Product Highlight-17 Kolik Eaz

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The herbs in #17 Kolik Eaz may be beneficial to maintaining a naturally comfortable and relaxed gastrointestinal tract (GI). It is comprised of a proprietary blend of Cascara, Ginger, and Slippery Elm.

Cascara – Native Americans introduced Cascara to the Spanish explorers when they complained of constipation. Cascara Sagrada enhances the peristaltic action in the intestines and increases secretions of the stomach and liver. It is used to restore natural bowel movement without griping and restore tone to the bowel.

Ginger –  has been used for thousands of years for colds, nausea, and indigestion. Ginger was introduced to America in the sixteenth century by the Spaniards. While known to be beneficial for many ailments, it is probably best known for its positive effects on the gastrointestinal system to dissipate gas.

Slippery Elm – was known by Native Americans and early colonists as a valuable survival food. Many herbalists call it one of the most valuable remedies in herbal practice. It has been used mainly to support GI problems, such as stomach and intestinal ulcers, soothing the stomach and colon, indigestion, acidity, and to lubricate the bowels.

Now that we have some of the educational stuff out of the way, here are some questions we get asked about our Kolik Eaz:

*What is the difference between the paste and the powder?
-In 2013, we launched the paste to make it easier and more convenient for you to administer. Since then, it has been our #1 selling product.

The 1/4 lb. bag of powdered Kolik Eaz is great to have on hand as it has more doses and a longer shelf life. However, it does require you to make it yourself.

*When do I give my horse Kolik Eaz?

-At the first signs of colic administer the paste and walk the horse until discomfort subsides.

*How do you give a horse Kolik Eaz?
-When using the Kolik Eaz paste, it is recommended to give then entire syringe on the back of the tongue. Easy enough.
-When using the powdered form of Kolik Eaz, it is recommended to mix 2 scoops of powder with enough water to make a paste. Once in a paste form, add the mixture to a syringe and paste on the back of the tongue.



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**This post is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or take place of veterinary care. You should always contact your Veterinarian with questions.

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