Mickey Young: Owner

Mickey Young, owner and developer of Silver Lining Herbs, has been deeply involved with animals all his life. After a rodeo career that spanned competitor (11-time NFR qualifier in rough stock), stock contractor (seven times to the NFR), as well as once as a NFR pickup man, Mickey began focusing on the vast herbal knowledge he’d accumulated apprenticing to his parents and on his own. This resulted in the creation of Silver Lining Herbs, a formalization of something Mickey had already been doing for years – supporting hundreds of his own animals and his friends’ animals with various custom blends of superb-quality powdered herbs. Through Mickey’s hours of endless study and hands-on experience there are now over 50 Silver Lining formulas designed to promote natural health for horses and dogs.

Today you can find Mickey out and about more often than in the office. His love for horses and dogs continues and when the toughest cases arise, his number is the one we call. He is still involved with team roping and enjoys the World Series finals as well as going to Rancho Rio in Arizona. You can often find Mick running his backhoe and dozer, taking care of his place, and sitting in on company meetings. He is active in his church and whole-heartedly supports this beautiful nation in which we live. He and his wife Lori enjoy spending time in Arizona in the winter, as well as spending time with their two kids and their spouses and their four grandchildren.

When it comes to horses and dogs, Mick has a lot to say. “All I know is this life would be pretty incomplete without horses and dogs. Horses are an incredible animal. They can pack the weight of a grown man and his saddle and all of his equipment. They can run faster than a cow, and if you rope the cow, you can dally and that said horse will stop a full grown bull, turn around, and drag that bull that might weigh 600 more pounds than he does.”

He continues, “They often times are asked to travel 50 miles in a day packing that man, and even farther. Put a little kid on them and a lot of times that little kid is taken care of and feels good about themselves all day. They will teach a kid respect and responsibility, and teach all of us patience and loyalty.”

“Today, more than ever, horses are demanded to be more athletic with less room for mistakes in a competition environment. They are living under some of the most trying times as far as health environments are concerned. In years past, horses have had the opportunity to graze on natural vegetation at some point during the year. Today however, most horses don’t ever get a chance to eat naturally grown vegetation. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to fulfill those needs to these incredible animals.”

“Where dogs are concerned, it’s been said that if you are not sure who loves you more, your wife or your dog, lock them both in your trunk for an hour and see which one is happiest to see you when you let them out. I say this in jest, but it demonstrates the intense loyalty and love of dogs. They, like horses, have an incredible sense of sight, hearing, and smell but above that a quick, correct, judgment of character. Its also been said if my dog doesn’t like you, you have a lot to prove to me.

I’ve had some good dogs in my life. And every one demonstrated a Christ-like love. I feel a responsibility to make their lives better by offering them an avenue to better health.”

The name Silver Lining was the same moniker that Mickey used on his professional rodeo company. When he sold his company, Mick retained the name and rolled it right into Silver Lining Herbs. The name implies that every cloud has a silver lining.

“When I discovered that everything we need to maintain health was available in the vegetation with God being the author, it was easy for me to embrace it. As time went on, I realized how much there was to know and how little I knew, but always, the herbs backed me up. Learning what I have learned about this incredible line of products has changed my life for the better. It has helped me through many intense situations, and helped countless horses and dogs maintain a positive health. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.”

“Silver Lining Herbs, the company, is an incredible company, mainly due to the people that work there and the people who patronize our product. Both are the high end of humanity. It has been an incredible journey that has brought us to the point that we’re at now, and as this is being written, our business is experiencing a spike in growth, another testament of how good the products are. The positive environment at Silver Lining Herbs helps people to know the value it lends to all of humanity and the horse and dog world. We look forward to the future where everybody and every horse and dog has the opportunity to be embraced by God’s medicine chest i.e. herbs.”