Dragging Toes

All Natural Herbs for Horses Dragging Their Toes
Does your horse drag its toes? Often, weak stifles, caudal heel problems (navicular syndrome), EPM or neurological problems can be the reason. Additionally, Silver Lining Herbs has found that horses with this behavior are often deemed ”lazy” when in fact, a poor diet could simply be causing a lack of proper nutrition resulting in tiredness and/or weakness in your animal. A healthy diet with proper nutrition could be
the answer. All natural Equine herbal supplements from Silver Lining Herbs can greatly improve the over-all health of your horse, which could also reduce the likelihood of unnatural behaviors – like a horse that drags its toes. SLH is a trusted brand; we even carry the NASC Quality Seal. If equine veterinarians and professional riders trust us, you should too.

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