Cynthia – Production Technician

Cynthia was born and raised in Buhl, Idaho and has lived here almost her entire life. She did live back east in New Hampshire and worked in Massachussets for a couple of years, but moved back to Buhl afterwards. Cynthia and her husband have 4 kids, who keep them very busy! Her oldest daughter (Kass) will be 17, her son (Dan) will also be 17, then there is her son Justin who is 16, and her youngest daughter, Rileigh, is 13. Four teenagers and they keep her on her toes. “I like to do what my family likes to do. I’m a mom and love being a mom. I mostly hang out with the kids and am involved in the activities they are doing…sports, camping, fishing, hunting and traveling.” As a family they love going to the Oregon coast and spending time by the ocean. Their favorite place to camp is Stanley and do this every summer. Sometimes they’ll ‘rough it’ or sometimes they’ll stay in a cabin… they love it either way.

Cynthia’s husband is retired military, and they met at a flag football game and have been married for 5 years. Before Silver Lining, Cynthia worked in the medical industry for 25 years. “I quit because I didn’t believe in them [medicine] anymore… but I can believe in Silver Lining Herbs’ products. I like Mick and Lori because of their values and ethics and I like this company for the same reasons. I believe in the products and I’ve seen what they can do, and I like working for a company that I can trust and believe in.”

Cynthia has had dogs her entire life, and they have either been a poodle or a lab. Her current dogs are a poodle (Frank) and a lab (Badger) who are important parts of their family. Cynthia’s poodle is on #20 Keep Cool and her lab is on #18 Joint to help support his joints as well as on the #13 Herbal Wormer because he likes to eat rodents.

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