What to do for a Sick Horse or Dog?

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Think about it, our animals cannot be sick and healthy at the same time. They can have a cold or not have a cold, but they can’t have both simultaneously. So the objective is to stay healthy all the time, and a good starting point to make this happen is a strong immune system.

The immune system is vital to for optimal health of our horses and dogs. While a horse or dog is in training, being hauled, being boarded, or dealing with weather changes, the immune system is working to support their system the best it can.  However, if the immune system is asked to work harder than it can because of too much stress or nutritional deficiency, sickness can happen.

Stimulating the immune system can be done, but if it is not strong, it drains the system more.  Nourishing the immune system with food is the better option.  There is nothing more nourishing than herbs, which is the purest forms of vitamins and minerals and the easiest assimilated at the cellular level.

The difference in stimulating the immune system and nourishing the immune system is dependent on what the immune system can handle. This is why Silver Lining Herbs concentrates on keeping the immune system working for our horses and dogs by supporting the immune system, through nutrition that is recognized by the cell.  Certain herbs are proven to enhance the immune system, such as; olive leaf, wheat grass, and garlic.

With multiple nutrient dense herbs in both the horse and dog #24 Immune Support, the horses and dogs are more able to receive the nutrition they would other words be lacking.  After all if you aren’t giving it, they aren’t getting it.

1 thought on “What to do for a Sick Horse or Dog?

  1. Kimberly Tatiana Wacker says:

    We just adopted a dog half lab/beagle mix 6 years old. We allowed him to sleep with us till we got him his own bed then since he walks around claims in bed gets off walks more pretty much stays up but likes to sleep during the day

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