Gretchen Montgomery – Accounting

Gretchen, was born in Jerome, Idaho and raised on a farm overlooking the Snake River Canyon on the northside in Wendell, ID, but went to school and church in Buhl. She left only for a few years to live in Salt Lake City, Utah while she attended the University of Utah, and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

Gretchen married her husband Chad and they now own a home in Buhl overlooking the Snake River Canyon on the southside. Gretchen and Chad went to the same high school and become friends his Senior year and Gretchen’s Junior year when he was a teacher’s assistant in her PE class. They got to know each other and became friends. Eventually, one day at church, Chad’s mother, brother and sister invited me over for Sunday dinner, which Gretchen thought was weird, until they told Chad to go show Gretchen the pigs. It was definitely a setup, but it worked! Shortly, after that they started dating. Chad proposed while Gretchen was in her Freshman year at the University of Utah and so began a long engagement while Gretchen finished school. Chad offered to sell his cows and move to SLC, and that’s when she knew he truly loved her because he despised big cities and loved the country and his cows! After being engaged for almost 4 years, they were married 28 hours after Gretchen graduated. They’ve been married for almost 26 years now…. and she can’t believe how fast time goes!

Chad and Gretchen have four children; Morgan age 21, Garett age 19, Autumn age 17 and Meghan age 14. They are very involved with their schooling, sports, and church activities, as well as squeezing a family vacation in between cows, farming, and all of the other activities. Their family loves all kinds of babies! Gretchen thinks that the reason they have so many dogs is because Chad can’t resist puppies. Currently, they have 5 dogs, and 5 puppies; all are either blue or red heelers. One of Gretchen’s very favorite dogs ever was Scooter, who was also a Heeler. They rescued him from a pound and Gretchen believes he genuinely loved them for that! They took him camping and he was a great camp dog, watching over and protecting them all! Living on a farm, they also have lots of cows, horses, pigs and chickens. They love to eat food that they raise; beef, pork and chicken, and in our large garden and orchard they grow vegetables and fruit. Many hours are spent raising, preparing and preserving food for their family.

When asked what she does in her free time, between the duties on the farm and home, her job and all the fun activities the kids are in…. she says, “I DON’T HAVE ANY, so I wouldn’t know”.

Gretchen loves working for Silver Lining because she loves the people that work there! She says, “It is truly like a family. Mickey and Lori are two of my dearest friends and I love working for them. They have hired people that they know and love so it’s truly working with the Young’s extended family.” Her favorite moments with coworkers are when they are enjoying one another’s company at one of the many company parties that Lori hosts. “Lori is the BEST at party planning! I look forward to her various parties all year, maybe almost as much as she does!”

Gretchen doesn’t have a favorite herbal product, and wonders how could you possibly pick just one! The ones she uses the most are 9 Inflammaid, #12 Feet & Bone, #18 Joint Support, #22 Respiratory Support, #24 Immune Support #25 INF-X, #37 Kidney Support #40 Equisalve, #61 Joint Rub, and #62 Muscle Rub. Gretchen loves herbs and found that love from her Grandmother who is her hero. She has passed on now, but taught Gretchen to look for healing in natural products, not fabricated. “She often used herbs and oils to help heal any aches, pains or illnesses I suffered as a child. I remember her taking me to visit Mickey’s mother in Jerome at her herbal store when I was about 8 years old… I wouldn’t even know who Mickey was until several decades later. “

Gretchen’s favorite quote is “Decisions determine destiny” by Thomas S. Monson. “I believe that if you want to live a long and healthy life you have to make good decisions and that is why I love incorporating Silver Lining Herbs in my daily regimen as my beloved Grandmother taught me.”

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