12 Feet & Bone Support for Horses

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No hoof no horse… truer words were never spoken. #12 Feet & Bone Support for Horses is designed to support your horses structurally from the ground up, from maintaining healthy organized hoof growth, to supporting bones and hard tissue throughout the feet, legs, shoulders, hocks, spine and hips. This product may be beneficial for horses recovering from bone, tendon and ligament issues, and may also be beneficial in:

  • For healthy strong bones, tendons, ligaments, and surrounding tissues
  • Helping maintain strong bones, tendons, and ligaments
  • Helping reduce free radical formation
  • Maintaining normal circulation to the limbs



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  • Looking at sides, frequently lying down, acting colicky but won't roll
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Feet & Bone Support for Horses

Active Ingredients: proprietary blend of (Butchers Broom, Garlic, Kelp, Oregon Grape, Skullcap, White Willow, Yarrow, Yucca, Dandelion, Safflower and Boneset) 7276 mg per tbsp. Scoop included.
Inactive Ingredients: NONE
Recommended use: 1 level scoop per day for 1000-1200 lb horse. There are approximately 60 scoops per bag, 300 scoops per bucket.
Available sizes: E12-1 1lb re-sealable bag, E12B 5 lb re-sealable bucket

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions7 × 1 × 9.7 in

30 reviews for 12 Feet & Bone Support for Horses

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kathy Boettcher (verified owner)

    I adopted an owner surrender off the track Standardbred that came with some old tendon/ligament injuries. Under vet supervision and lazer therapy treatments for a year, with a vet rehab program, Ernie was also started on the Feet and Bone, to help prevent a reoccurrence. Ernie is now under saddle and has done arena work and trail work with no reoccurence to date. He has been here a little over 2 years now.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Barb Usset (verified owner)

    First, I’d like to share I’ve used a number of Silver Lining products on about 6 horses over the last several years and have never had anyone question eating feed with product added. I currently have 3 horses on #12. Our 17 yr old 17.3+ hand OTTB has been on it since approx. Jan. I’ve been following the line down his hoof since we started. Can’t wait until it’s all the way. Will probably take a few more trims. The new hoof looks so much better. I have a 12 yr old qtr mare that developed a lesion in the lateral core of her rt front check ligament about 4 mos ago. She was never lame, hoping this is helping and the leg returns to normal. It seems to be coming around slowly. She has only been on #12 about 6 weeks. Lastly, I have a 31.5 yr old grade qtr type gelding that has thin soles and last fall got touchy on the dry ground and I put front shoes on him. He’s been on #12 less than a couple of mos, and is moving well. Farrier thought he may have noticed improvement in sole depth, may be too soon to tell. In summary, we can visibly see the difference in a better hoof coming down on the TB gelding. The other two, it may be too soon to tell much,

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Briar Cullaton (verified owner)

    Full disclosure here…I have not used this product nearly long enough to “see” results as yet (i.e. reset of shoes/trimming) BUT anticipate good things when the blacksmith returns. All 4 of my horses have just started the blend as the weather here in Middle TN has been back and forth wet/dry and showing up in their feet. Use of other products in the line have demonstrated healthier horses and feet in general and I anticipate this will be the case after using this formulation specific to the bones and feet. Keep the quality coming!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tosha Ferrando (verified owner)

    My horse was having tenderness issues each time he would get trimmed, I started him on the #12 and he has been growing stronger better quality hooves and has been having zero issues after getting his feet done!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tammy Erskine

    I have a horse with very thin and soft soles. I tried several products and this in the only one I actually saw results with. His feet are so much stronger now!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    April (verified owner)

    I have noticed that these herbs have helped the hoof growth and health termendously! I also beleive that these herbs have helped strengthen the ligaments in the pasturn on one of our horses. It is a great supplement to give to the horses!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cymbre Rowser (verified owner)

    I have been using the foot and bone on three of my mares. One had an issue with her sisnoide it was swollen and she was a little lame on it after a few days she was sound and running around again. My other mare had a bone chip in the knee that was removed I noticed after riding her consistently she would get onery and not want to go. After starting her on the foot and bone she has been very happy when riding. My other mare bowed a tendon on the track. She has been laid off for a year and was not getting any better. Since starting her on foot and bone she is now moving and not favoring her leg any longer.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Julie (verified owner)

    I started using Feet and Bone (along with Kidney) because Mickey told me this combo has been used to help bone problems… and it did in 2 of my horses. For one horse it took about 6 months and for the other it took a little longer. So I’m a believer.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kelly Hardesty (verified owner)

