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What can I do for my Horse With Thick Yellow Urine?

Have you ever seen a horse that pees thick yellow urine? Or perhaps your horse pees to frequently?  Or struggle to pee?  Like stretch out and nothing happens?  Or how about never seeing your gelding drop?  What is going on with these horses?!

horse urine thick yellow

In the past 50 years, we have seen our horses’ diets change dramatically. Remember what your parents or grandparents fed their horses?  I bet it was something that looked like food to a horse, and they could find it while grazing.  That’s another thing horses use to be able to do — graze. When they did, they were able to choose from a variety of plants that weren’t tainted with herbicides and insecticides. Beyond this, the emotional well-being that horses get from grazing is huge.  So as today’s horses have fewer acres to graze on, are getting fed more concentrated feed, and live in smaller pens, more health problems are beginning to arise.  One of these problems is urinary issues.

The most common urinary issues that we see in horses are thick yellow urine, frequent urination, dirty sheath, swollen sheath, tenderness over loins, and stocking up.  We believe that this comes from the diets and environments that today’s horses are in.

These horses require more support for their kidneys and urinary system. This system is responsible for getting impurities out of the body through the urine.  When this system is not getting the proper nutrition, impurities get backed up and the filtering systems stops working as well, causing these issues.

So if we are not giving our horses anything to be supported in this way, they aren’t getting it.  That is why we suggest our #37 Kidney Support to SO MANY people for their horses.  The herbs in this combination are designed to support and maintain the proper detoxification process and function of the kidneys and urinary system.So what else should we be doing?  Ideally, it would be great to have thousands of virgin acers for our horses to graze on; however, that isn’t a reality for most, but that doesn’t mean that all is lost.  Preferably we want to provide as much variety for our horses as we can.  When feeding hay, provide lots of grasses in the hay and some alfalfa.  When feeding grain, stay wholesome.  Get away from the sweet feeds and processed feeds.  We are big promoters of whole oats.  Most horses do great on them, and they serve the horse in so many ways.

So next time you see your horse or someone else’s have thick yellow urine or struggling to pee, know that they are asking for some help.  Help in perhaps their diet, but also supplementing something into their diet that they are currently not getting.

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5 thoughts on “What can I do for my Horse With Thick Yellow Urine?

  1. Hi! I agree with you that sprays plus fertilizers have caused both animals and humans to get much sicker that is why we should go back to the beginning of time using strictly manure and lime that are both natural to fertilize. Plant cover crops that deter weeds from growing and provide fertilizer also called green manure.
    Development must be stopped of our farm lands because NO FARMS,NO FOOD ,NO PEOPLE NO FUTURE. Blacktop and concrete provides no oxygen but also does not take in any nitrogen as is needed for both humans and animals to breath. I even go as far here on my farm to have no waste that goes to a landfill. Everything is recycled [ plastic, glass, newspaper, cardboard, wood metals } anything needing burned gets a magnet run over it then goes across a screen than the ashes go into my ground. See I also besides mini farming do mortgage foreclosures and landlord tenant cleanouts of all stuff left behind and do repairs.So we have even scrap wood that people get to burn for heat or cookouts. I have promoted silver lining herbs to people all over the world with if it is safe enough to take bloodcleans yourself and pass your blood test than it is safe enough for all your animals. I raise cats as well as cows horses goats on my rescur farm and kept cats alive for up to 13 years that had feline lueaimia mixing silver lining herbs with moist canned food depending on how the animal acts.

  2. I just used this combo for my 18 year old gelding for exactly these reasons. He would also do the pulsating pee. I cleaned his sheath, but knew there was more going on internally. I kept him on this combo until both bags were gone. In 2 weeks it was already like night and day. He was moving better in his hind end, he was peeing more of a steady stream, dropping down more and his overall appearance improved. One thing that was kind of interesting is he ended up with a bunch of smegma-like stuff on the insides of his hind legs along the sheath area. I still can’t figure that one out. I feel he needs another round, but I can say from the first round alone I am really impressed with the overall change in him! Best products ever!

    1. It sounds like he had sludge in his bladder, which turns into bladder stones. I’m going to guess you were feeding him a fair amount of alfalfa or alfalfa-based products, which change the pH of the urine and allow this sludge to sediment out. Keep him off of the alfalfa and continue to acidity his urine, and you should see continued improvement back to normal.

  3. I started my pony on this because he would pee all the time. It wasn’t thick or badly colored. So we will see what happens.

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