Josi Young – Owner/Research and Development

Son of Mickey and Lori Young, Josiah (Josi) grew up in Jerome Idaho, and moved to Buhl after high school. He rodeod through high school, college rodeod at the College of Southern Idaho and then also Idaho State University. Josi has always enjoyed working both ends of the arena and was one of few to do it successfully. By doing this he was able to win several All-Around titles. Josi eventually chose to professionally rodeo as a bareback rider because of the training he received from his dad who was an 11-time NFR qualifier in this event. If you couldn’t find Josi on the back of a bucking horse, you’d find him astride a gentler but just as explosive type of horse at the other end of the arena, team roping. Now retired from professionally competing, he continues to train team roping horses at his ranch in Buhl, Idaho where he lives with his family: his wife, Hannah, his son Bodi, and his daughter, Charli. Josi enjoys going to jackpot team ropings, hunting, shooting guns, and working out. As a family they enjoy spending time together, eating dinner together, traveling and exploring the outdoors (especially if it involves water and water sports).

Josi stepped into Silver Lining Herbs to oversee research and development as well as production. He enjoys the brainstorming aspect of our team meetings and likes looking to see how Silver Lining can continue to be on top of its game. One of his favorite parts of the company is that it is a family owned business who’s main objective is to help horses and dogs live a better quality of life. “I like hearing that we’ve helped someone’s horse or dog, because these animals are family to a lot of people.”

Josi continues by saying, “I love the people that work here. Everybody has the same mentality, they are good, honest, hard-working people, and you can trust everybody that’s in here. They are like family.”

Something that stands out to Josi is that he has been around SLH since it started. He has seen where it came from and how it has grown. “Now… no matter where I go, whether it is from Florida to Washington, I love hearing about the good experiences people have with SLH products… its fun to see that.”

Josi has had a lot of good horses over his lifetime, and if he had to guess, has owned somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 horses. One that stands out in his mind was named Wine Dot. He passed away a year and a half ago.

“He was one that my dad trained but I started riding him in high school and I qualified for the high school finals in the team roping on him and then I college rodeod on him and went to the college finals in the team roping on him. And then I went to my pro rodeo career and I qualified for my first circuit finals rodeo on him. I’ve been through every level of my rodeo career with him, and that will always be very meaningful to me.”

One family member that he couldn’t forget to mention is Dolli, a10 year-old dachshund, that is his “little buddy”. Although Josi’s wife, Hannah, may have had to talk him into getting a house dog, over the years she has become a family member.

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