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So, I called and ordered my horse blends, along with the dog regimen Chance suggested for our 6 month old golden who, despite his vaccines ended up with parvo. I decided to treat him at home vs. the vet hospital to reduce stress level and because I used to work as a Vet Tech, so I can give fluids, injections, and oral meds easily. We added in Immune Support, Digestive Support, and INF-X and Magnus is back to normal. We noticed he was off food on Wednesday night and by Sunday he was eating/drinking on his own and able to keep everything down. Thanks from us (And Magnus) for all your help!

Melanie K. Beckman

Thank you for your follow-up calls. In the first one, I explained the situation with blood in the urine over two years of my 4 year old pup. We had the blood work and tests which showed no stones, growths, etc. Three vets in my area have not been able to create a change. You gave me the number of a vet to call. Your vet made a recommendation of herbs. We had been on Silver Lining formulas for three months, added the recommendations, and two months later, the bleeding has stopped. Such a relief. We are very grateful to have a fully healthy pup again.

Lillie Family

K37 Kidney Support When I bought your product a couple of months ago, my 13 yr old Heeler was literally on death's door. He had been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure - and we were told not much could be done. His creatine and bun levels were literally off the chart - we were devestated.Well - was our Vet ever wrong - After lots of research, low protein diet change (make all his food, no kibble whatsoever), probiotics (Azydyl) and your Kidney herb formula his health has totally changed. I had been making his food for years but was still throwing in some 'high quality' kibble. Three weeks ago, another trip to the vet had his numbers almost back in the normal range. the Vet was blown away and told me she had never seen this before. I knew we were going to have good results because my boy was back out hitting the hiking trail with me again everyday - something he had not done for several months. Getting him to go up and down the stairs for a pee or poo had become overwhelming for him. Your products are awesome. I have told many people about them - I am a trained herbalist myself - your formulas are terrific!! I cannot thank you enough!!

Laureen Campbell

K12 BTC The BTC is amazing, and I've passed it on to at least two or three of your newest clients.

Jack O’Brien

K34 Al R G Support, K19 Bld Klnz Oh thank you for checking in with us. She is doing so much better, she had her spunky energy back. I don't see any more bruising. We are taking the capsules every other day due to her size and dosage amount. I'm so glad you suggested his treatment for her, she's my baby. I hope you are having a great start to your new year!

Ashley Mulford