Remembering the Four-Legged Heroes Too, this Memorial Day

Traditionally, Memorial Day has always been an opportunity to reflect on those who have served in the military. Obviously we think of and honor the men and women who gave so much for us to have the freedoms we have, but there are others. Have you ever considered the impact that dogs and horses have had on the military throughout history?

Staff Sergeant “Reckless” was a war horse in the U.S. military. This mare was purchased by the United States Marine Corps a
nd trained to be a packhorse for several divisions. She would carry ammunition and supplies, and was also used to evacuate the wounded. Usually she could learn the route she traveled after only a couple of trips, and then she
was sent to deliver her packages to her destination alone, without a handler anywhere near. In one of her most famous excursions, she made 51 solo trips in one day delivering supplies and escorting the wounded.

Reckless was also known to boost spirits among the soldiers. She was allowed to roam freely throughout the camp and could be found in the tents of the soldiers on the nights that were especially cold. It wasn’t odd to find her eating scrambled eggs, beer, Coca-Cola, and once, even $30 worth of poker chips.



Following the war, Reckless was brought home to the United States where she was awarded two Purple Hearts, the Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, and other military honors. LIFE magazine recognized her as one of America’s 100 all-time heroes.


On July 25, 2013, USMC veterans of the Korean War, active duty Marines, their families and friends gather at the National Museum of the United States Marine Corp to dedicate a monument to Sgt. Reckless.

Reckless was retired and she gave birth to four foals. She died in May of 1968 on American soil and was eventually further remembered with a statue in the National Museum of the Marine Corps in 2013 in Virginia.


This Memorial Day at Silver Lining Herbs, we’ll remember not only the people, but the horses and dogs who also have served our country, because among many of our fallen heroes lie “a man’s best friend”.



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