What Quality Means to Us

I love my animals and want them to have the best nutrition as possible and eat what they were designed to eat. This means a variety of vegetation to help meet their body’s needs. Aside from daily pasture grass along with hay, they are getting good whole oats along with their herbs. Because their herbs are a main staple to my program, I take pride in my responsibility as the Quality Manger for SLH to ensure they are getting only the best.
The suppliers that our bulk herbs come from are ones we have used for many years and trust completely. I require certain paperwork on all incoming herbs for qualification and we will send off samples to a lab to verify the paperwork is correct. One part of being an audited member of the NASC is to have each finished product we manufacture test negative for Salmonella.

Another aspect of quality that Silver Lining prides itself in, is the fact that our products contain no fillers and are 100% herbal. This gives me a piece of mind knowing that when I am giving my animals the products they need, they are getting high quality.

Some of my favorites are:

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