Joy Clements – Office Assistant

Just like her name, you can always count on Joy to put a smile on your face. She is helpful in every way! She has been with Silver Lining Herbs for 12 years, and that experience really is invaluable to running the company smoothly.

Joy grew up in Kimberly, Idaho and then moved to Buhl, Idaho with her family of 6 kids. Being outdoors was a regular activity for their family and they came to love camping, fishing, hiking, and snowmobiling. You can also find them playing board and card games together, and she has admitted to it getting pretty competitive (but all in good fun). Joy now has 9 grandsons who she loves with her entire heart and tries to see often.

When asked about Silver Lining, Joy spoke with conviction for all aspects. “I believe in the product, I love the company, I love animals and I love that it helps their health.”

Like others have said, Joy also agrees that the work environment is amazing. “It feels like a home away from home and the coworkers feel like family.” On the phone answering questions and placing orders for customers, Joy says that the phone calls she really enjoys are the ones where people have called to just say how grateful and satisfied they are with the product and with the result, and that she receives these calls almost.

Joy’s current and favorite dog is named Bo, who is 7 years old, and is just happy. He loves attention, and is a comforting companion to Joy and to her family.

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