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E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT My mare tied up on me pretty good in Mid July. I drew blood right away and took it to the vet. Her CK enzymes were well over 6000 (norm high is 350).  Her selenium levels were 153, which the vet didn't feel was too low (though I did).   I followed vet instructions which among other things included moving her after 4 days with Acepromazine given an hour before work for 10 days.   It was great as long as I ponied her and kept her quiet.   A week later I tried to lightly ride her. Any thing faster than a trot  and she was insane;  jumping out of the circle, out of leads, just not her at all.  She would hyperventilate and then when we got back to the barn, she would tie up again.   I managed her by getting off and literally running along side of her at a trot (luckily I am a runner).  She calmed down and could get a good work out in and not tie up.  I began to wonder--were her kidneys sore and not wanting me to sit on her--clearly they were working overtime to flush out the enzymes.   Were her episodes stress induced?   I had a little SLH kidney left so I gave it to her. I also pulled out the LCR (she had been on a Previcox for a recovering stifle injury last winter and had vet instructions to give it again 3 days before a barrel race), and Inflammaid. She is a mare with an opinion, so I figured if she had any hindquarter pain (which she should from the lactic acid in her muscles) then that was also a great reason for her behavior.  With the Previcox history, I also wondered about ulcers.  A quick check on her ulcer points proved reactivity.  I literally put your three products in  her evening grain, turned her out and waited 2 hours.  She rode off happy and relaxed. When we got to the spot where we canter circles, she happily volunteered to canter on the correct lead.   She raced around a bit and didn't collect great, but it was a great start.   I continued with SLH LCR, Inflammaid and Kidney (and placed another order).   So far everything is good.  We rechecked her blood and her enzymes are back where they are supposed to be....we put more time on her and went to our first barrel race post tie up yesterday and she ran 8th in the 1d (without Previcox).  I am a firm believer in SLH and thank you for your amazing products!

Amanda Harthun

I’d owned my mare Lizzie for about two years. During that time, she’d consistently stopped hard, slid a mile, and was focused, leaning on the end of the rope like the perfect calf horse. Then I began to notice that something wasn’t quite right… She came up the rope at Fort Worth. Then at Mercedes, TX and San Antonio, TX. She totally “gave it up.” We even saw her kick at her belly during a few of the videos. Immediately we began trying to fix her and noticed that her hair coat, energy levels, focus, mindfulness and body condition were not what they had once been. We went to a vet in Texas and spent thousands of dollars on injections, X-rays and other treatments. Her hormones were out of control, and she came in and out of heat erratically and intensely. She acted crazy, neighed constantly and was very distracted. Her feet were also terrible - flaky, dry and showed rings as if she’d foundered. At a complete loss as to what to do, I sent her for a month of training to the man who originally trained her as a calf horse. When she arrived, he refused to ride her, saying that her feet were so bad that he couldn’t do anything with her. He also said that her body condition looked poor, and he suggested turning her out for 6 months to let her body reset. Right before we loaded her in the trailer to take her home, he said one final thing. “Take a look at the ingredients in that fancy feed you’re giving her. It’s all fillers and junk. Switch her to something pure, with lots of protein.” We researched nutrition and feed programs all the way from Oklahoma to South Dakota. What we found astounded us. We’d been feeding her over priced grain by-products, molasses and soybean oil. We immediately pulled her off all grain and decided to run her through a series of Kidney Support and Liver Support to help her body reset. By her third day on Liver Support, she actually broke out in hives on the skin directly over her liver because of all of the toxicity coming out of her. We were astounded. Within two weeks, her hair coat slicked out and became shiny and her hormones leveled out dramatically. She quit throwing in and out of heat and began to build muscle and fill out. A few months later, Chance advised us to put her on Mare Moods to support natural hormone balance and Joint Support to improve the integrity of her synovial fluid and reduce joint inflammation. We’ve seen tremendous results with both products. She has been an angel to haul, never acting “mare-ish” or crabby. We are so thrilled to have our Lizzie back! She’s stronger than ever and loving her life. This June marks the one year anniversary of our Silver Linings journey. Now we won’t own a horse without supporting them with SLH products. SLH literally gave us our mare back, and we couldn’t be happier to tell people how much we love SLH!      

Dane Kissack

E17 Kolik Eaz I never write testimonials, but after the events that transpired last week, I felt compelled to tell you how GRATEFUL I am for your products! I had a nine month old filly start to colic on me at (of course, 7 o'clock at night).  I called my local feed store and asked if they had in stock both the Kolik Ease in the paste and the powder.  They did. They pulled and held both for me while I drove there and back like a madwomen.  Upon return, I read all the directions for both the paste and the powder and elected to give her a half of tube of the paste (given her weight and her level of discomfort).  WITHIN LESS THAN TEN MINUTES SHE STOPPED KICKING, CHEWING HER SIDES AND SWISHING HER TAIL, AND STOOD QUIETLY IN HER STALL.  Within an hour she was walking quietly beside me and looking for something to eat.  Within two hours she was back at the feeder, drinking warm water and passing soft manure.  I can't thank you enough for making such wonderful products that REALLY GET RESULTS.  Without the paste, I am certain I would have had to call the vet to alleviate her pain and gas.  I've raised AQHA horses for over 30 years and have seen some bad bouts of colic.  I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING work as quickly and SAFELY as your product did.  I have used your other products for over three years now (kidney and liver support, digestive health and others), and I can tell you that I will never be without the KOLIC EASE products in my barn again!  Thanks folks and keep up the good work!

Chris Jackson

I started using Silver Lining Herbs in the year 2000. After seeing huge results with the horses improving significantly with possible EPM issues, herpes, and ulcer problems I became a sales rep. I used many other products like Immune Builder, Infection Fighter, and Moody Mare, along with others as different issues developed and realized there was something the company had to offer for about anything that might occur. Even after I no longer was a rep for several years I continued to buy Silver Lining Herbs after trying some other brands. Simply put nothing worked as well. With the horses I never settle for second best. The Company is always available to help you figure out the best product or combination of products to get your horse on track and feeling optimal. This is critical to be competitive in the barrel racing industry.

Amy Laymon

I have been using Silver Lining Herbs for about three years now. I have been working and studying herbs for the better part of 15 years and I really loved the fact that Silver Lining had no fillers and the combinations of herbs are spot on. I love the way my dogs look and perform when they are on Silver Lining, they are healthy and happy. I am impressed with the quality of every herbal supplement I have received from Silver Lining and the customer service is incredible!

Amanda Nelson

Thank you Silver Lining for the opportunity to chose from a wide variety of products to best address each of my horses needs. Most horses have needs specific to the individual,and silver lining has allowed me to pin point each of their needs and address them directly. Thank you for assisting me in achieving my goals. Sincerely Layna Kight  

Layna Kight

I used to give my mare a commercially prepared pelletized daily supplement that was supposed to address multiple issues, but I never saw any real improvement and managed to be $100+ more poor every month. Since switching to Siliver Lining Herbs, I have noticed an amazing change in my mare’s overall wellness. Her eyes used to be sunken in and dull, and now they pop and are bright and expressive. Before switching to Silver Lining Herbs, her coat was dull, her legs would swell up after a night in a stall, she couldn’t seem to gain weight, and my massage therapist and chiropractor would constantly comment about the general tension in her body and issues they believed were associated with imbalances in her digestive tract, kidneys and overall immune system. I started with #30 for Digestive Support and then began using the #13 Herbal Wormer on a monthly basis. Since then I have transitioned to #24 for Immune Support and am currently using #37 for Kidney Support to address the soreness in her feet and back and poor hauling. After only a month of using the Digestive Support and the Herbal Wormer, my mare stopped rubbing her tail as frequently, tested 100% negative for eggs in her manure, began gaining weight and her coat began to become shinier. After being on Silver Lining Herbs for about 6 months, she is moving more freely in her gaits and has even scored 7.5’s and 8’s on her Gaits at Dressage shows. She has more energy without being “hot” and when she gets cuts and scrapes they are healing in only a couple of weeks when they used to take more than six weeks to heal in the past. I should also point out that in order to give the Silver Lining Herbs the best chance of being effective, I also changed my mare’s diet from a commercial pelletized feed to a nonMGMO whole feed made up mostly of whole oats and hay pellets. Silver Lining Herb’s focus on natural health really inspired me to give my horse the best chance possible at being healthy from the inside out, and in less than 3 months she went from being an underweight mare with low energy and an overall dull appearance to a bright, healthy mare who is performing extremely well in the show ring.


I first started feeding Silver Lining Herbs 10+ years ago to alleviate lower back soreness that wasn’t resolving once the typical causes were ruled out.  I was impressed with the results and today still use the kidney and liver formulas to ensure our horse’s vital organs are functioning optimally.  I appreciate the opportunity to support normal behavior and health with natural products that are effective without the potential for negative side effects that can come with synthetic or chemical options.  Rather than continue adding to and complicating our feed program, we’ve found that our horse’s bodies and minds find a true balance of wellness from Silver Lining Herbs that can’t compare to the illusion of health when it’s otherwise produced artificially.  Our horses are our livelihoods and part of the family.  Their performance and longevity is top priority, which is why we also feed the Feet & Bone formula to ensure they stay sound, comfortable and happy for the long haul!  Thanks to Silver Lining Herbs, are horses aren’t just healthy – they’re thriving.  It brings me a lot of joy to see them feeling, looking and performing their very best!

Heather Smith

I recently placed two orders, one right after the other.  I ended up paying two shipping charges. I'd placed an order for my horse and then decided to go back and order supplements for my dog. I sincerely appreciate that the orders were combined and my additional shipping charge was refunded! It's those little things that make a customer appreciate a company and hold it in high regard! Thank you kindly!  

Summer Scott

I started using Silver Lining Herbs with my father when I was about 13 yrs old through the recommendation of Simon Tofoya.  I saw great results with all of the products I used from helping horses with signs of Colic to recover with Kolik Eaz, to the Keep Cool helping some of my hotter colts to really mellow out and be on my team.  I had a sorrel mare about 8 yrs ago that cut her leg very severely to the point we thought we may have to put her down.  Though she had no tendon damage, the proud flesh was very excessive and would not allow the wound to close or heal correctly.  Within a week of starting to use the Power Dust, the proud flesh had almost completely retreated and the wound was well on its way to being healed.  She went on to take me to High School National Finals in the team roping and is still sound to this day at 24.  I currently use the Respiratory and INF-X quite often for my good mare, as she will get occasional upper respiratory tract infections, especially when I am hauling during the winter. I have also noticed significant improvement in my older horses being on the Joint Support and Feet and Bone Support.  They stay much sounder during hauling and both their feet and hair coats are glossy and healthy. I have seen great results by using Silver Lining Herbs and would love the opportunity to help others experience great results with their horses.

AJ Fuchs

Thanks....I continue to use Silver Lining products because they WORK!! Mickey is great to talk with and he's been very knowledgeable and helpful in advising me as to what products to use for the problems I've had with my horses!! I always refer folks your way when I hear someone ask about what is the best product to use for whatever!! Thanks for checking in as well and have a wonderful day too!

