species of micro encapsulated probiotics. Our probiotics stimulate a steady appetite, promoting energy and stamina. Encapsulation protects the beneficial probiotics by creating a physical barrier which dissolves at its target point, the gut. Our probiotics are proven to survive the acid in the stomach and flourish in the hind gut. This creation of a positively flourishing gut will suppress multiple harmful pathogens (E. Coli, Salmonella).
This custom blend of six digestive enzymes assist in breaking down fats and proteins so that they are easier for the body to utilize. This allows for your horse to better utilize their current diet. Through the creation of a healthy gut environment your horse will benefit from an improved absorption of essential nutrients, a boost in their digestive activity and gain a refined sense of wellness which leads to an improved level of performance and vigor.
Active Live Yeast will aid in the balance of pH and keeps appetites strong. Yeast provides digestive stability so they can absorb nutrients in their diet more efficiently.The fast and dependable activity makes it paramount as an addition to your animal’s daily feed. It is most effective during periods of stress that may be caused by heavy exertion, foaling, travel or feed changes.
After antibiotic treatment or chemical deworming the balance of the gut can be changed dramatically, and feeding Probiotic with our microencapsulated beneficial bacteria would be strongly recommended. Our exclusive microencapsulated microbes are the perfect addition to your horse’s diet.

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