Jess –Social Media Marketing/Videographer

Growing up Jess would read The Working Horse magazine and dreamed of someday working for one of the horse health companies that placed ads in this magazine. In fact at 14 years old, Jess wrote in her journal that her dream job would be to “work for a company that helped to make horses’ lives better”. Originally Jess imagined that this job would involve writing articles for magazines and being a spokesperson through commercials, or possibly working in public relations. She couldn’t have imagined how close to her dream job she would get. Rather than writing magazine articles and being in front of the camera, Jess works behind the camera filming as our videographer and behind her computer screen on social media. And the best part she says, “I get to work not just for any company that sells horse health products… I work for THE company that does horse health best: Silver Lining Herbs.” Four years later, she has enjoyed telling the stories of people who care so much for their horses and dogs.

Jess found a love for horses on her grandpa’s cattle ranch in Hollister, Idaho. Growing up around horses and dogs, she found a love for the loyalty that they demonstrate. “I remember having conversations with my horse, Gaucho, in our pasture next to our house and feeling like he really was the best listener.” Her horse Gaucho was the one who taught her the most about horsemanship. She loves that to this day she can still go out to the pasture and jump on him anytime. “He is reliable and has been there through high school, college, marriage, and now being a mom. I really hope that he is still around to take my kids through youth rodeos and to be the same kind of friend to them that he was to me.”

Moving cows and branding season helped Jess to learn the discipline it takes to work hard and make your dreams come true, and it has translated into her job at Silver Lining. “I still feel privileged to wake up early and meet up with the horsemen and women we film. I feel blessed to rub shoulders with our customers who are down-to-earth people and often have a modest living, but they are going to be dang-sure they take care of their animals’ health. I am humbled when someone stops me because they saw Silver Lining’s leaf on my shirt and they express their gratitude for helping to save their horse, or that our products provided them with hope, and I realize that they have lumped me in with the goodness that Silver Lining has demonstrated over the years because of what I represent. And each and every time I walk into Mick’s office for a company meeting and see the sign on the wall, “DO THE RIGHT THING”, I know that Silver Lining Herbs emulates the same type of qualities that branding calves taught me to try to live my life by… wake up early, go to work, give it your best effort, thank your help along the way and don’t quit until the job is done.”

Jess’s favorite product is the one her horse needs at any given time. If she had to choose though, she would say the #37 Kidney Support, #24 Immune Support, and #13 Herbal Wormer, as well as the #44 Hemp Seed-Coconut Oil. “You might call me crazy, but sometimes I can just look at my horses now, and they’ll look back at me and its like they are saying, “You know what we need, so bring us our herbs”. It makes them feel good and I feel good giving it to them. Learning about these herbs through Silver Lining, has given me a whole different mindset and has changed the way I think about health. I wish I had started giving them a long time ago.”

Jess has been married for 5 years to her husband Stetson. They recently moved to Buhl and have a small farm and a few cows of their own. Their daughter, Jozee Rose, is 18 months old and loves horses, cows, her puppy Brix, the Netflix show, and being outside. As a family they enjoy working together, playing basketball, watching movies, playing a good backyard game of volleyball or softball and going four-wheeling. Jess also enjoys teaching basketball classes every summer to kids of all ages to help them improve on fundamentals and become more skilled players and has been doing so for the past 11 years. Jess’s favorite quote having to do with her professions of being a wife, a mom, in her church callings, and in her job at Silver Lining Herbs is, “Your profession is not what brings home your weekly paycheck. Your profession is what you’re put here on earth to do, with such passion and such intensity that it becomes a spiritual calling!”

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