Ruth Mobley

E9 INFLAMMAID I started using the Inflammaid by Silver Lining in the fall of 2012.  I had a horse that had some symtoms of EPM and I had researched natural products that might help.  Those ingredients were in the Inflammaid.  When I began feeding it to my horses, I noticed a marked improvement in their natural ability to handle pain and stress associated with hauling, barrel racing and roping.  The horse I had gotten it for, suddenly began to improve his times and you could feel him getting stronger and stronger in a good way.  With the new WPRA drug rules in effect, I believe that the Inflammaid is one product that should be in everyones trailer.  It is fantastic and I did not give any anti-inflammatories once I started my horses on it. Dusdee Shepperson, Certified Equine Therapist, Semi Professional Barrel Racer, and team ropers wife.

Dusdee Shepperson

E9 INFLAMMAID, E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT, E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT It's going great!  I'm super impressed with the herbs so far. I think I've tried ever product on the market and am very pleased with how my mare is acting on them. She has some stifle issues and has had the last 4 months off. My vet said daily previcoxx but it made her literally jump out of her skin when I started legging her back up this last month, she was so so hot. So I thought I'd give the Inflammaid a try and it's been great!  She hasn't had any swelling in her hocks either. I'm very impressed. I also put her on the Kidney and Foot and Bone.  So far so good!  I added the kidney/foot and bone to my 3 yr old futurity filly as well I'm so impressed! I feel like I finally found a product that's all natural, works and don't make my horses so hot! Great products! We will be going for The American qualifier in 2016 hopefully SLH helps me get there and keep her sound! Thanks for checking in!  Have a great Christmas!

Michelle DeBoer

E10 MAINTENANCE My five year old mare has been on #10 Training Mix for two years now and I love it - - so does she. I feel assured that she is getting what she needs for her energy, overall health and coat. The mix is a staple that I do not go without.

Justin Hawes

E10 MAINTENANCE I did start my horse on the Training Mix. He has been on it a little over a month. He is 5 and he was not showing any signs of anything wrong and he has always been a very cooperative, easy going horse. This past week he has just seemed so much happier and easy going. Just the little things he was fighting me on he does willingly, his eyes seem clearer and his coat better. It has been very cold here and some of the horses have the runny nose and all, not him. I am assuming that this is from using the training mix and keeping his system healthy.


E10 MAINTENANCE Last winter was particularly rainy, so the paddocks were unusually muddy for most of the season. Despite all of my best efforts, the horses had chronic scratches from standing in the mud. In addition, the slightest nick or little cut anywhere on the horses' legs was likely to result in cellulites where the leg would swell all the way up to the knee or hock. One horse even started to get ring worm. When I added the # 10 Training Mix to the horses' feed, EVERYTHING cleared up. After a week of the same topical treatment, that hadn't worked before, the scratches were gone on all three horses and never returned. The ringworm cleared up on the one horse. There wasn't another case of cellulites for the rest of the season, despite the usual run of cuts, scrapes and nicks. I was so pleased with the effects of the # 10 Training Mix through the winter; I have kept the horses on it this summer as well. After the annual spring vaccinations, I eliminated all the quarterly boosters. Despite a rigorous training and show schedule as well as exposure to countless other horses at the shows, all my horses stayed healthy.

Leslie Fiering

E10 MAINTENANCE, E11 BRAIN & NERVE SUPPORT, E18 JOINT SUPPORT Dear Mickey, We have only met once but you have made my whole year. Judy Gillum called you and had you send your products to me for my mare Tuck. There was an instant change (well maybe a week went by). We won the Sharon Camarillo Classic and Placed 3rd in the standings in the Sr. Pro 60's Barrels. I started with 1/4 tbs. of the #10 & #18 each day, within 2 weeks she had bulked up quite a bit in body mass and had become allot stronger in ability in her workouts but still staying light in the bit. It feels great. As time went by I have had to increase the dosage to 1 tbs. daily to keep her at the same level as the beginning. She has seemed to level out and stay ok on the dosage. I bought a 2 yr old filly, unbroken about 4 months ago; she had been neglected and was scared of everything. I started her on your #11 the day she got here. Within 3 or 4 days she settled right down. She will now stand for clippers and I have her started well enough to start beginners classes of our local reining's. (Good start for the barrels in a couple of years) I really believe it would have taken allot longer to achieve this improvement without you.

Meryle Johnston

E10 MAINTENANCE, E13 HERBAL WORMER Thanks for the info on the shipping. That's what I like about your company, you're prompt. I have been using the training formula and the parasite foe for about 4 months now, and I really see a big difference in my horse. Anytime I can get something natural into my horses' system, the better I like it! Thanks for putting out a great product!

Katie Stroud

E11 BRAIN & NERVE SUPPORT, E13 HERBAL WORMER, E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT, E29 LCR While dealing with the consequences of EPM (2004) on my gelding, Traveller, a massage therapist suggested I check out Silver Lining products. I called and talked to Mr. Young and found his advise to be extremely helpful. Before giving Traveller #11 CNS Support, my therapist was telling me she felt heat in his poll area. One week after starting him on #11, she felt no heat. He also had many strange episodes similar to colic or a seizure over a 5 month period in 2005-2006. Based on a blood test, my vet suggested he had an ulcer. I put him on the #29 LCR, and he has not had those episodes since (2 years later). I also used the #24 Immune Support and #13 Worm Foe. Today, at age 23 he is looking better than ever, is able to be ridden lightly, and is still my "Old Reliable." I am currently giving him #11 and #18.

Betsy Kelleher

E11 BRAIN & NERVE SUPPORT I've used #11 on my 28 year old Thoroughbred gelding to ease him through his retirement years. He can still be a bit hot headed but #11 kept him sensible though his work activity has decreased. I can turn him out without worrying about injury. Thank you Silver Lining.


E11 BRAIN & NERVE SUPPORT, E13 HERBAL WORMER, E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT, E29 LCR I have written to you several times recently for help and advice for my appaloosa mare, Dixie, for her fight against EPM - I would like you to know that her improvement over the last week to 10 days has been nothing short of a miracle!! Her in-coordination is barley perceptible, even at a trot. Her mood and appetite have greatly improved - She is my old Dixie again, bright, friendly, and quite bossy, demanding treats and attention. I can only attribute the changes to your wonderful products, CNS Support, Worm Foe, Immune Support and LCR! Thank you for your advice and many, many thanks for your wonderful products!!

Mary Brosmer

E11 BRAIN & NERVE SUPPORT, E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT It started last spring when our paint pony Fluffy became ill. The vet did some bloodwork and could not find anything to suggest anything other than a tumor of some sort. His symptoms were getting worse and worming him made it even difficult for him to get up. He got a bit better and I quit worming him much to the dismay of my vet. He stabalized, but did not do anything more than lumber around. If he lifted his head above his withers, his head shook and he was obviously depressed. I had no idea what to do and the most humane thing was to leave him alone and wait for him to die or be ready to be put down...Someone told me about Silver Lining Herbs. Not being an herbal person, I had serious doubts. I switched all the horses to whole oats and three on the Training Mix. We started Fluff on CNS Support and Immune Builder. Only 2 1/2 weeks after starting Fluff on Silver Lining, he whinnied for his dinner for the first time since late last Spring. I cried. Then he began trotting around and playing in the snow. Again I cried. He can now hold his head high without shaking and is not falling down. His coat is looking sooo much better and he was able to stand for his hoof trim without leaning on three of us for support. My farrier thought I was nuts and now wants to switch his horse. He said he has never seen such a drastic turn around in a horse that sick that quickly. Also, he was in awe of how much better everybody else's feet were that quickly...Thank you for helping our "old man" and the rest of our little herd. I'm so grateful for what you do and so grateful to have found Silver Lining Herbs.


E11 BRAIN & NERVE SUPPORT, E13 HERBAL WORMER, E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT, E30 DIGESTIVE SUPPORT I am writing to say Thank You for creating such wonderful products. After my 21 year old gelding was diagnosed with EPM, I was looking for a way to keep him comfortable and healthy. Unable to afford the pharmaceutical treatments, I began looking for other means. I had heard about your products throught a barrel racing website and decided to give them a try. I purchased the suggested EPM products (#11, 13, 24, 30). After only 7 days, my gelding went from leaning on the fence, not wanting to move, to being back out in the pasture wandering around and eating. While he still has his "bad" days, I am amazed at the progress he has shown in such a short time. He went from needing to be put down to being comfortable and happy agian. Thank you again for your products.


E11 BRAIN & NERVE SUPPORT, E29 LCR About 6 months ago my barrel mare was diagnosed and treated for EPM. At first she seemed to be fully recovered, but then she started acting really strange. Her tracking was fine, but her back end would go out from under her at times. Then she started giving me trouble in the alley and her breathing seemed off. She was extremely jumpy, spooky, and overly sensitive, which was all totally out of character for her. So, I put her on #11 CNS support and #29 LCR per Mickey's recommendation. It's only been a month and she is on the road to recovery. She has her fire back and no longer looks like a deer in the headlights when I ride her. Her turns are great and she feels like my barrel mare again. I can't wait to finish these products and move her onto the maintenance, so I can keep her on tract from now on. Thanks Silver Lining Herbs for helping me get my horse back!

Heather King Mart

E10 MAINTENANCE I just wanted to tell you that after being on the Maintenance since August, my horse has never been so much better than he is now.

Tania Lonning, Norway

E11 BRAIN & NERVE, E13 HERBAL WORMER, E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT, E30 DIGESTIVE SUPPORT My 29-year-old horse, Topper, has been a part of my life since we had his mother bred. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with E.P.M. (equine protozoal myeloencephalitis). This virus attacks the brain and the central nervous system, which was manifesting itself in Topper's losing control of his hind quarters. Traditional medicine could only offer me a drug that had no guarantee and chances of side effects, which was disconcerting to me, especially considering his age. I did some research and was so blessed to find Silver Lining Herbs. After a couple weeks of giving Silver Lining's herbal supplement protocol for E.P.M., Topper improved drastically. Even my vet was amazed telling me "whatever I was doing; I needed to keep it up!!" Two years later, the herbs continue to make a difference. There is a direct correlation between the supplements and his improvement. If the recommended dosage is slightly decreased or a day is missed, his previous symptoms resurface. Silver Lining Herbs are a necessity in maintaining Topper's health.


E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT I have a mare that has been lame on both front feet and really tender footed for about three years. We tried everything took her to vets and we just couldn't figure out what was going on. We thought we would never ride her again, but I tried the Feet and Bone support and within a week she wasn't limping any more. And that next month we were able to take her shoes off. Now it is looking like I will be competing off of her this summer. Thank you so much!

