U.S. Military Dogs – We Honor You Today!

Our last blog featured a horse that had a major role in the U.S. Military, and so today we wanted to highlight the military dogs that have and still are serving our country. Instead of introducing one dog specifically, here is an overview of the life of a military dog, the training they go through, and the tasks they are asked to perform on a daily basis.

Military dogs originally were brought to the U.S. from overseas where they were bred. Because it got so expensive and because the demand for military dogs was so high, the U.S. military soon started a breeding program of their own. German shepherds, retrievers, and Belgian Malinois have proven to be the most sought after breeds because of the traits they have that make them such great working dogs.

Trained specialists watch them as puppies and look for certain characteristics that would make them great working military dogs; loyal to a fault, intense retrieving ability, focused, aggressive behavior, and a strong desire to work for a reward. These dogs are hand selected and once they are old enough, sent to a base to be trained. A majority of military working dogs and their handlers go through training at Joint Base San Antonio Lackland.

This facility has more than 62 training areas, 1,000 dogs, and over 125 Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force soldiers. Once the dogs reach 1 years old, and have passed all the advanced training they need, they are assigned to an area and deployed with their handlers. As many as 500 military dogs and their handlers can be deployed at a time.

What is their role? Often they have several, and they are trained to be dual purpose dogs. The three areas that they are mainly used for are: Explosives and narcotics detection, patrol for apprehension, and searching for enemy personnel. And this is just scratching the surface, but in short, military dogs
are in high demand because of the service they provide!

It’s hard to measure the exact impact that these dogs have had, because they have done so much. From saving soldiers from stepping on explosives, to detecting insurgents and exposing them before they can do any damage to our troops, military dogs have a special place in the hearts of the U.S. Military men and women. They also have a special place in our hearts here at Silver Lining Herbs, and we are grateful to get the opportunity to provide health alternatives to try to support the healthy dog.

Thank you for your service. We honor you today!

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You can also read a specific story about a U.S. Military Dog named “Dino” and his handler Air Force Tech Sgt., Aaron Lee, at the above website!

Photo Sources: Google Images – U.S. Military Dogs

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