Laura Jacobson – Quality Control

Laura has been with Silver Lining for just about a year, and has been a great addition to our crew. Laura grew up in Twin Falls, went to the College at Southern Utah University as well as the College of Southern Idaho. She taught English in Japan for a semester of College and then graduated with a degree in ???. Laura and her husband Zac met in college on a blind date (yes those do work sometimes). They now have four kids ages 11, 8, 5 and 1. They live on a farm in Castleford, Idaho where they grow corn and hay.

As a family they enjoy camping, traveling, and doing lots of activities with the kids and just being involved with all that they do. They have Friday movie night every week and love spending time together doing that. Laura likes to read historical fiction, likes yard work, and likes spending time with sisters and mom. She and Zac are currently saving to take their kids on a trip to see the ocean for the first time!

When asked about Silver Lining, Laura says, “I’ve been a stay at home mom for ten years, and so I like coming and connecting with other people and I enjoy associating with my coworkers. I also enjoy learning new things about quality control and being part of a company that has products that have value for people and their animals. Mick and Lori and Josi treat their employees really well, and it is nice to come and be valued.”

Growing up Laura always had horses and her grandparents had what they called, “the horse pasture”. They would ride their bikes over to this pasture and they’d make forts in trees where and be around the horses. They also enjoyed being pulled on a sled in the snow by the horses and Laura has many other great memories with them.

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