Molly Vosburg

E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT, E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with your products. I have a 1,500 LB PMU gelding, 14 years old with side bone and some other hoof problems. a month ago I pulled his shoes and put him on #12 and #37. Over the weekend I did a cattle drive on the asphalt in Costa Mesa CA. His feet did not chip, nor was he lame at all. His feet are stronger than they have ever been. God bless you for your wonderful products! I am a loyal customer now. Thank you from Patti and Bear

Patti Williams

E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT My horse trainer suggested I start using #12 for my calf roping horse. Being a full time farrier I witnessed the effects of this product on my horse’s feet and joints. I now recommend this supplement to my clients and my fellow competitors.

Lee Rombough

E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT, E18 JOINT SUPPORT At the beginning of 2006, my horse, Little Grey, was diagnosed with advanced stages of navicular, side bone and arthritis in his ankles and feet. I tried Silver Lining's #12 Feet Relief and #18 Joint Support. The results were amazing. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for what Silver Lining has done for my horse.

Walt Woodard

E12 Feet & Bone Support A customer who has been using the Feet and Bone Support from Silver Lining Herbs for a horse with a fracture was in yesterday and told us the vet was impressed with how it healed up and there is barely any sign of the break. Initially they weren't sure the horse would be sound again but now they said he'll eventually be able to do anything. She showed me pictures of the x-rays and it was amazing the difference.

Vicky, Horse & Rider, LLC

E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT I spoke to Chance in December about my 23 year old Quarter mare who has navicular. She had a really hard life before she came to me, not abuse but neglect. As a result, I have been fighting this disease for about six years. After Thanksgiving, I was resigning myself to putting her down. She was so crippled that she would graze lying down, move to a new spot, lie down, and graze the area around her. It just broke my heart to watch her. A friend of mine told me about your products, and I went online to look. I made the order recommended by Chance and got my package on Christmas Eve. After three weeks I started noticing a difference. After a mont, she wasn't limping. She still cocked that right front foot out in front of her when she stopped, but I saw a definite improvement. Her farrier could not believe the difference. Not only is she walking normally, but her weight has redistributed itself. She no longer is boney on top and saggy underneath. She looks five years younger. For the past two days, my grandchildren have been riding her. I would not have believed this was possible two months ago. She has not been ridden in six years. She even trotted with them to their delight. I have told everyone who would listen about your products. I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my wonderful mare that I dearly love.

Shirley Stanton

E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT My barrel mare Classy has always been a problem child with her feet. Before I bought her 6 years ago she had gotten hung under a corner of a barn and nearly taken her right foot off, so in order to keep her sound she wears bar shoes on the front. Last year she developed a quarter crack that ran from the cornet band down her entire hoof. We tried everything so I could keep running her. Nothing worked. About a month before my end of the year finals I started using the Feet & Bone Support on her, in about 3 months the quarter crack was gone and you never would have known she had one before! The man who does my shoeing was amazed at the results! She is 19 and still running strong today. I keep her on the product year round and quite frankly I'm afraid to take her off of it. I've tried several other products and have liked everything I try and tell all my friends.Thanks Silver Linings for keeping us running!!

Sandy Turner

E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT, E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT I contacted Walt Woodard via his website after reading an article about his good horse being Navicular and yet able to take him to Reserve and World Champion two years in a row. My husband has a magnificent AQHA gelding whom was only five years old when diagnosed navicular. Our hearts broke. He was expensive and is our perfect horse. I could not except that there was nothing we could do. Corrective shoeing helped him tremendously with a year off, but I did not want to have to medicated him to ride and not riding him or nerving him were just no options we would consider. I put the gelding on your #12 and #18 initially and within weeks he was running and playing hard in the pasture and SOUND. We have been riding and roping off of him for months now and there is no sign of lameness. His overall health blossomed after the second month when I added #37 Kidney Support to his diet. He is once again our perfect horse. Thank you and I want to share this with anyone whose horse is navicular and they think that there is nothing that can be done.

Jackie Hicks

E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT, E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT I have a now 8 yo gelding that suffered a fracture of the lower pastern joint in 2002. We gave him 6 months to heal before we began trying products to support the structure of his foot and joint, along with shoeing. By 2003 he had fully developed Ring Bone in that foot. His x-rays showed enought boney structure growth that vets to this day wonder how he walks. In 2004 I began feeding Silver Lining Feet & Bone Support and Kidney Support to him based on my massage therapist''s recommendation. We ran 2 bags each through him initially and now run 3 bags a year through him. We just ran new films on him last week, he is fused completely in the pastern joint, and still has massive amounts of structure change and growth. Every vet that looks at his x-rays, again asks how he functions. Not only does this gelding function, but he is one of the top gymkhana horses in the Northwest, and he is an active money earner on the Northwest Barrel circuits. He flex test sound on that joint in a straight line, and only at a 1 of 5 in a circle. I truly believe without the support of these products for this gelding, he would not run like he does. Thank you for your product, I recommend it everyday to people in the horse world.

Dawn Moody

E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT, E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT, E25 INF-X About 4 weeks ago my dad''s favorite mare was kicked by one of her pasture mates. It shattered the rear splint bones like a spider web. We took her to WSU in Pullman to be x-rayed. Again, it was doom and gloom. They were certain that the bones would not heal and that she would require surgery to have the bone fragments removed, the only thing they were not sure of is how much of the bone would not mend. And then had to mention several other negative factors, infection, soundness, and so-on. We placed her on the INF-X, Immune Support, and Feet & Bone Support. It''s been 4 weeks and we had her x-rayed today to see how she was mending. Much to my delight the bones are ALL mending fine, she will not require surgery and she is walking really well on the leg. Thanks for all your help and such great products.

Cindy Smith

E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT This is my story of an athlete with an amazing heart, unlimited potential, bad feet, and a remarkable supplement. In early summer of 2005 after thousands of dollars with vets working on his feet, we thought ''Agreed to Fly'' was sound enough for the pro-rodeo trail. I, Elizabeth Cloud, bought my pro permit in hopes of fulfilling a life long goal and dream. Though we were highly successful, placing and winning many pro-rodeos in a short amount of time, along with filling my permit, my horse was still not 100 percent. He had so much heart and try, along with a God given ability; he tried to complete the tasks we set before him. But a body can only do so much before it can not keep going. In 2006 we were going to make a bid for the WNFR and entered the winter building rodeos. It was an emotional rollercoaster and extremely hard on Fly. In April of 2006, with several of the top veterinarian''s opinions, the recommendation was to turn him out and move on. That is a hard thing to hear and an even harder thing to do, especially knowing the talent of the individual being spoken of. So not knowing of any other options we turned Fly out to hopefully heal and start finding another mount and a new game plan. We looked for months for a new mount and for some reason none of the horses worked out. Then one day I went to try one of Jackie Dube''s horses and was telling my story of Fly, which she knew him from his stellar futurity and derby days, and strongly recommended Silver Lining''s product, Feet and Bone Support. In fact her exact words were "do you what to ever run him again, and then start feeding these products." She graciously gave me a sample and I headed out to try it out. To be perfectly honest I was skeptical, being that I had tried all kinds of other supplements on the market with no success. Within a month of using Silver Lining Feet and Bone Support, Fly was noticeably better. He was traveling better, playing in his pen and pasture, and obviously a lot happier. Now we are going on our fourth month and I am riding him. In fact my vet is so shocked of how sound he is traveling; he wanted to know what I was doing. I told him as well as many others about the herbs. My vet got your number to try the products out on other problem horses. Along with the Feet and Bone Support, I am using a number of other Silver Lining Herbs and completely amazed with the results. Silver Lining herbs are truly amazing and are helping horses tremendously. I have spent a total of three years trying to keep Fly sound and in three months your product has accomplished that. I am eternally thankful for Silver Lining Herbs. See ya down the rodeo trail.

Elizabeth Could

E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT, E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT I wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. I have had my 5 year old mare Faith on Feet & Bone support and Kidney Support for nearly two months. Before this mare was so sore in the front end she could barely walk because she had bone spurs on the tip of the coffin bone in both front feet. I couldnt ride her, she was in alot of pain. With in three weeks I could see improvement Now she is 100% sound thanks to your product. I will continue to use it and recommend it to others thank you so much for my horse getting a second chance.

Christine Lewis

E13 HERBAL WORMER The herbal wormer has really helped with the managment of our mare's weight and has actually improved her mood!  I guess that means she is more comfortable.  Keep up the great work and products and thank you, thank you, thank you!


E13 HERBAL WORMER A few months ago I bought your wormer formula for my horse. She was having serious colic problems that she had never had before, and was abnormally sensitive about her stomach. Guess what: After the first 5 days of application, her stomach felt better and the bloated-apearence of her sides began to lessen. After the first full 10 days, she was much happier and easier to work with. I have been using the product since, and her health and attitude have improved. Thank you so much for listening to your gutt and searching for healthy alternatives for equine wholeness. My horse and I are truly grateful! Keep up the good work.

Jessica Lopez

E13 HERBAL WORMER Silver lining herbs wormer for horses really works. I was totally a doubter……but it really works. I have our horses on a typical worming routine ….and yet found worms after only the first dose of these herbs. I was taken surprised and so glad i took a chance on this wonderful product.


E13 HERBAL WORMER I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your #13 Worm Foe. I have had my mare Kalyssa on it for about 5 years now and she has been on different pastures at boarding facilities with other horses. I just got a fecal check done and the results were "1 egg per Gram" !!! That is an extremely low, low count! I have not paste wormed her in about 6 years, and by the looks of it I will never chemically worm her again. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Sheila Morlas Rocklin

E14 MARE FERTILITY Hi, love your products! I used the mare fertility on my 15 year old maiden mare and got her bred on the first try! The mare moods we used on my husband's mare that we just sold. But it worked great on her, every time we took her off she'd have a bad heat cycle and rub her tail and kick the stall. So it obviously helped her a lot. Thank you!


E14 MARE FERTILITY I use your products and have had great success! As a matter of fact, my good barrel mare has been out since Easter with a hematoma on her left ovary. I have given her pasture rest and your mare fertility herb and she is clear now, thank you!

Amanda Hamilton

E17 KOLIK EAZ I never write testimonials, but after the events that transpired last week, I felt compelled to tell you how GRATEFUL I am for your products! I had a nine month old filly start to colic on me at (of course, 7 o'clock at night).  I called my local feed store and asked if they had in stock both the Kolik Ease in the paste and the powder.  They did. They pulled and held both for me while I drove there and back like a madwomen.  Upon return, I read all the directions for both the paste and the powder and elected to give her a half of tube of the paste (given her weight and her level of discomfort).  WITHIN LESS THAN TEN MINUTES SHE STOPPED KICKING, CHEWING HER SIDES AND SWISHING HER TAIL, AND STOOD QUIETLY IN HER STALL.  Within an hour she was walking quietly beside me and looking for something to eat.  Within two hours she was back at the feeder, drinking warm water and passing soft manure.  I can't thank you enough for making such wonderful products that REALLY GET RESULTS.  Without the paste, I am certain I would have had to call the vet to alleviate her pain and gas.  I've raised AQHA horses for over 30 years and have seen some bad bouts of colic.  I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING work as quickly and SAFELY as your product did.  I have used your other products for over three years now (kidney and liver support, digestive health and others), and I can tell you that I will never be without the KOLIC EASE products in my barn again!  Thanks folks and keep up the good work!

