29 LCR for Horses

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When acidity and alkalinity are kept in a healthy balance the digestive system is comfortable, naturally at ease, and in a soothed state. The herbs in this #29 LCR are designed to maintain optimal health in the gastrointestinal tract by maintaining the balance of the naturally occurring juices, and support systems closely related to the digestive process. #29 LCR may be beneficial in:

  • Helping maintain proper gut pH
  • General discomfort, especially lying down abnormally often
  • Promoting normal, healthy gut sounds
  • Not working up to potential, poor behavior
  • Supporting a normal digestive system
  • Soft manure
  • Helping maintain normal disposition

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Product Can Not Be Sold To The State Of California.

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LCR for Horses.

Active Ingredients: A proprietary blend of (Marshmallow, Plantain, Slippery Elm, Chamomile, Myrrh, Pau D Arco, Rose Hips, Yarrow, Shepherds Purse, Cascara, Licorice and Goldenseal) 6614 mg per tbsp. Scoop included.
Inactive Ingredients: NONE
Recommended use: 1 level scoop per day for 1000-1200 lb horse. There are approximately 60 scoops per bag.
Available sizes: E29-1 1 lb re-sealable foil bag

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions7 × 1 × 9.75 in

10 reviews for 29 LCR for Horses

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ashley Specht (verified owner)

    LCR has been a game changer for my ulcer prone horses. I love that I can use my essential oils with my Silver Lining Herbs.
    Elvis now maintains weight, even after long hot weekends. He is less cranky now that he has happy guts!
    I just wish it came in a larger size!!

  2. Marissa McNeil

    I was a bit skeptical, but I rather try natural first
    My mare had severe back sensitivity, stopped eating, (gain, hay, and grass). Was bloated attempting to pass frequently with nothing coming out and sometimes poop the size ponies do. Almost colic like symptoms. Along with very abnormally frequent, loud gut sounds and even burping. She was very miserable. I tried changing her feed, giving her alfalfa but she couldn’t eat much without being uncomfortable. It got to the point her entire topline was gone with her spine showing. I did have to pair LCR with rich molasses senior feed to get her to eat it. Through trial and error finally got her to eat every day and still not finished with the bag. She no longer has gut noises, isn’t miserable, her topline is filled in fully. She’s no longer burping or as bloated. I was really afraid she wasn’t going to make it out of whatever was happening. Im so happy to give silver lining herbs LCR a try instead of scoping and adding to her misery.

  3. Heather King Mart

    About 6 months ago my barrel mare was diagnosed and treated for EPM. At first she seemed to be fully recovered, but then she started acting really strange. Her tracking was fine, but her back end would go out from under her at times. Then she started giving me trouble in the alley and her breathing seemed off. She was extremely jumpy, spooky, and overly sensitive, which was all totally out of character for her. So, I put her on #11 CNS support and #29 LCR per Mickey’s recommendation. It’s only been a month and she is on the road to recovery. She has her fire back and no longer looks like a deer in the headlights when I ride her. Her turns are great and she feels like my barrel mare again. I can’t wait to finish these products and move her onto the maintenance, so I can keep her on tract from now on. Thanks Silver Lining Herbs for helping me get my horse back!

  4. Eugenia Badger, Ph.D.

    I just wanted to let you know that your products may have saved my mare’s life. I have a 100% foundation quarter horse mare who has been having health issues since September 14, 2008. I have had her to Lexington, Kentucky, and to Simpsonville, Kentucky, for the equine specialists to examine. The last diagnosis was that she needed tie-back surgery and exploratory surgery. We know for sure from the scoping that she has a detached uvula. However, she is not a good candidate for surgery because she acts like she is colicking every few days. The exploratory surgery was said to cost $5000 and the tie-back surgery was estimated to be $2500. And, then, there was no guarantee that I would bring home a horse. At the recommendation of Silver Lining, I used the INF-X. She acted the worst I had ever seen her act. I talked to Mickey, who genuinely seemed to care. She apparently had an infection. Once that cleared up, she started on #29 and #30. She now eats all of her feed and her hay. She looks as good as she did in 2007. I am very thankful for this. She will soon begin the Hoof and Bone support in hopes of regaining strength in her cartilage. Thank you so much!

  5. Joah

    I have been using Silver Lining LCR for a week or so and the change has been remarkable! Today I took my mare out and washed her, followed by a walk around the barn area so she could dry. Not once did she act less than perfect. She was even loving! I added the Immune Support today in hopes of taking some of the swelling out of her hocks (a result of kicking the trailer with great gusto). I am pleased with the LCR.

  6. Mary Brosmer

    I have written to you several times recently for help and advice for my appaloosa mare, Dixie, for her fight against EPM – I would like you to know that her improvement over the last week to 10 days has been nothing short of a miracle!! Her in-coordination is barley perceptible, even at a trot. Her mood and appetite have greatly improved – She is my old Dixie again, bright, friendly, and quite bossy, demanding treats and attention. I can only attribute the changes to your wonderful products, CNS Support, Worm Foe, Immune Support and LCR! Thank you for your advice and many, many thanks for your wonderful products!!

  7. Betsy Kelleher

    While dealing with the consequences of EPM (2004) on my gelding, Traveller, a massage therapist suggested I check out Silver Lining products. I called and talked to Mr. Young and found his advise to be extremely helpful. Before giving Traveller #11 CNS Support, my therapist was telling me she felt heat in his poll area. One week after starting him on #11, she felt no heat. He also had many strange episodes similar to colic or a seizure over a 5 month period in 2005-2006. Based on a blood test, my vet suggested he had an ulcer. I put him on the #29 LCR, and he has not had those episodes since (2 years later). I also used the #24 Immune Support and #13 Worm Foe. Today, at age 23 he is looking better than ever, is able to be ridden lightly, and is still my “Old Reliable.” I am currently giving him #11 and #18.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lizzy Meyer

    I have used this product many times over the years on my own horses when they have suffered from stress induced gastric sensitivity and hind gut irritation/sensitivity. It works better than anything else that I have tried for ulcer pain in my horses. I have heard the same from others. I do not believe that it masks the problem. It seems to give the body the herbal tools for the horse to return his digestive tract to normal balance. I’ve had #29 LCR work extremely well for my horses in times of need, regardless of the factors creating the imbalance. I’ve also seen it normalize chronic loose manure in one of my herd members in a matter of a couple of doses. This particular horse also calmed down rapidly and began to heal. This product is something that I believe every horse owner needs to have. It is a fabulous product, works very quickly, brings great relief and does a great job helping the whole digestive tract to return to optimal health.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tammy C. Limb

    I have been using #29 LCR now for 60 days. My mare has had a history of ulcers in the past. I treated her with the traditional Rx seem to help but years later her symptoms have returned. On advise of her Body Work specialist and a Silver Lining Rep. I put her on #29 LCR. She is much improved. Before she was never happy with the girth or even being touched in that area, now she is more compliant and her attitude is softer and easier going. I will be keeping her on this product from now on.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jodi MacTavish

    This product is amazing. It works like none other. If you have a horse losing weight in pain in their intestines or stomach. Here’s your answer.
    Used it for years.

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