Julie Watson – Secretary

When you first walk into Silver Lining Herbs, you’ll first meet the kind face of Julie Watson. Julie has been with us from almost the beginning (just about 18 years). Overseeing all office activity is a busy job and involves wearing a lot of hats, which Julie handles well. She also offers great insight on products and branding that comes from years of experience.

Julie grew up in Buhl, Idaho, but has traveled almost her entire life. She loves learning the history of different places and fondly remembers traveling to the East Coast, Mid-West, as well as Europe. Julie and her husband have 5 kids (3 boys two girls) and now also have 20 grandchildren. Julie’s favorite pastime is chasing all of these kids and grandkids to the activities they are involved in. Most often they are athletic events, and rain or shine, you can find Julie there, and sporting a grin and encouragement. Julie had all of her kids by the young age of 23, and is therefore a young grandma, who absolutely loves being active in her grandkids lives. If we are being honest, we all wish Julie was our grandma! Julie enjoys spending holidays together as a family, camping, grandkids night, photography, drawing and doing crafts, and in another life she would have liked to have been an art teacher.

As we stated previously, Julie has been with Silver Lining almost from the beginning. She met Lori because they both cleaned houses. Mick and Lori were just starting their business and they started to grow and Lori asked Julie if she was interested in a job. “I started by answering the phones, and started in an office in their house… when they were gone I would take orders. From the house they moved to a building by their house and we were there for a few years… and then we came to town to the building we are in now.” Julie remembers the days of rolling product in an ice cream bucket, a barrel and packaging the mixtures in zip-lock baggies. It has changed drastically since then.

“I like SLH because I feel like part of a family. I have good friends here and I love the atmosphere. It is laid back but everyone is also driven at the same time. I enjoy coming to work every day. There is honesty and integrity here and there is a love from our bosses that we feel. You know that they care.”

“One of the most amazing products that people don’t realize how great it is is the #16 Power Dust. I’ve seen what it can do and I just think it is a miracle what it can do for animals.

Growing up Julie had a dog named Taco, and then during her kids childhood years they had a black lab named Rocky. Rocky was a great guard dog and grew up with the kids. It was comforting knowing he was always there for us a family.

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