Chris Jackson

E15 STALLION FERTILITY Traffic Guy as well as the Ashford Family would like to tell Silver Lining Herbs thank you for an amazing and safe product!  In the spring of 2014 we decided to begin using Stallion Fertility to top dress our stallion, Traffic Guy’s daily feed.  Traffic is not only a horse we use for breeding but he is also our daughters barrel horse in the tough THSRA.  We wanted a product that we felt was safe, healthy, and natural for Traffic.  With Traffic being using in both the breeding and competition arena we wanted to find a product that would help maintain his high libido, good energy and sperm levels.  We, as well as our vet continues to be impressed with the amount of collection and the potency of both frozen and cooled semen.  Traffic continues to be very competitive in the arena and we look forward to another successful breeding season with him.  Thank you Silver Lining Herbs

Traffic Guy & The Ashford Family

E17 KOLIK EAZ I do not remember exactly when the first time I tried any Silver Lining products was. But I do remember why. It’s been a few years; one my geldings were acting funny. The weather was changing and he was in a new place. I didn’t think too much of it. I went back out and checked him later. He was worse, up and down and very uncomfortable. I was out of everything needed to make this horse comfortable.  My mom had purchased some #17 Kolik Eaz from one of our friends who were a dealer; it had just sat in the cabinet. I mixed up two scoops with some water and syringed it into him. A few short hours later he was fine and no longer uncomfortable. I now keep Kolik Eaz on hand at all times. There are a lot of other products I use also. Silver Lining is my go to in all natural herbal support for my horses.

Levi Muntz

E16 POWER DUST Last July my barrel/breakaway horse, King, got in a fight with a barbed wire fence. When I found him the next morning his left front pastern was badly cut. I brought him immediately to the vet. Her advice was to wrap it tightly and keep it clean. I followed the advice but proud flesh developed anyway. I used every proud flesh remedy I had ever heard of, but NOTHING worked. The proud flesh got worse and worse. It got to the point that I was afraid I would never be able to compete on him again. Finally, a friend of a friend told me about POWERDUST. I started using it on a Friday. By the following Friday, the proud flesh was gone! I was able to compete at our regional finals on him the next weekend. Not only was he not sore, but he worked good enough to be a 2.8 and a 3.0 in the breakaway roping and qualify for the Indian National Finals Rodeo. I now keep this product on hand, both in the barn and in the trailer. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

Jimi Champ and King

E16 POWER DUST I have a cat who gets into fights and when that happens, there's always a 300$ trip to the vet ending with a tube for drainage of the wound and antibiotics-not to mention stress. Anyway, recently, we noticed a puncture wound on his back and I had just pulled out my Power Dust and Infection fighter and thought, what the heck, I might as well try it I was able to open the wound and apply the Dust (3 days), then I started him on Infection Fighter (just a tiny pinch mixed in water-syringed in his mouth) for 10 days. It all cleared up! My 2nd cat then showed up with a wound in his head! So, I did the same thing and, yep, all clear!! With 2 successful back to back stories, I had to share. Wooohooo!!!! Thanks so much for your great products.


E17 KOLIK EAZ You are most welcome and I have to say Thank You! On Sunday morning, my 41 year old horse had colic. I remember having the Silver Lining “first aid” kit that I had purchased a few years ago. In it, it had a product called Gastro Support. I opened it and gave it to “Bear”.  My vet was about an hour away. By the time he arrived, Bear looked better. I showed him what I gave Bear and he stated that it more than likely was a huge benefit. He tubed Bear and there was no blockage, just some backed up poop. He cleared it and Bear is now doing much better. I was so happy with the Gastro Support that I decided to order the Kolik Eaz since it is already to go if I ever need it again. So thank you for your quality and effective products!!

Laurie Leone

E17 KOLIK EAZ Thanks to Gary Trichter for having us at his ranch for a great shoot had some problems Friday morning when I got up to feed the horses Dianne horse was colic she was in a bad way luckily I had some silver lining Herbs#17 Kolik Eaz paste I treated her she would not drink water so we walked her to the creek and she drank some of that water and started to eat green grass I did not think that she would be able to use her this weekend but she cleaned out and Dianne did good here are some of our runs The horse did a great turnaround thank you silver lining herbs for Haven’t such great products I have cared this with me all the years I’ve been selling it but this is the first time my horses have ever colic

Denny Lemons

E17 KOLIK EAZ PASTE So. I have to tell you guys how amazing a new product from Silver Lining Herbs -- Kolik Eaz paste #17 is. My horse Dude was showing signs of discomfort and colic late Saturday night. Luckily we had a tube in the vet kit so I gave him the syringe and we started walking. After about 10 minutes I loaded him up and we took a ride around the block. I don't think I've ever been happier to see a pile of poo before! We walked a little more & he pooped again. He started perking up and feeling better so I gave the little stinker some Purina Equine Senior, which he gladly ate. When I went back out to check Dude later he was bright eyed and acting like nothing had happened. This is definitely an item that every horse owner should have in every vet kit and first aid kit. I know I won't ever be without it.


E17 KOLIK EAZ I have a 15 yr old Arabian gelding that had colic surgery about 1 1/2 years ago. After the surgery he would colic 3-4 times a month and end up in the hospital about once a month. This went on for about 8 months. I tried everything under the sun natural and medical, nothing worked. I was at the end of my rope when I came across your #17 Gastro Intestinal Support at a horse show. Low and behold Sid colicked pretty hard the next day and I gave him the #17 and he worked himself out of it. I was truly amazed. He still colicks (every 3-4 months), but he gets your #17 Gastro Intestinal Support and #30 Digestive Support every day and he is a much happier horse and I am a much happier owner!

Belinda Suggs

E17 KOLIK EAZ To say the least I was a skeptic when I heard Mickey tell of the great things that had taken place with the herbal supplements, and was only being polite to tell him that I would like to try them. I told him that I had a mare that had a colic problem and wondered if he had anything that would help her. He said he had a mix that worked wonders on colic and he would send me some if I wanted him to. I told him I would like to try it for a while, so he sent me a pound which I immediately started my mare on. This was a mare that would colic for no apparent reason and, at times would hurt so severely that I thought she was going to die before I could get the vet out to give her a shot. When I started her on the Gastro Intestinal she got to the point that she does not have a colic problem any more. The same mare would sometimes bleed profusely from the nostrils when we ran her hard, and as she is a very nice barrel horse, she does need to be run hard if we expect to win. So, after we had such good results with the colic I decided to try the Breath Easy on her and see what I could do about the bleeding. To my great delight, she has gotten completely over her bleeding problem. Needless to say, we have been sold on these herbal supplements. We call Silver Lining for their nutritional help frequently and he is always eager to help us out.

Julianne Walls

E18 JOINT SUPPORT, E10 MAINTENANCE We just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the Joint Support, Kidney Support, and Training Mix. Our champion shooting horses are on the Training Mix and Joint Support. My gelding had, key word had, arthritis in his right foot, close the navicular area. The vet gave him a Legend shot and he was fine, but that's when I found out about the Silver Lining Joint Support supplement, and gave that a try. Now I run my horse faster than ever and he feels great! He has awesome speed and flexion. It has been 1 year since he was at the vet, when I noticed the problem. I trust Silver Lining and would recommend it to anyone!

Carole & Steve Dodson

E18 JOINT SUPPORT, E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT My name is Kristy Lee Cook and I own a foundation called Kristy Lee Horse Heaven. Currently their are 3 products and they have made an absolute amazing recovery! One of our horses has a bone chip and could hardly walk on his knee. Within a month of our care and your products #18 Joint Support and #37 Kidney Support. He can now run and play on his knee and does not show any signs of lameness. He has come a long way! We also have another gelding that was just currently adopted that was on the same product and completely recovered from racing with sore ankles. He is now 100% sound and healthy! I am huge fan of these products and will continue using all of them for our different rescues! Thank you so much, and God Bless.

Kristy Lee Cook

E18 JOINT SUPPORT Last year, my husband bought a 20 year old MFT mare, a wonderful bombproof trail horse, but with bad arthritis in her hocks. I could not pick up her left hind to clean out the hoof without her putting it down in only a second or two. I tried 5 other joint supplements, plus MSM, then finally the #18 Joint Support. She has been on that for a month, and I have dropped all other joint supplements. Now I can pick up that left hind and clean out the hoof with no problem and put it down when I choose. She is like a different horse...moving much better, looking better, and my husband calls her a diamond in the rough.

Betsy Kelleher

E20 KEEP COOL I have a retired Standardbred gelding I call Black Jack, or BJ for short. He turned 21 last year. He is a sweet guy, and for the past five years he’s been turned out with only mares. Last April my TWH mare, his special girlfriend, jumped the fence into the gelding pasture. BJ was frantic, running the fence and calling her for probably five minutes until we got all the geldings shooed away and her halter on so I could take her back to the mare pasture. BJ checked her out and herded her away from the fences, and everybody went back to grazing. When the time came for them to come in for evening feed, BJ was still out, standing under a tree with three of his favorite mares around him. Nobody was moving. I grabbed his halter and lead, and went out to get him. Up close I saw he had his left rear leg cocked and the girls were all looking right at me. I haltered him but he didn’t want to move. It was a very long, slow trip back to the barn, BJ was really hurting. Gave him some bute for the night and scheduled the vet for the next morning. The vet did an ultrasound on the tendons in his leg...he’d torn the meniscus in his stifle nearly an inch. Vet said stall rest, a Previcox daily, and shockwave therapy every three weeks for four months. BJ was not a happy camper after the first couple of days, and I had to find something to keep him from kicking the stall walls and hurting himself more. I pulled out the catalogs and decided to try the #20E Keep Cool added to his morning supplement bag. In just two days, he’d become Joe Cool. The combination of the Keep Cool and the Previcox was working. No more kicking or protesting. He spent a total of five months in his stall. Vet did another ultrasound in early October – 95% healed, keep him on Keep Cool and Previcox, and he could go back out with his mares. I was terrified the first time I walked him out to the girls. I thought he’d try to run off to them, but he was cool, calm, and collected. He just strolled along with me, no pulling or calling the girls. They were good too, they all stopped eating, stood still and watched us approach. I took his halter off and he walked calmly over to nuzzle his favorite ladies first, then greet the rest. I watched them for a couple hours, and nothing bad happened. He was happy to be back with his ladies. In November it snowed. The vet said to bring him in for the winter - no point risking sucking mud or ice causing a re-injury to his leg. In January we started turning him out alone in our indoor arena. On Jan 4, someone left a door open and he could see the other horses outside. He got himself all worked up and bowed the tendon in his right foreleg. Ice, wrap, more Keep Cool and Previcox, and back to his stall for two months. Now it’s March and he’s once again getting turned out in the indoor with the doors closed so he can’t see the other horses. Still on Keep Cool and Previcox. BJ’s doing well so far. When most of the mud is dried up, he’ll get to go out on a lead line to graze. I will keep him on the Keep Cool for quite a while, until that bow is completely cold. I cannot say enough good things about Keep Cool. It is a major reason my dear old boy is still with me. Without it, he would not have survived the past eleven months. Thank you, Silver Lining Herbs, for your wonderful product, and thank you, Horse Health USA, for your great service and overnight delivery. BJ and I will be forever grateful!

