Matthew Jacobson– IT Supervisor

If you have read this far down then god bless you. You definitely need to find something else to fill your time with. You will be highly rewarded though, since we saved the best for last.

Matthew Jacobson, brings looks and personality to whatever team he is on. He moved to Buhl Idaho when he was a young kid. 10 years old to be exact. He grew up on his family owned dairy.

Matthew has been around horses his whole life. When he was in his teens, his father got into the horse breeding business for a while, so he spent a good amount of his time training and working with young horses.

He attend and graduated from Buhl High School. Then he continued his education and graduated with a bachelors degree in computer science. After graduation he started working for Silver Lining Herbs as their IT specialist in the year of 2016.

He meet his wife in the fall of 2006, and they where married in the spring of 2007. Matthew has four kids, two boys and two girls, who keep him on his toes. Along with a small active family, he also has two beagle dogs, Cosmo and Nova, that he enjoys spending time with. He loves spending time with his wife and kids, and enjoys being a father and a husband.

Told you the best was last. Now I beg of you, go do something else more productive with your time. Thanks for reading!

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