Fly Spray & 24 Immune Support Bundle

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Save 10% when you bundle Fly Spray and 24 Immune Support!

Natural Fly Spray is made with essential oils, plus Lanolin for the coat.

24 Immune Support
Everything you put into or onto your horse is used or not used by his body on a cellular level. Elements of foods and topical substances that are not used need to be evacuated from the body, which a healthy immune system is able to do via the liver, kidneys, blood, lymphatic, digestive system, skin, etc. With all that we throw at our horses today from immunizations to pesticides, to reduced grazing and increased travel schedules their immune systems can easily become overwhelmed at the cleanup work required. #24 Immune Support supports the immune system, which may aid in clearing up a wide range of seemingly unrelated issues. This product may be beneficial in:

  • Supporting normal blood cell levels
  • Fighting free radicals
  • Supporting normal detoxification processes
  • Maintaining normal fluid balance in the blood and tissues
  • Helping achieve a healthy coat
  • Supporting a normal stamina and endurance
  • Helps reduce effects of normally induced environmental stress
  • Supports a normal appetite and healthy weight
  • Pronounced abnormal wrinkles over eyes
  • Helping those with seasonal allergies
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Fly Spray
24 Immune Support

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 7.5 in


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