Joann V., Colombus, OH

E18 JOINT SUPPORT We have two 18 year old horses, both whom we have to get their hocks injected about every six months. One of them is a roping horse, and on March 11,2006, the vet could hardly get the needle in his joint. That is when we put him on Silver Lining''s Joint Support. The other horse is a high school cutting horse, who had very little fluid. After feeding the joint supplement she now has good fluid in her joints.

Shelly McGuire

E18 JOINT SUPPORT I have my 14 yr old Thoroughbred gelding on Silver Lining's Joint Supplement and I must say the results have been outstanding! Kindred Spirit came to live in the foothills of Northeast Tennessee after being raised and living in Florida. To say the least he was a flatlander horse. Definitely not use to the hills and terrain of TN. He has always had some type of hind end issue, either stifle or up higher and it showed up in a stiffness and shorter stride behind to the right. But as he gained experience living in the foothills (not much of my place offers a great expanse of level ground) he was moving ok. My riding style had changed and I was asking Spirit to use himself differently, I was more mindful that he stay relaxed and supple. So he was definitely moving better but that right side shortness still would show up, I could see it when he just moved around on his own. I put him on the joint supplement and within 2 weeks I could see and feel a difference, a month later I could really see and feel a BIG difference. I said to someone: "he has his boing back!" Yesterday, I watched this thoroughbred race around on the wet muddy winter footing and he was running for the sheer joy of running. He was sure footed, sound and could really power off his hind end. His stride was equal behind and he was amazing to watch. He put on quite the show for me, racing laps, leaping and cavorting around. His movement was beautiful. He looked like he was 3 yrs old! The weather has not been conducive to riding, wet and raining or snowing but I know when I start back in the saddle this horse is going to feel as good as he looks. I truly believe the difference in how he is feeling and using himself is a direct result from the benefits of your product. I am recommending it to all my friends. Thank you for giving Kindred Spirit his "boing" back!

Kathy Baker

E19 BLD KLNZ, E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT My vet diagnosed my horse with a large cancerous tumor on his penis. She was concerned by the size of the tumor and encouraged me to try your Circulatory Support. After contacting you and discussing the issue, I decided to try the Circulatory Support and the Immune Support...I only used on bag of each and was not certain I noticed any particular results but I knew it certainly had done no harm. Last week I once again had the vet clean his sheath. My vet was stunned to find absolutely no sarcomas on a grey horse. I reminded her of the tumor last year and she reviewed her chart. She was stunned. It was totally gone. She said she has seen some miraculous results from your herbs but had never dreamed a full recovery was even an option. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Nikki Wall

E19 BLD KLNZ, E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT About a year ago, my 16 year old Arabian mare started getting a lump over her eye. At first I thought she had been stung by a bee or bumped her head on something, but in the next few days, I noticed it was getting larger. I had my vet look at it and he decided to take a biopsy and the results came back as a type of cancer that stemmed from the nervous system. He said it would keep growing and if he would do surgery on it, she would probably lose her eye. It was already larger than a lemon and starting to lop down over her eye. He really didn't have a good answer but said he didn't think it would spread to any part of her body. This was hear breaking to much she is such a nice mare. A friend told me about your herbal products and suggested I contact you. You recommended the Circulatory Support and the Immune Support. I fed her religiously for more than six months. Within a month I noticed a difference in the tumor, it had stopped growing. I was amazed, it just kept getting smaller and smaller. I nearly danced around the yard the day the swelling had gone down so much, I could see the little wrinkles that horses have around their eyes. It kept on this way until it was entirely gone. I kept feeding the herbs for a while after and still am, but not everyday. She looks perfectly normal now and she acts like a young filly again. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Arlys Hingeveld

E19 BLD KLNZ In October 2004, we purchased a 16 year old mare. For the next 30 days, she continued to lose weight. We took her to the vet in November. It was the end of the day so all four vets were available and all four inspected and palpated her. The consequence was that she had three golf ball-sized tumors in her pelvis under the saddle area, but not in her uterus. The prognosis was terminal and we were told she couldn't be ridden because of the location of the tumors. We fed her as much grass hay as she would eat and she began to put on a little weight, enough that she didn't look like a skeleton. This spring we remembered talking to Mickey Young and learning about his Circulatory Support that would shrink tumors. We had nothing to lose so we tried one bag during April and May of 2005. She didn't have anything for the month of June. In July, we decided to have her examined again to determine whether to buy some more #19. We took her to the same vets. Two vets were available and they couldn't find any sign of tumors. When I told them I had put her on an herbal preparation, they were not too happy and re-palpated her They declared that she was sound and could be ridden again!

Linda Zink/ Zink Farms

E20 KEEP COOL, E30 DIGESTIVE SUPPORT, E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT I am a new user of SL products and I am very impressed with the results. My Dash ta Fame gelding was thin and very nervous when I got him a few months ago. On a scale of 1 - 10 for nervousness he scored a 9 if not a 10. He is not scared, just nervous, and was muscles on bones basically and his ribs were apparant, his spine was noticable, and his neck and shoulders were thin. My horse was unhappy, even though he had always had good quality hay or pasture 24 X 7. When I got him I added 8 lbs of Total Equine daily - which is twice as much most horses. After a few months on my feed plan he remained thin and always hungry, never gaining any weight and just nervous with lots of nervous habits like pawing, chewing anything in reach, stamping his feet, and pawing his face. He didn't know how to walk or trot. Go was lope or run.  A month ago, I started giving my horse #20 Keep Cool for relaxation thinking that this would solve his nervousness and help him gain weight. In two weeks he became a 2 for calmness - extremely relaxed - all bad habits are now gone, which is wonderful. After Keep Cool he was still not gaining any weight, so a few weeks ago, I tested his accupressure points and then called SL to ask for product recommendations. SL recommended #37 Kidney and #30 Digestion which I have been giving my horse for the past several weeks added to Keep Cool.  Presently my horse is relaxed and gaining weight nicely. I would guess that he has put on at least 50 lbs in muscle with more to go. I am very satisfied with the results of using the SL products and I would recommend them to others. In the case of my horse, his situation was probably a lifelong condition that prevented him from reaching his maximum level of performance between the inability to keep weight on and the nervousness he was a bit of a mess. At this point it seems like I have a totally different horse simply by adding the right SL products to his daily feed ration. I now have big plans for my horse, which will become reality soon. Thanks Silver Lining!

Linda Lynch

E20 KEEP COOL Silver Lining Herbs is a product that I 100% believe in and would love to carry. I have specifically seen the most difference in my mare since she has been on Keep Cool. She is so much more focused and it has completely done away with her nervous jitters. Thank You!

Chelsea Phipps

E20 KEEP COOL The next step was to put Prince on Keep Cool for a few months to try to address the distractibility and lack of focus. It calmed him enough so that I could actually teach him some things. I was able to eventually take him off the Keep Cool, the training stuck and we haven''t needed it again.

Gerry A Lloyd

E21 BRIGHT EYES I originally started to use Bright Eyes for my mare diagnosed with glaucoma, cataracts and uveitis at age two. She was being treated medically by a top veterinarian hospital for over a year and a half. Medically, they had exhausted all possibilities. I was told that she would not be safe to ride. Devasted, I started to look for another option. I guess you can say, I was searching for a miracle. I found just that with Silver Lining Herbs. My horse''s vision started to improve, she was less agitated and more confident on the trail. She is now six and I continue to ride her on a regular basis. I have truly found the "Silver Lining" around my dark cloud. Thanks for everything!

Sandra Turinski

E21 BRIGHT EYES In August, my vet noticed small cataracts in both of my 26 year old gelding''s eyes. In order to avoid further irritation to his eyes, he began wearing his fly mask daily with no other treatment offered. When I mentioned this to my equine chiropractor a few weeks later, she suggested looking up Silver Lining. I did just that, read the testimonials and ordered a 1 lb. bag of Bright Eyes to start. On November 6, a different vet was at the ranch for the horses'' 6 month check up and I asked him to evaluate Mickey's eyesight. The vet told me he didn't see any cataracts in either eye!

Roxi Cook

E21 BRIGHT EYES, E20 KEEP COOL I have an eighteen year old gelding that I was showing in cutting, who was diagnosed with pre-cataracts in 1995. Last year I was forced to retire him, as his eyesight had deteriorated so badly, especially in his right eye. I met Mickey at a cutting in Baker City, Oregon last summer (2000) and told him that not only was my horse losing his ability to see, but was becoming extremely agitated in the process. We put him on the #20 Keep Cool and the #21 Bright Eyes. His disposition became much better and last month I had his eyes reexamined because it seemed like he was seeing more. His left eye was completely clear and his right eye showed only a slight trace of cloudiness but the lens was clear. I had his shoes put back on him and am riding him again. Not cutting but certainly have not ruled that out. Dear Silver Lining: As a follow up to the letter I sent you a few months ago, I wanted you to know that I am once again cutting on Amos Malfec. Amos was diagnosed with cataracts and was almost blind in his right eye. His disposition became extremely agitated and I was forced to retire him from any riding. We put him on the Bright Eyes, and the Keep Cool for eight months. As his disposition improved, so did his eyesight. As I reported to you several months ago, upon his last exam, the cataracts are gone. I am back to cutting on him and he is teaching a nine year old girl to ride. I have my old friend back, completely. Thank you.

Teresa Clark

E22 RESPIRATORY SUPPORT & E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your awesome products. About 3-4 years ago one of our Geldings, Dash, was diagnosed with COPD. We did everything we could to keep him comfortable, and tried a few of the very minimal products out there for horses with COPD/breathing problems. Every year he seemed to get a little worse, and the dry summers were very difficult on him even though we kept his area watered down. When Spring started this year and his wheezing and cough were worse than last summer, we were desperate to find something to ease his discomfort. Per your recommendation, we started him on 22 Respiratory Support as well as 24 Immune Support. In just a few short months, his wheezing went down and he isn't coughing nearly as often. Of course it can't cure the COPD, but it's done an incredible job of minimizing it and giving him relief. We were so worried that we were only going to have him with us a few more years because of how bad he was getting, but now we know he'll be hanging around for quite a while. I'm such a believer in your supplements, and so thankful for the life they're helping us give Dash. I just ordered a batch of other supplements on the other horses, and can't wait to see what it can do for them. Thanks again!

