27 Liver Support & 37 Kidney Support Bundle


Save 10% when you bundle #27 Liver Support and #37 Kidney Support!

The liver is the great detoxifying organ of the body, and as such, has enormous impact on overall health and vitality. Just one example is the liver’s role in fighting allergies. Histamines cause the outward symptoms of itching, sneezing and swelling in an allergic reaction; a healthy liver quickly removes these noxious allergens from the body and minimizes their effect. #27 Liver Support was designed to give a full-spectrum support to the liver, helping it overcome the heavy load that today’s medications, chemicals and diets throw at it.

The kidneys are the great cleansers of the body, removing toxins from the blood to be voided from the body in the urine. Normal function of the dog’s kidneys and bladder are critical to this process. #37 Kidney Support is designed to support normal functioning of the kidneys and bladder.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4 in

90 Capsule Bottle, 4 oz. Powder


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