Lori Young – Owner

Co-owner of Silver Lining Herbs, Lori Young, grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was very much a city girl and was into fashion as well as sports. After college she was working during the week at a hotel and casino, and on the weekends she had another job as a waitress at a dance hall/saloon called ‘The Nashville’. One evening, Mick and a few of his friends came in after they competed at the Helldorado Rodeo. Lori happened to wait on them and soon after, she and Mick starting dating. After 2 years of long distance dating, Mickey moved to Las Vegas and began rodeoing from there. They were engaged for about six months and have been married for 42 years.

Mick and Lori have two kids – Shayna and Josi – who are as adventurous and active as their parents. Shayna enjoys dancing and is tremendously talented in all aspects of her life. She now lives in British Columbia, Canada with her husband and her two children. Josi grew up rodeoing and found a love for the sport of bareback riding. Josi has since retired from rodeoing and lives in Buhl, Idaho with his wife two kids.

Lori and her family enjoy camping, watching the guys compete at team ropings, swimming, tubing (both on snow and water), hosting and attending barbecues, working out and being festive for every holiday. If you come to Silver Lining Herbs’ Headquarters, you will find the office decorated for the upcoming holiday. Lori’s personal favorite is Halloween, and each year everyone in the office dresses up to help her celebrate this holiday fully. Lori personally loves decorating, gardening in the summer, and her all-time favorite thing to do is hang out with her grandkids.

When it comes to Silver Lining Herbs, Lori has a deep conviction for the product and their abilities. She says, “After 20 years of being in business, and hearing about so many testimonials, there is no way I couldn’t believe in the product. I have used every one of the products, and have seen with my own eyes how well the products work.” This knowledge has come with her personal experience with the herbs, but also from what she has heard from customers. “It is fun to hear from the customers how our product has helped their horse or dog. I never get tired of hearing about that… I am so thankful for the knowledge of herbs.”

With Lori in the office, you can count on it being a great day. She brings a light and enthusiasm with her to work and is always fair and kind to everyone that she employs. “All my best friends work here. They are all so fun to be around and they push me to be a better person.” As her coworkers and friends, we can say the same thing about Lori, and all that know her, love her. She is a huge reason this company cares about the animals like it does and is genuine, through and through.

“My favorite dog was Wiggles. She was such a lover. She would literally hug you and try to tell you that she loves you. Mick found her wandering around on our property one day, and nobody claimed her so we just kept her… she was such a sweet heart and we all still think about her every day!”

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