Summertime is back in gear… Videos for the summer!

Well, summer is here and this is our favorite time of year for videos. The sunrises and sunsets make it worth it to get up early, just so you can try and capture an amazing shot. The weather is nice, the ropings are back in swing, the rodeos are coming and the horses and dogs have shed their winter coats. This is prime time for filming!

Be A Legend T-Shirts Speaking of sunrises, a week or so ago we woke up at 4:30 to be out and ready to video at 5:30. That morning was beautiful! We filmed some awesome shots and had a great time. The result was our campaign opener video called #BeALegend. We launched this June 1st and we love our new slogan! We will be releasing t-shirts and other videos of our endorsees telling us how they are pursuing the title of legend, and what that phrase means to them.

Something we are really excited for is the Special Needs Rodeo that is June 16 in Pocatello, Idaho during the Idaho High School Rodeo Finals. We are sponsoring these awesome kids and we can’t wait to see them rocking the awesome #BeALegend shirts. Those kids are the real deal, and we feel honored to get to be part of it. 


As far as a few things that will be coming up for videos, here’s what you should look for:

  1. Video launching a new product! You guys are going to love this… it’s something that every horse can benefit from!

Bobby Jean

  1. Bobby Jean Colyer – We sat down with Bobby-Jean to find out what makes her such a competitive roper. She’s a rockstar and we can’t wait to show you why!




  1. Ashley Schafer has been on fire in the ERA. We caught up with her to see her philosophy on training horses, rodeoing while trying to keep family life somewhat normal, and how she is enjoying the ERA!Ashley






  1. Breck Ward is a 15-year old team roper/calf roper standout. He is alBreck Wardready a #7 heeler and has had some major success in the team-roping world. His work ethic and focus is something we noticed and can’t wait to show you.




  1. Are you a runner? Do you run with your dog? We will be releasing a video soon featuring a product that we love to give to the active dogs such as those that run with us to keep us in shape!


Stay tuned and check Facebook to stay updated on what is coming out when. We love this time of year and are grateful to feature some of the horses, dogs and people that we admire so much!

Until next time! – Jess

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