Jessie Roman

E22 RESPIRATORY SUPPORT, E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT A couple years ago I bought a 3 yr old mare from Texas and brought her to my home in Las Vegas. She started having respiratory problems. She was constantly coughing when I would trot or lope her. If I would walk, she was fine. I took her to the vet and had her scoped. The vet found that her flapper was partially paralyzed and elected to do tie-back surgery on her. The surgery was scheduled and when I dropped her off for the procedure the surgeon decided to scope her again to see exactly what they were looking at. At that time, they decided that it wasn't paralyzed enough to operate on it. The vets sent my horse home and told me that it was an environmental issue and if she lived in a different environment she probably wouldn't have the problems that she has, which was basically allergies. They advised me to take her off of all hay, and feed her pellets only. After doing this for a year, she was no better. I tried other products, one worked for several months, and another didn't work at all. I was also advised by the vets to give her Ventipulmin before I run her in order to open her up. I went as far as buying a prescribed asthma inhaler in order to give her breathing treatments before I ran her. Nothing seemed to help. I was entered in a barrel race in the spring, and had to give her shots of Dexamethasone and oral Ventipulmin for several days morning and night leading up to and during the barrel race. Finally I decided to try Silver Lining Herbs, and that has solved ALL of my problems. I have fed Respiratory Support and Immune Support to her for 2 years now. She does have 1 or 2 days a year where she has a flare up, during the spring on high pollen count days, but she eats any and all hay that she wants and seems to be a lot more comfortable then she ever has been. Thanks Mickey!

Kari Brough

E22 RESPIRATORY SUPPORT, E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT Scooter is a mare which has had nothing but an ongoing respiratory problem. She''s caught every virus that has crossed the road and coughs all year round plus she ties up. It was hard, but I did what you said. I took her off all the other supplements and started her on Kidney, Immune, and Respiratory. Her problem with tying up was not exercise induced but excitability. Her sickly ways have kept her out of commission for 2 1/2 years. She has been on the herbs about 2 months. Here is the gospel, she has not coughed. She has been feeling good. Right in the beginning she had a minor tie up bout, but I didn't weaken and I just kept with the herbs. She is now breathing really good, like a normal horse. Clears her nose and really breaths deep. She has much more stamina. She hasn't had any more bouts with tying up. She has been to two barrel races in which she ran 6/10ths off the open horse fast time. Not bad for a mare that hasn't ran for two years. I tried essential oils, dry herbs, and liquid herbs from every part of the world. I even tried herb biscuits imported from England. She hated all of them and I had to almost force feed her. Now she runs to her feeder and waits impatiently!

Cindy Smith

E22 RESPIRATORY SUPPORT Hi Chance, I bought the Respiratory Herbs. My rodeo horse, Pistol Packin Pony, has had a chronic cough for a long time. Vets said it was allergies. He has almost completely stopped. Big improvement in about 30 days. Thanks again, Lisa


E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT He has had 2 sarcoids - one under his eye and one on his neck. After about 160 days on Immune Support, the one on his neck has disappeared. The first pictures were taken August 18, 2015 on day one of Immune Support. The next pictures are October 11, 2015, starting the second 60 days and the last picture was taken December 28, 2015 right after starting bag 3. I am so pleased. There was a 'lump' under the skin right at the tip of the eye I was really concerned might blow up but that appears to be gone completely! By the way, my vet tried two, 3 IV immune injection protocols in 2014 with very little effect. My veterinarian thinks the sarcoids may return if I quit the herbs.

Sherri Bacon

E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT I have a 23 year old gelding that fights pretty bad allergies and intolerance to the cold; he gets lethargic, diarrhea and terrible drainage from his eyes.  We have tried EVERYTHING to help alleviate his symptoms.  Some things would work temporarily, most not at all.  I started him on your Immune product and within a couple weeks he wasn't having diarrhea, the drainage in his eyes was almost completely gone and he was running around playing with the babies!

Maggie Poloncic

E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT & E23 LAMINAE SUPPORT After a couple of trying winters of my horse coming down with swelling and oozing sores over much of her body, many visits with the my Vet and then my horse having a laminitis episode I bought Immune Support  by recommendation of my neighbor.  It was amazing how fast she started healing.  It took about 3 weeks for her to totally clear up and she has been well ever since.  I bought another bag of Immune support but have not had to use it. I have also used Laminae support and feel it helped her to grow new foot and recover from the laminitis. The laminitis was caused by giving my mare steroids for the outbreaks.  Wish I had started the Immune support sooner! Thank you for the great products

Kathryn Carter

E24 Immune Support, E27 Liver Support Just a note to let you know how happy I am that my 23 year old gelding is finally free of hives! He has had them most of his life and we have tried so many treatments with no success. Years ago, we had temporary success with an immune system booster called "Transfer Factor" from 4 Life Products. We started "Zip" on your immune support and liver support on May 30, 2014. It has been 60 days and the hives that usually cover most if his body are now gone! He has been clear for 2 weeks now and I'm hoping it will continue. I will keep you posted. His coat just looks beautiful. It was a challenge to get him to eat the herbs at first, so we mix it with a little water and molassis in his bran. With the normal grain added, he is now eating it fine. Over the years we had just given up on any help for him since we didn't want to use steroids and antihistamines. Thank you for making such wonderful products.

Terri Lira

E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT, E25 INF-X Comet: A paso fino paint cross gelding developed a sarcoid a year after a horrible gelding. The vet laid him down in the grass, next to where a C-section on a cow had been performed, the cow was still there, along with her dead calf. I mention this because vets think a bovine virus may be involved in sarcoids. The sarcoid was approximately the size of a golf ball and was located where the testicle was. It was suggested I try black salve, I did, it just upset the horse and hurt him. It was not helping. I had taken him to the vet previously and was told that sometimes removing the sarcoid made more appear throughout the body and there was no guarantee that it wouldn't grow back. Therefore I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars with no guarantee of success. I finally figured out that I needed to treat the inside, not just the outside. Upon my representatives advice, I started him on Immune Support and INF-X. Thirty days later, the sarcoid literally fell off. The site healed up and he never had the problem again. I was jumping for joy because we had fought this for so long. I was able to sell him to a good home.

June Johnson

E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT I used Immune Support last summer when I traveled to Colorado from California and back home to attend a 6 week horse course there. Gypsy, my 12 year old quarter horse mar, remained absolutely, healthy, well, and in best of spirits the whole time and never experienced any adverse affects due to the stress of traveling and a new environment.

Auriella O”Neill

E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT, E32 NOLASIX I started my barrel racing mare on your supplements #24 Immune Support and #32 Vascular Support one month ago and have seen absolutely outstanding results! Within a week my mares coat was shedding and shining up and her energy level soared sky high! I''ve turned my 12 year old into a 2 year old! Best of all I ran her in competition for the first time last weekend with out Lasix (salix) and she ran outstanding! No bleeding, coughing, or shutting down during her run. I want everyone to know that there really is a natural healthy way to treat bleeders.

Crystal Claxton

E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT Hi there - I got a call from a man at Silver Lining to check on my horse. He is a 13 yr old quarter horse and has had Lyme Disease for 4 years. It's mostly been controlled by my vet with homeopathic drops, but he never seems to be able to feel great. My vet suggested finding a good immune system product and keep him on that. A man from Oregon told me he had his horses on this product and loved it. I've had my horse on this for almost 2 months and I can't believe the difference in his attitude, appearance, energy! He's happy as a clam. I'm extremely happy with the product and impressed that someone called to check in on us. Thanks so much - I'm telling everyone about this product!!

Lisa Killinger

E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT, E27 LIVER SUPPORT Thank you for your suggestion of #24 Immune Support and #27 Liver Support for our mare. Within 3 days all her bumps (hives) were gone and have not returned.

Connie Jehlik

E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT, E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT I have a 3 year old Arab gelding. He had suffered for 5 long months of a long list of illnesses including: a bad case of shipping fever, and allergic reaction to a bug bite, rain rot, and scratches which caused him to swell up when stalled. I am very pleased to say that after your very helpful recommendation of Immune Support and Kidney Support he is a completely different horse. I noticed a major difference in about 2 weeks. His energy lever is at full capacity. His legs stopped swelling up when in his stall, he is bright eyed, and his coat has a shine to it that wasn''t there before. Thank you for your help.

Shelley Kidd

E24 IMMUNE SUPPORT, E27 LIVER SUPPORT, E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT Just wanted to let you know that your suggestion for my OTTB with back pain, stiff hind legs, and underweight was a success. After just 3 weeks of feeding Immune Support, Liver Support, and Kidney support we have seen significant weight gain and both his back and hind legs are almost pain free. After 2 years trying every remedy under the sun to help this poor guy, I am ecstatic to have made that phone call to Silver Lining Herbs. Thank you so much for giving Tuffy back his quality of life.

Tanya Mortimeyer

E25 INF-X I very recently started my barrel mare on you Immune Support and INF-X. She had a nasty wound that would not heal and kept draining. Glenn Woods was in our area and I decided to take her to him to see what could be done. The herbs were his suggestion and within 1 week the would is closed and no drainage what so ever. He advised to stay off of her for at least 4 days, I gave her 2 extra days and she is feeling like a new horse. Just wanted to write and let you know how remarkable I think your products are. Thanks!

Luann Aanerud

E25 INF-X The Inf X is an awesome product for a horse that has respiratory issues runny eyes mucusy after one week on the product those cleared right up!  Due to a training session for 30 days he has to go back on it while visiting but was completely cleared up while at home!

Nikki Cowden

E25 INF-X I have been using Silver Lining Herbs for the last three to four years and have had great success with it. I have used the INF-X every time my horses have been hurt (some serious) and the healing time is so much faster than when I didn''t use it.

Susan Kallenbach

E25 INF-X We had six head of ranch and cutting horses on our ranch that came down with a terrible illness that had the veterinarians in our area baffled as to what had happened to them. We contacted vets from the University of Idaho and Washington State University and had them give us their input as to what they thought was the problem; all roads seemed to lead to a dead end. After doing some tests they finally determined that the horses were victims of botulism contracted from the haylage we had been feeding them. The vets gave them a number of shots and after a couple of days we had lost two of the horses and had two more that looked like they were going to follow suit. We had heard about the herbal supplements that Silver Lining was mixing for livestock and thought we would give them a try as nothing else was working up to this point. We called Silver Lining and they came right down and checked our horses and told us what he thought we should feed them, and then he went home and mixed us up some of what he thought we needed. We were very dedicated in our administration of these products and it was a few days of not knowing whether or not we were going to win the battle but the horses got over the problem and all became sound.

Frank Knight

E25 INF-X Our baby colt was born healthy and doing well on April 26. Within 24 hours, she was very sick and had what the vet said was a bacterial infection that was going around in newborn colts. We immediately put the mare on immune support and inf-x and talked to you on that Monday to be sure that was what should be done. We are doing the inf-x according to instructions and will continue the immune support for some time. Our vet has lost several colts with this infection and it sure seems to be a nasty one. Our baby is so healthy and happy and doing so well. We are extremely grateful for silver lining herbs and feel that is what helped save her. We posted a picture on your fb page so you could see just how well she is doing. We also have the mare on #10 and have had since she was bred. The mare is healthy and doing really well which we feel is from the herbs, too.

