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This Arena

As I sat last night at 11:00pm watering the arena, I wonder if it is really worth it?

It has been a long day. Up early to get the kids ready, worked outside all day in the heat, got off work and hauled hay all evening. I’m exhausted…

But then I think about all the hours my Mom and Dad put in at work, and then would still come home to help me in our arena. We’d spend endless amounts of hours in that arena, just so a kid could learn to rope, barrel race, cut… whatever we were working on that night. We had some of our biggest arguments, best memories, and learned some of our biggest life lessons in that arena.

So the answer is yes. Yes it is worth it to be out there watering the area. These are the reasons we built this arena in the first place, so we can teach our kids to work, to have patience, to be kind, and to overcome.

I wouldn’t change the work put in to this arena for anything.

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Inspired by Cody Laumb

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