Top 5 Canine Products of 2014

A list of the Top 5 products from our dog line in 2014:

1. #18 Joint Support– The herbs found in #18 Joint Support are designed to support the manufacture of synovial fluids to keep the body and its joints functioning as designed.
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2. #10 Foundation– Recommended for all dogs to support normal health and vitality. Food sources for all of us ” human, horse and dog alike ” have declined in richness and diversity, so there is a need to replace basic, vital nutrients with a quality, well-rounded foundational product.
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3. #24 Immune Support– The herbs in #24 Immune Support are designed to aid and support a robust immune system, making it easier for your dog to fight off issues that might otherwise cause trouble.

4. #34 Al-R-G Support– Many dogs suffer terribly from allergies, most commonly with symptoms such as hot spots, redness and itching that are the result of the body’s inappropriate response to allergens. #34 Al-R-G Support helps maintain the body’s healthy, normal and natural response to allergens.
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5. #27 Liver Support– The liver is the great detoxifying organ of the body, and as such, has enormous impact on overall health and vitality. Just one example is the liver’s role in fighting allergies. Histamines cause the outward symptoms of itching, sneezing and swelling in an allergic reaction; a healthy liver quickly removes these noxious allergens from the body and minimizes their effect. #27 Liver Support was designed to give a full-spectrum support to the liver, helping it overcome the heavy load that today’s medications, chemicals and diets throw at it.
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