Janlyn and Bill Adler

#26 THYROID SUPPORT, #28 PITUITARY SUPPORT Thanks so much for your note.  In fact, I'm getting ready to order some more of #26 an #28.  This combination is working very well for my  Cushing/EMS symptom gelding.  He shed out better than I imagined.  He had actually gone into a state of anhydrosis last summer, but that seems to have regulated itself back to normal. The poor horse had been respirating all his excess heat for almost a year. Always wanting to support my horses in the least invasive way I tend to look to herbs and minerals before medication. I like the way they can be seasonally tailored to combine with the available forage and hay and that they are something a horse would naturally seek out . We're in the process of a long term pasture revitalization project. Looking to get some better forage growing - including some free choice herbs. I'm very satisfied with your product and especially like that there are no fillers. Thank you!


E26 THYROID SUPPORT I was advised to try Silver Lining products by my trainer. I bought and used the #26 Thyroid Support for my senior horse who is now 26. He has been on them for 2-3 years. His enlarged thyroid is visibly decreased by 25-30% and so I know they are working to keep him going and improve his thyroid function.

Pamela Krahl

E26 THYROID SUPPORT At the age of 24 we discovered Chief had a goiter as large as my fist protruding from his throat, meaning hypothyroid. At the time, we put him on your Thyroid Support and the goiter began to recede within 5 days. Ten days later, the protrusion was gone and his weight began to even out as his metabolism became normal.


E27 LIVER SUPPORT Hi! I want to share a success story with you. 2 months ago I had an email from an owner of a trotting horse with severe problems - lumps under the skin, allergic reactions to most feed, infection in the intestines, aggressiveness, and severe stress. After taking Liver Support for 2 months the horse will now go back to competing. The owner tried traditional veterinary medicine, massage, acupuncture, and acupressure for almost 3 years without visible results. This is so wonderful!


E27 LIVER SUPPORT We know how good your herbs are and that is what keeps us going and we do keep getting results that prove the point. If you remember about three weeks ago I asked about which herbs you would give to a horse with Hepatitis as we had been asked by the owner who had tried everything else and had all the drugs the vet could use and had basically been told that the horse would not recover. Well the last blood test before the herbs showed liver enzyme count of 950 and the lady then got referred to one of the top vets in New market for final testing. Before she went this vet had told her that from the results he has been given that he did not hold up much hope for the horse. Well after testing the liver enzymes were 500 and the vet has given the horse a 100% chance of coming good even if it has to be supported with its liver function for the rest of its life. So the lady owner was a very happy bunny. The vets response to the fact that the herbs seemed to have worked was "We know that there are herbs out there that work, but we do not know why." One day they will think about it. If horses could not look after themselves in the wild we would not have horses in our world today!

Johnny Summers

E27 LIVER SUPPORT On Mar. 15 of this year my cutting mare broke out with skin bumps. They spread and became large welts over most of her body. We did all the recommended procedures changed her environment hay, stall, etc all to no avail. Next came STEROID SHOTS which worked temporarily one week later the welts reappeared. Finally, through a friend, Debbie McGregor, I came upon SILVER LINING #27 LIVER SUPPORT. One week on this product and the welts were 90% gone in 10 days she was clear so we went cutting! Thank You.

Wallene Castro

E28 PITUITARY SUPPORT My vet recommended your Pituitary Support formula for my older horse who for the past three springs has had a really hard time shedding out his winter coat that seems to get heavier every year. He tested negative for Cushing''s, but his coat seemed to take months to shed out and then when it finally did shed it was in patches that left him with this really thin, dry coat that didn't look very healthy. I tried your Pituitary Support in the fall to see if it might help him with his transition from his summer to winter coat. I am pleased to report that in February he is already starting to shed his thick winter coat, and I can see that the hair that will be left is healthy and thick! I really am pleased with the results and I think he will be much more comfortable when the weather does finally warm up. Thanks so much for such a great product. There really is nothing else like it out on the market!


E28 PITUITARY SUPPORT I’m a VERY skeptical consumer and believe that many of the supplements marketed today have no valid data to back up their claims and that most of those products’ claims are based on anecdotal data without controlled study or veterinary supervision. My mare’s symptoms were very diverse and made her extremely dangerous to handle. They started abruptly  halfway through her two-year-old year. Both my trainer and I believed that she was just quirky and we would just need to address her behavior. My mare became VERY aggressive, almost impossible to groom, saddle and bridle.  Although she became increasingly dangerous to handle on the ground and could not be shod without being heavily sedated, she was simple to ride, progressed consistently in her training and was very competitive each time she was shown as a three-year-old. When her Futurity season ended I obtained a routine blood panel to rule out any other causes. Although her base line bloodwork was negative, given the abrupt on the onset of her aggressive behavior and other symptomology, my vet suggested that we put her on an ulcer medication which resulted in some improvement. Throughout 2015 we tried to see if changes in feed or routine would further improve her behavior.  These changes had no significant effect.  However, I believed that we were missing the root cause of her problems. When more extensive bloodwork revealed a cortisol imbalance, my vet suggested to try your Pituitary Support herbs. Although I did not believe that a supplement would make a difference, her symptomology was so extreme I was willing to try anything. After approximately 2 weeks on your Pituitary Support in the fall of 2015, she became almost a completely different animal to handle. (There is video on YouTube of her winning performance at the CRHA Challenge Derby 10/23/15. She ended up winning nearly $3,000.00.) To confirm that your product was the basis for her dramatically improved behavior, and based on my educational background, I tried an experiment after the show season ended.  I took her off your herbs, did not change anything else, and her behavior began to deteriorate. I tried another supplement which had reportedly been more successful in treating my mare's type of symptomology. Within a short period of time off the Pituitary Support and on the alternate settlement, she began to exhibit her prior dangerous and hostile behavior. When she was put back on your herbs again for two weeks, she became a happy compliant horse again. Needless to say, she will remain on your herbs.

Cady Shaw

E29 LCR I have been using Silver Lining LCR for a week or so and the change has been remarkable! Today I took my mare out and washed her, followed by a walk around the barn area so she could dry. Not once did she act less than perfect. She was even loving! I added the Immune Support today in hopes of taking some of the swelling out of her hocks (a result of kicking the trailer with great gusto). I am pleased with the LCR.


E29 LCR, E30 DIGESTIVE SUPPORT I just wanted to let you know that your products may have saved my mare's life. I have a 100% foundation quarter horse mare who has been having health issues since September 14, 2008. I have had her to Lexington, Kentucky, and to Simpsonville, Kentucky, for the equine specialists to examine. The last diagnosis was that she needed tie-back surgery and exploratory surgery. We know for sure from the scoping that she has a detached uvula. However, she is not a good candidate for surgery because she acts like she is colicking every few days. The exploratory surgery was said to cost $5000 and the tie-back surgery was estimated to be $2500. And, then, there was no guarantee that I would bring home a horse. At the recommendation of Silver Lining, I used the INF-X. She acted the worst I had ever seen her act. I talked to Mickey, who genuinely seemed to care. She apparently had an infection. Once that cleared up, she started on #29 and #30. She now eats all of her feed and her hay. She looks as good as she did in 2007. I am very thankful for this. She will soon begin the Hoof and Bone support in hopes of regaining strength in her cartilage. Thank you so much!

Eugenia Badger, Ph.D.

E30 DIGESTIVE SUPPORT I love them!  My horse is a cribber and the digestive herbs are helping him.  He still cribs occasionally but not near as much as he used to.  I also feed it to my daughters barrel horse as ulcer preventative!  Thank you so much for the quality products!

Dale Spurgeon

E31 MARE MOODS I have the “mare from hell”  for a futurity horse this year, tried everything to help her with her heats, including regumate, finally switched her to mare moods about 3 months ago, WHOLE DIFFERENT HORSE!  I missed giving her the moods for 3 days during the trip to Arizona, and she was just awful after getting her, peeing, squatting, and actually looked in pain, I doubled her dose for 2 days, then back to normal dose, back to normal right away, Love that product!

Becky Rus

E30 DIGESTIVE SUPPORT Luna was a young filly who was frequently ready to jump out of her skin. If I hadn''t raised her myself, I would have swore she had been beaten. I knew she received nothing but love her whole life. She was very difficult to catch and would jump at the slightest sound. I took her to a vet who prescribed Chinese herbs, but that made her worse. I put her on Digestive Support and it helped her immensely and she became the horse I had always hoped for. A friend of mine purchases her and she has been ridden in parades, horse expos, and on the trail. She is often better behaved that the other horses she is around. Silver Lining Herbs helped her immensely.

June Johnson

E31 MARE MOODS I am so lucky to have discovered your products. My 7 year old mare and 12 year old gelding do not go without their mixes. My mare has been on the Mare Moods for the past year and I have seen a major change in her attitude and willingness to work. I also have my gelding and mare on the #10 Training Mix. I find that it gives my horses a natural boost at horse shows and that it significantly improves their general health and condition. Keep up the good work!

Lucy Hawes

E31 MARE MOODS I also have a 6 year old mare that I had plans to futurity, but she never quite came into herself; she was always cranky, aggressive, and worried.  She would always work for me but I could tell she was uncomfortable.  We did all the normal things: checking for ulcers, subluxations in joints; we did xrays, ultrasounds and respiratory treatments - the whole 9.  I started her on Mare Moods, as well as your Liver and Kidney products.  When I tell you this mare did a complete 180 I would be understating her transformation!  Within weeks of starting these products she is clocking .1 off the horse that ran the fastest time at the JRNFR this year and less than .2 off horses that qualified for the College Finals and The American!  It's pretty hard for me to believe, but her nutrition was the only things I changed.  I always knew this horse had extreme potential and I can't thank you guys enough for creating products that got her there!

Maggie Poloncic

E31 MARE MOODS Thank you for making such a great product. My trainer has been using the Mare Moods on my 15 year old Quarter horse for about 2 months. She has had pretty bad cycles over the years and we have tried a lot of things, nothing worked, until now. I have her in reining training and the trainer says the difference is like night and day. It took about 2 weeks for the supplement to kick in and now she goes through the cycles with almost no reactions.

Vicki Harris

E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT My daughter's little Hackney pony that had kidney stones a few years back is thriving with the #37 Kidney support! He is fat and sassy and so happy! We haven't had an ultra sound lately, but he has shown no signs of stones and had a great vet check a couple of months ago. Many thanks


E31 Mare Moods I've been thrilled with the Mare Moods supplement I got from you all. My mare is usually great, I've only had her since January (she's a 5 y/o OTTB). The first time she went into heat she was so awful she had to be quarantined from the rest of the horses she was turned out with. She couldn't be ridden, and was terrible to handle. It was generally a mess and I was pretty freaked out that my new mare was being so bad. At the barn it really isn't acceptable for the horses to be that bad and our choice was to figure something out or find a new place to board. We tried ''Mare Magic'' first, with no change. I asked my farrier to see if she had any suggestions and she mentioned that another client of hers had tried the Mare Moods supplement and had good results. There has been a 180 degree turn with my mare. We can barely tell when she's in heat- she's easy going, nice to the other horses and just like her usual, wonderful self! As you can see by my rambling, we've been thrilled with it- thanks for putting together a great product!