    I started my 17 year old AQHA gelding on #12 Feet & Bone and also the Joint Formula about 2 months ago due to a large lump on his knee from an injury a few years ago that was causing him problems. He was also having hoof problems which made it hard to walk and also caused a horizontal crack around the coronary band. I had to cease riding him, even in our pasture, as he seemed to be in severe discomfort. After 1 month on these products, I attempted to ride him in the pasture, and he was slightly lame, but not as bad. After 2 months on the products, I rode him again and now he was hardly lame at all, and the crack in his hoof is growing down nicely and will probably be all but gone in a couple more months or so. I have re-ordered more product which will last a couple more months and am now riding him about once a week. I would highly recommend these products, and I am so thankful to Silver Lining Herbs for giving my horse another chance. God Bless You!!!

  10. Sadye Simpson

    Both of my very good mares that I rodeo on have always struggled with hoof growth, and one struggles with navicular problems. With as many miles that my horses travel going to rodeos all year, their feet and bones are critical to my success! When I started giving feet and bone, I saw drastic changes in not only their hoof growth, but also how much more comfortable the one was that deals with navicular problems. It is definitely one of the products that I never leave home without!

  11. Rated 5 out of 5


    I had purchased a 2 year old mare last summer and after owning her for a few weeks I noticed she was lame on her front feet. Vet took x-rays and showed me that her tendons had not yet extended to the proper position, classic club foot. The farrier also showed me that her hoof wall was separating from the hoof center in certain locations. We did corrective trimming along with 60 days of #12, She now walks and stands normally (no club foot) and the hoof wall separation issue has been resolved. Yes, I recommend this product.

  12. Afton McCourt

    Silver Lining Herbs has made a huge difference in my horses. The biggest impact that made me a true believer was using the foot and bone on my barrel horse. “3 Goats” had navicular problems. I started to give foot and bone as well as kidney support and within a month she was back running sound. Within 2 months she went from retirement and walking problems to winning barrel races and running sound. Silver Lining was the miracle that we had been praying for.

  13. Walt Woodard

    At the beginning of 2006, my horse, Little Grey, was diagnosed with problems in his ankles and feet. I tried Silver Lining’s #12 Feet Relief and #18 Joint Support. The results were amazing. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for what Silver Lining has done for my horse.

  14. Christine Lewis

    I wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. I have had my 5 year old mare Faith on Feet & Bone support and Kidney Support for nearly two months. Before this mare was so sore in the front end she could barely walk because she had bone spurs on the tip of the coffin bone in both front feet. I couldnt ride her, she was in alot of pain. With in three weeks I could see improvement Now she is 100% sound thanks to your product. I will continue to use it and recommend it to others thank you so much for my horse getting a second chance.

  15. Elizabeth Could

    This is my story of an athlete with an amazing heart, unlimited potential, bad feet, and a remarkable supplement. In early summer of 2005 after thousands of dollars with vets working on his feet, we thought ”Agreed to Fly” was sound enough for the pro-rodeo trail. I, Elizabeth Cloud, bought my pro permit in hopes of fulfilling a life long goal and dream. Though we were highly successful, placing and winning many pro-rodeos in a short amount of time, along with filling my permit, my horse was still not 100 percent. He had so much heart and try, along with a God given ability; he tried to complete the tasks we set before him. But a body can only do so much before it can not keep going. In 2006 we were going to make a bid for the WNFR and entered the winter building rodeos. It was an emotional rollercoaster and extremely hard on Fly. In April of 2006, with several of the top veterinarian”s opinions, the recommendation was to turn him out and move on. That is a hard thing to hear and an even harder thing to do, especially knowing the talent of the individual being spoken of. So not knowing of any other options we turned Fly out to hopefully heal and start finding another mount and a new game plan. We looked for months for a new mount and for some reason none of the horses worked out. Then one day I went to try one of Jackie Dube”s horses and was telling my story of Fly, which she knew him from his stellar futurity and derby days, and strongly recommended Silver Lining”s product, Feet and Bone Support. In fact her exact words were “do you want to ever run him again, and then start feeding these products.” She graciously gave me a sample and I headed out to try it out. To be perfectly honest I was skeptical, being that I had tried all kinds of other supplements on the market with no success. Within a month of using Silver Lining Feet and Bone Support, Fly was noticeably better. He was traveling better, playing in his pen and pasture, and obviously a lot happier. Now we are going on our fourth month and I am riding him. In fact my vet is so shocked of how sound he is traveling; he wanted to know what I was doing. I told him as well as many others about the herbs. My vet got your number to try the products out on other problem horses. Along with the Feet and Bone Support, I am using a number of other Silver Lining Herbs and completely amazed with the results. Silver Lining herbs are truly amazing and are helping horses tremendously. I have spent a total of three years trying to keep Fly sound and in three months your product has accomplished that. I am eternally thankful for Silver Lining Herbs. See ya down the rodeo trail.

