Jim – Production Manager

Our Production Manager, Jim Reaman was born in Boise, Idaho, and raised in Kuna, Idaho. Since leaving home at 18, he has lived at 29 different addresses and has learned to like to explore the places he has lived. Jim could be described as a wanderer. He has been a primitive survival instructor working with youth at risk. He continues to explore and once a year takes time off to do just that, often surviving out in the desert with very few supplies and living off of the land. Jim understands the land and what it has to offer, and has a talent for appreciating ever part of our earth. He likes collecting rocks, sticks, and bones, and grows gourds that he dries and creates items with as well. He plays the harmonica very well and recently learned to play the tin whistle.

Jim and his wife Lucy have been married for 27 years. They met when he was living in a converted horse stall. They met on New Year’s day and were married shortly after in February, 1992. They now live in Buhl and enjoy working together and feel that they compliment each other’s work habits and strategies. Jim enjoys working at Silver Lining Herbs because, “I like the solitude of coming to work with a small company/ small group of coworkers and Mick and Lori trust us to have free rein to run the warehouse and do production. As far as quality of product goes, Jim says, “I know we buy the best possible herbs that we can, and I know the work that is put in to each product.” Jim has been with Silver Lining Herbs for 9 years — the longest place he has ever worked and lived. Jim’s coworkers know that they can always count on Jim for a listening ear, and an engaging conversation, as well as some good laughs. He is a good friend and loyal to those that know him.

Jim and his family had horses when he was growing up. Angel was one in particular that he remembered. She was a Shetland pony that was pure white and gentle as can be. Jim also thought he wanted to have a rodeo career until the first time he rode a calf and it laid down on him… that was the end to his rodeo career. They also had a dog named Heidi that could climb trees. “She would chase the squirrels up the apricot tree… causing great distress in the squirrel community!”

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