Ann Christianson

E32 NOLASIX I have been barrel racing my horse, Gracie, since she was about 6 years old. She is extremely talented and puts all her heart into what she does. When she was about 9, I noticed she started bleeding, but only at jackpots/rodeos in Reno and Colorado-the higher altitude locations (I live in California at almost sea level). I would give her Lasix and she would stand with her hind legs spread like she had to constantly pee. Not only did I not like using her as a pin cushion and make her go through that, but also it didn''t always work. Then she started coughing at local jackpots and seemed to not want to run. I got her scoped and found out she was bleeding. I realized she was absolutely miserable on Lasix and something needed to be done when we were at a rodeo down south. I did the usual where I''d giver her the Lasix a few horses before she ran. I drew up in a performance, and in the middle of my run she stopped to pee (nothing stops this horse from doing her job). There was no way I would giver her Lasix ever again, so I laid her off for about 3 months to giver her lungs a break and to heal. I had no idea what to do. After a lot of tears and false hope, a good friend, Shelley Boyle, told me about Silver Lining. I started month 2 of her 3 months off to let it go into effect. No bleeding! High altitude, dry, hot, cold weather-you name it, no bleeding. I even got her scoped to make sure and she was fine. A few years went by, no problems what so ever. Decided to take her off the herbs while I gave her a few months off since she wouldn''t be competing, and she bled on a trail ride one day. Put her right back on that day and haven''t taken her off since. The herbs are a miracle and I probably wouldn''t still be racing if I had never put her on Silver Lining Herbs. She hasn''t bled for 7 years. Gracie just turned 16 and is still on top of her game!

Brittney Mitchell & Gracie

E32 NOLASIX I ran my first race since putting my horse on the Vascular Support and the Immune Support. We ran our fastest time in 3 years. My horse coughed after the race but didn''t bleed. The second race Saturday a.m. we made a better run. NO coughing. I do allow him to get his head down after each race and walk him in the grass so that his nose is about dragging. About an hour later I noticed one ever-so-slight trickle of blood in his nose. The third race that same day was in the evening. Again, no coughing and no blood. The fourth race on Sunday a.m. no bleeding and no coughing. The fact that he is not coughing when he exits the arena is about the biggest sign to me that the product is totally working. The vets have told me if they cough, they are bleeding. I am totally sold on the product and have sure let my friends know. Thanks."

Deb Hershey

E32 NOLASIX I started my barrel racing mare on your #24 Immune Support and #32 Vascular support on month ago and have seen absolutely outstanding results! Within a week my mare''s coat was shedding and shining up and her energy level soared sky high! I''ve turned my 12 year old into a 2 year old. Best of all I ran her in competition for the first time last weekend without Lasix and she ran outstanding. No bleeding, coughing or shutting down during her run. I want everyone to know that there really is a natural healthy way to treat bleeders.

Crystal Claxton

E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT This past weekend I went to a 3 day barrel race.  One of the horses I run has pssm. a year ago I was ready to give up. There were days when I'd go to catch her to load her up and she was so stiff in her muscles that I would have to scratch, or be at an event and her nerves would cause her to tie up. There were more days I spent in tears over this horse then I spent being happy I owned her. Anyone who struggles with a pssm horse knows that you can just get their diet right ( we think) and then boom it doesn't work anymore. And then the "magic mix diet" search is on again. Last fall I was desperate for something. I had literally exhausted all other avenues and nothing was working. I put a request out ( which is not something I usually do) asking if anyone knew of any natural herbs that may work on a pssm horse. The next morning I woke up to a message from a lady who said she also ran a pssm horse . She said her saving grace was Silver lining herbs kidney blend #37. and suggested I talk to Chance. So I go ahead and do it. I make my first order and within 2 weeks of being on it I couldn't even believe the difference in my mare. she would run around in her paddock bucking playing.. This is something she NEVER did. To ride her was incredible, she was so free moving. and finally I was able to actually train her like a normal horse. This year was technically our first year of being tie up free and I have to give the credit to silver lining herbs. If I take her off of it she almost instantly become a stiff and miserable. This past weekend we ran and had a very successful weekend.  She ran 3D reserve champ in a derby . won the 3d in the warm up jackpot and was 4th in the 3d in the big race the last day. to some this may not be a big deal, but to this horse and I it's huge because remember there were days she could barely even walk before we discovered silver lining herbs. Thank you silver lining herbs.

Kristina and Raspberry

E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT Yes I am %100 satisfied. Horse shows huge benefits from kidney support. I tell a lot of people about the products. I'm the out rider/parade marshal at Fraser Downs race track in Cloverdale BC Canada. My horse is worth her weight in gold. She is not perfect though. Hard keeper and what not and within a week I notice changes after feeding the supplement. Coat, weight, back soreness. 

Christa Byrd

E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT We as a family have had quite a bit of success with Silver Lining Herbs.  What made us "believers" in the product, was with our gelding, Raptor, that Sid won the Gold Plus finals on in OKC.  We had noticed him having some back pain and he would drop to urinate multiple times before actually being able to accomplish anything.  We had him to three different vets and two different chiropractors with no luck in finding out what was going on with him.  We were scheduling an MRI for him when a friend of ours recommended we do a kidney flush, using the Kidney Support #37.  In a matter of a week the change was amazing.  Within a month the problem was totally resolved.  Now, as long as we do a kidney flush twice a year we can keep whatever he had going on under control.

Breck Ward & Family

E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT Who would have thought Silver Lining Herbs could be such a wonderful asset to my horses' lives? I couldn't even ride Rocky anymore because his arthritis had progressed so quickly after giving him months off to heal from an injury, that he could barely walk. Today, I can actually take him for light rides and both of us are happy!

Kelly Kaminski – 2-Time World Champion Barrel Racer

E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT With the kidney support my dogs kidneys have gone down almost to the size they should be and they were very swollen just in two months . I ordered the colic supplement for my horses I hope I will have just as good success ! I have been telling people about it and my mother in law is going to order from you soon !


E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT, E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT In August of 2006 my daughter''s 26 year old barrel horse Jack blew out both of his major tendons in his right front foot. I had talked to my brother who works for the vet college in Missouri and also does corrective horse shoeing for a living. He had advised me to doctor it with DMSO and Nitrofurazone dressing and not to ride him at all. This actually made the swelling worse so we discontinued use of these 2 products. Four weeks later he still had a lot of swelling from right below the knee to the ankle. My daughter had a rodeo in September and with no other alternatives of using another horse we had to run him. My brother came home from Missouri to Wisconsin and put some corrective shoes on Jack that would take some pressure off the tendon. This worked for a couple days and the swelling got worse so we removed the shoes and let him go natural all winter. He also advised that the injury was worse that he expected and Jack would not be able to run full speed again. I ran across your product and decided that it was worth a try. I started out using Silver Lining #37 Kidney and #12 Feet & Bone Support in February 2007. In July my daughter will be competing in the National Finals Rodeo in Gallup, NM. She placed 2nd in the state in Pole Bending for the Wrangler Junior Division on the same horse that was said would never be able to run full speed again. Considering his age, I have to admit that I thought he may never be able to run again either. I continue to use your product and have enough faith in it to say that Silver Lining is the reason that Jack is able to run with the best of them even at 26.

Amy Cooley

E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT I love these products, I have especially seen a difference with the Kidney Formula my horse was jumping out of his stops really sore over his loins all of this soreness in the bladder points is gone after 60 days on the product he is working well and no longer jumping out of his stops he really feels great! 

Nikki Cowden

E12 FEET & BONE SUPPORT, E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT Following a diagnosis of an enlarged collateral ligament and 6 months off for our TB, we had one more ultra-sound before deciding on the next course of treatment. That ultra-sound wasn't as clean as it should have been to start getting him under saddle again. I decided to try Silver Lining's #12 and #37 combo before trying another PRP therapy... so glad I did! The next month's ultra-sound revealed no discernable difference between the 2 ligaments and we were able to start him under saddle! That was over a month ago and he is still going strong and should be released to canter soon. Thank you Silver Lining!

Shannon Busch

E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I purchased your Kidney Support last year for a 21 year old gelding with severe back pain and colic trouble. He no longer has any back problems, he didn't try to colic this winter like in the past and he is at least 100 pounds heavier that he has been in years. He looks like he did when he was healthy at 12. Thank you so much for helping him. He feels so good we are going to brand calves on him this spring.

Chris Burlile

E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT Hello! I am writing to help Turtle to retrieve his bag of Silver Lining. He started feeding it to his horse, Vegas, and the National Finals and we think that it really helped him. He was having trouble stretching out and urinating, as well as stalking up in his legs. We fed him the Kidney mix.

Turtle and Molly Powell

E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT I would like to take this time to thank you for starting me on your herbs. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed that the condition that our mare had could be reversed. Let me give you a brief history of the condition: On September 9, 1999 we had Dr. Alan Clark in Albion, Idaho x-ray the front foot on our three year old mare. The x-rays showed a coffin bone rotated at 9 degrees. Silver Lining started the mare on his kidney herbs on June 17, 2000 to clean her kidneys out. On July 21, 2000 he added his laminae support herb in order to strengthen the laminae in the hoof and pull the coffin bone back to normal. January 22, 2001 we had Dr. Clark re-x-ray the hoof. We were very happy to hear that the coffin bone was rotated less than 2 degrees. Dr. Clark considered that coffin bone to be normal. We were able to sell the mare in March of 2001 for her full value. I am convinced that without the herbs, the rotation of the coffin bone would not have been reversed. Again Silver Lining I would like to thank you for your herbs and the knowledge of using them.

Ron E. Rose

E37 KIDNEY SUPPORT I have used some of the other products y’all make, but I called Mickey awhile back and they suggested that I put my mare on the Kidney Support. She would not stand still, constantly moving, sore all over and has a small chip on her back foot. When I try and long trot or canter circles she would have to (I call runway) run for about 5 - 10 minutes before she would settle down and work. I started giving her the Kidney Support on December 9th and in 2 weeks time it's not a fight anymore. She will jump off in a canter, trot, stops on backend, listens and doesn't mind standing still for a change. I am so impressed by this. I thought I was going to retire her at a young age and make her a brood mare. I have been told that she shows a lot of talent by other people who train Barrel horses. Thanks for the help.

Jami Nordan

E38 COMPETITORS EDGE We are having such great results here in Alberta with the Silver Lining. The Competitors Edge is an amazing product and I love having an all in one product to offer my clients, not to mention how great my horses are looking. I didn’t give the west nile this year and I am not even concerned.

Janet Patriquin