  16. Cindy Smith

    About 4 weeks ago my dad”s favorite mare was kicked by one of her pasture mates. It shattered the rear splint bones like a spider web. We took her to WSU in Pullman to be x-rayed. Again, it was doom and gloom. They were certain that the bones would not heal and that she would require surgery to have the bone fragments removed, the only thing they were not sure of is how much of the bone would not mend. And then had to mention several other negative factors, infection, soundness, and so-on. We placed her on the INF-X, Immune Support, and Feet & Bone Support. It”s been 4 weeks and we had her x-rayed today to see how she was mending. Much to my delight the bones are ALL mending fine, she will not require surgery and she is walking really well on the leg. Thanks for all your help and such great products.

  17. Dawn Moody

    I have a now 8 yo gelding that suffered a fracture of the lower pastern joint in 2002. We gave him 6 months to heal before we began trying products to support the structure of his foot and joint, along with shoeing. By 2003 he had fully developed Ring Bone in that foot. His x-rays showed enought boney structure growth that vets to this day wonder how he walks. In 2004 I began feeding Silver Lining Feet & Bone Support and Kidney Support to him based on my massage therapist”s recommendation. We ran 2 bags each through him initially and now run 3 bags a year through him. We just ran new films on him last week, he is fused completely in the pastern joint, and still has massive amounts of structure change and growth. Every vet that looks at his x-rays, again asks how he functions. Not only does this gelding function, but he is one of the top gymkhana horses in the Northwest, and he is an active money earner on the Northwest Barrel circuits. He flex test sound on that joint in a straight line, and only at a 1 of 5 in a circle. I truly believe without the support of these products for this gelding, he would not run like he does. Thank you for your product, I recommend it everyday to people in the horse world.

  18. Jackie Hicks

    I contacted Walt Woodard via his website after reading an article about his good horse being Navicular and yet able to take him to Reserve and World Champion two years in a row. My husband has a magnificent AQHA gelding whom was only five years old when diagnosed navicular. Our hearts broke. He was expensive and is our perfect horse. I could not except that there was nothing we could do. Corrective shoeing helped him tremendously with a year off, but I did not want to have to medicated him to ride and not riding him or nerving him were just no options we would consider. I put the gelding on your #12 and #18 initially and within weeks he was running and playing hard in the pasture and SOUND. We have been riding and roping off of him for months now and there is no sign of lameness. His overall health blossomed after the second month when I added #37 Kidney Support to his diet. He is once again our perfect horse. Thank you and I want to share this with anyone whose horse is navicular and they think that there is nothing that can be done.

  19. Sandy Turner

    My barrel mare Classy has always been a problem child with her feet. Before I bought her 6 years ago she had gotten hung under a corner of a barn and nearly taken her right foot off, so in order to keep her sound she wears bar shoes on the front. Last year she developed a quarter crack that ran from the cornet band down her entire hoof. We tried everything so I could keep running her. Nothing worked. About a month before my end of the year finals I started using the Feet & Bone Support on her, in about 3 months the quarter crack was gone and you never would have known she had one before! The man who does my shoeing was amazed at the results! She is 19 and still running strong today. I keep her on the product year round and quite frankly I’m afraid to take her off of it. I’ve tried several other products and have liked everything I try and tell all my friends.Thanks Silver Linings for keeping us running!!

  20. Shirley Stanton

    I spoke to Chance in December about my 23 year old Quarter mare who has troubles. She had a really hard life before she came to me, not abuse but neglect. As a result, I have been fighting this for about six years. She was so crippled that she would graze lying down, move to a new spot, lie down, and graze the area around her. It just broke my heart to watch her. A friend of mine told me about your products, and I went online to look. I made the order recommended by Chance and got my package on Christmas Eve. After three weeks I started noticing a difference. After a month, she wasn’t limping. She still cocked that right front foot out in front of her when she stopped, but I saw a definite improvement. Her farrier could not believe the difference. Not only is she walking normally, but her weight has redistributed itself. She no longer is boney on top and saggy underneath. She looks five years younger. For the past two days, my grandchildren have been riding her. I would not have believed this was possible two months ago. She has not been ridden in six years. She even trotted with them to their delight. I have told everyone who would listen about your products. I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my wonderful mare that I dearly love.

