Betsy Jenkins– Social Media

Betsy is the newest member of our team! Helping us with our dog line through social media, Betsy is smart and driven, and loves animals! Betsy and horses have gone hand-in-hand since she was little, especially draft horses, as her grandpa, Jim Knight, is the equine director at the College of Southern Idaho. “I have grown up with draft horses. My grandparents have had draft horses my entire life. My grandpa farmed with them and still takes them to the college for classes. I remember driving the team at the Twin Falls County Fair when I was about 5. One of my favorite memories was with our horse Duke. My grandpa would let him eat off the hay wagon and I would brush him and sit on him. He would let me do anything to him.”

Betsy has lived in the Magic Valley her entire life. She graduated from Filer High School and recently received her associate degree in Equine Studies.

Betsy enjoys spending time with her family. She has 5 siblings, three brothers and two sisters and they are all close and have good relationships with each other. She also has “the cutest little nephew” named Hyrum. “My family literally does everything together. Baseball games, archery, guns, camping, horse shows, the Twin Falls County Fair… And it’s not just my immediate family. My grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles, we all love being together and we make every event a fun family gathering.”

Betsy also enjoys reading books and especially if it is something to help her continue to learn. She also loves music and plays a few instruments. She loves hunting, and anything outdoors.

Silver Lining has been part of her life for a long time. “Whenever we have had a problem with one of our horses, we have always called Mickey. I love that SLH is a local business. I love that I have the opportunity to promote quality, natural herbal supplements to help support our dogs and horses health. The coworkers are great. It’s a great atmosphere in the office and there’s always fun being had.” 

Betsy believes that horses and dogs are some of the most understanding animals. “I love their loyalty and how they have the ability to truly connect with you.” Betsy’s favorite horse was Duke. He was a dapple grey Percheron draft horse and he would let Betsy do anything to him. Her favorite dog was Max. “He was a Black Lab and I convinced my parents to buy him for me at a fair when I was about 7 (with a few tears).” 

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