What to Give Your Dog with Constipation Issues?

If you have noticed your dog struggling with normal bowel movements, it might be from constipation he might be dealing with…

This constipation discomfort can be caused by from an obstruction from eating a bone or garbage, dehydration, GI tumor, medications, metabolic issues, or other issues.

No need to worry!

We have some home remedy + herb tricks that might help your dog with constipation issues!

At first signs of constipation, you can test out some of these ingredients…


Psyllium is very soothing for the bowels. It promotes regular digestive functions and removes toxins from the guy. This will allow your dog with constipation to have some relief and more comfort in their bowel movements.


Cascara is a mild laxative and stimulates the colon to trigger bowel movements.


Canned pumpkin is great for a dog with an upset stomach.  This high fiber food holds a lot of moisture and dogs love the taste. (Also, it’s the perfect time of year to serve your dog some festive foods!)

Silver Lining Herbs has a digestive specific herbal support for dogs that is a blend of Psyllium, Corn Silk, Slippery Elm, Chamomile, Cascara, Dandelion, Hydrangea, Myrrh, Ginger and Licorice.  The combination of all these herbs promote digestive well-being for a wide variety digestive issues including constipation.

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