  21. Vicky, Horse & Rider, LLC

    A customer who has been using the Feet and Bone Support from Silver Lining Herbs for a horse with a fracture was in yesterday and told us the vet was impressed with how it healed up and there is barely any sign of the break. Initially they weren’t sure the horse would be sound again but now they said he’ll eventually be able to do anything. She showed me pictures of the x-rays and it was amazing the difference.

  22. Lee Rombough

    My horse trainer suggested I start using #12 for my calf roping horse. Being a full time farrier I witnessed the effects of this product on my horse’s feet and joints. I now recommend this product to my clients and my fellow competitors.

  23. Patti Williams

    I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with your products. I have a 1,500 LB PMU gelding, 14 years old with side bone and some other hoof problems. a month ago I pulled his shoes and put him on #12 and #37. Over the weekend I did a cattle drive on the asphalt in Costa Mesa CA. His feet did not chip, nor was he lame at all. His feet are stronger than they have ever been. God bless you for your wonderful products! I am a loyal customer now. Thank you from Patti and Bear

  24. Molly Vosburg

    I have a mare that has been lame on both front feet and really tender footed for about three years. We tried everything took her to vets and we just couldn’t figure out what was going on. We thought we would never ride her again, but I tried the Feet and Bone support and within a week she wasn’t limping any more. And that next month we were able to take her shoes off. Now it is looking like I will be competing off of her this summer. Thank you so much!

  25. Amy Cooley

    In August of 2006 my daughter”s 26 year old barrel horse Jack blew out both of his major tendons in his right front foot. I had talked to my brother who works for the vet college in Missouri and also does corrective horse shoeing for a living. He had advised me to doctor it with DMSO and Nitrofurazone dressing and not to ride him at all. This actually made the swelling worse so we discontinued use of these 2 products. Four weeks later he still had a lot of swelling from right below the knee to the ankle. My daughter had a rodeo in September and with no other alternatives of using another horse we had to run him. My brother came home from Missouri to Wisconsin and put some corrective shoes on Jack that would take some pressure off the tendon. This worked for a couple days and the swelling got worse so we removed the shoes and let him go natural all winter. He also advised that the injury was worse that he expected and Jack would not be able to run full speed again. I ran across your product and decided that it was worth a try. I started out using Silver Lining #37 Kidney and #12 Feet & Bone Support in February 2007. In July my daughter will be competing in the National Finals Rodeo in Gallup, NM. She placed 2nd in the state in Pole Bending for the Wrangler Junior Division on the same horse that was said would never be able to run full speed again. Considering his age, I have to admit that I thought he may never be able to run again either. I continue to use your product and have enough faith in it to say that Silver Lining is the reason that Jack is able to run with the best of them even at 26.

  26. Shannon Busch

    Following a diagnosis of an enlarged collateral ligament and 6 months off for our TB, we had one more ultra-sound before deciding on the next course of treatment. That ultra-sound wasn’t as clean as it should have been to start getting him under saddle again. I decided to try Silver Lining’s #12 and #37 combo before trying another PRP therapy… so glad I did! The next month’s ultra-sound revealed no discernable difference between the 2 ligaments and we were able to start him under saddle! That was over a month ago and he is still going strong and should be released to canter soon. Thank you Silver Lining!

  27. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cristina Albert

    I absolutely love these products!
    I bought my first horse in march 2014 and soon after he started showing signs of lameness. Vet confirmed thru ultrasound, that he has suffered a tendon injury and had calcification and scar tissue which meant it was an old injury.
    I put him on kidney support and feet and bone and noticed improvement within 2 weeks.
    I have been able to ride since July and my horse is staying sound.
    Thank you for these great products!

  28. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kirsty (verified owner)

    I train thoroughbred race horses and they get shod on a very regular basis. My farrier asked me what I was doing differently; he noticed a big difference in my horses feet from shoeing to shoeing and said whatever it was – keep doing it as it made his job easier. There is a lot of truth to the old adage “No foot no horse”.

  29. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bill Joyce (verified owner)

    My mare is very sensitive to additives and she couldn’t tolerate the hoof supplements that I have tried. That is until I tried Silver Linings Bone Supplement #12. It WORKS!

  30. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stephanie Kunz (verified owner)

    Love #12!

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