Lisa Jacobson – Office Assistant

Working at Silver Lining Herbs for almost 15 years, Lisa is another crucial part of the system that keeps Silver Lining going and successful. Lisa grew up in a little farming community called Lyman outside Rexburg, Idaho.  She graduated from Madison High School and attended and graduated from Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho) with an associate degree in Secretarial Work.

 Her first job out of college was as a new accounts secretary at Idaho Bank and Trust in Rexburg. A teller set her up on a blind date, and that’s how she met her husband and 39 years later have built a beautiful life together. They milked cows, farmed, had 200 head of sheep and 6 children while living in Swan Valley Idaho, but due to developers buying up property they decided to sell and moved to Buhl in 1995 with their 6 children and 150 head of milk cows.

They have established roots here in the Magic Valley and have since built up to a 600 dairy cows, as well as added over 500 acres of farm ground that they farm with their oldest son. Lisa does all the books for their dairy and farms, and is landlord for 6 rental homes. In addition to their 6 children they have 19 grandchildren all under the age of 12! If that doesn’t tell you they are busy, we don’t know what would!

They love big family parties and Lisa hosts a New Year’s Eve party, a big Easter Egg Hunt, a 4th of July party (a favorite in their family), a Halloween party, and a Christmas party, with several other get-togethers in between.  Being together has created some of the fondest memories for Lisa. 

On a quieter note, Lisa enjoys the evenings spent with her husband watching Hallmark movies, or reality TV shows.  They also like to travel together, when they can get away, and their biggest adventure is when they went for 3 weeks to Australia, New Zealand and Figi!  

 About Silver Lining, Lisa said, “I love working for Silver Lining, it’s the best place you can work. My favorite part is the people I work for and with.  Working for Lori is a pleasure, and the people at work have become some of my best friends.”

 When I take orders over the phone it is fun to talk to the customers.  Probably one of my best memories is when one of our distributors found out she was having twins, we made an instant connection because my 3rd and 4th babies were twin boys. It was fun to talk to her and share that experience with her, and I think that happens quite often with other customers and employees here… as you build a relationship with them, you come to relate to their experiences and care about them.”

 Lisa’s favorite animal growing up was a big St. Bernard named Max that her mom raised on a bottle from a baby.  He would almost look you in the eye, and loved to bark and sniff at Lisa’s dates when they would bring her home.  While living in Swan Valley they had a Great Pyrenees dog named Doogie, he was a guard dog for their sheep. “We loved that dog.  Every time I see a Pyrenees I think of our sheep and our time living in Swan Valley.” 

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