What do Professional Barrel Racers Feed their Horses?

Do you ever wonder what professional barrel racers feed their horses to keep the competitive edge, especially while competing all the time?

Barrel racers need every advantage they can get, especially with event getting so competitive.  Having your barrel horse completely healthy is so important!

Here are some of the best NFR barrel racers doing for their horses and their favorite products to feed their horses…

Jessica Routier

Jessica Routier is a NFR barrel racer qualifier that knows fast, and hardworking horses.  Not only does Jessica barrel race for a living, her family has a black angus and quarter horse ranch in South Dakota. Jessica has counted on Silver Lining Herbs since 2017.  Her main products that she counts on are 27 Liver Support, 37 Kidney Support, 13 Herbal Wormer, 12 Feet & Bone Support, and Hemp Seed-Coconut Oil. Jessica says, “I love that they are all-natural, and that there is such a variety to choose from.” We love the variety of herbs that she chooses from!

Jessica Routier Archives - Barrel Horse News
Photo credit to Barrel Horse News.

Amber Moore

Amber Moore has been a regular to the winner’s circle of the NFR, as her and her great mare, Paige, always do so well there. Amber has been a loyal Silver Lining Herbs customer since 2013.  Her favorite product to feed her horses is the 24 Immune Support.  “I rely on #24 Immune Support to keep my horses healthy going down the road.”

Fifteen Questions with Top 15 NFR Barrel Racer - Amberleigh Moore | Barrel  Racing Tips .com
Photo credit to Barrel Racing Tips.

Sherry Cervi

Sherry Cervi knows barrel racing and how to keep her horses healthy. Sherry has been counting on Silver Lining Herbs for nearly 20 years.  Sherry says, “it doesn’t matter what issues my horses are facing, Silver Lining Herbs has a product to address that issue.” Sherry also uses the 12 Feet & Bone, 24 Immune Support, 18 Joint Support, and Hemp Seed-Coconut Oil.

Cervi Chasing a 19th Wrangler NFR Berth, Wins Caldwell Title
Photo credit to World Championship Barrel Racing.

Final Thoughts

Barrel horses are as individual as their riders; however, common support benefit many barrel horses.  Sales & Marketing Manager, Chance Schuknecht suggests that, “Most barrel horses would benefit from our 12 Feet and Bone Support to support their tendons, ligaments, and boney structure, along with our 24 Immune Support.  The Immune Support is great to keep these horses healthy as much as they travel.”

Many factors go into barrel racing, and horse health.  Stay ahead of issues, and get an advantage on the competition!

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