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When a mare is balanced hormonally she will be as easy to get along with as a gelding. Really! They generally only act like they are mad at the world because they are in great discomfort. The herbs in #31 Mare Moods support healthy and natural hormone balance, support the uterus and reproductive organs, and maintain harmonious heat cycles by supporting the natural progesterone and testosterone levels. #31 Mare Moods may be beneficial in:

  • Poor haulers
  • Helping maintain a normal disposition, whether in season or not
  • Hard and too-frequent cycles
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Mare Moods with Stingray and Sherry Cervi – RFD-TV

One of the Silver Lining Herbs products STINGRAY uses is #31 Mare Moods. We caught up with Sherry Cervi to ask her what specifically she likes about this product and how it is beneficial to their program.

If you missed this segment on Women’s Pro Rodeo Today on Sunday, catch it again, as it re-airs tonight on RFD-TV!

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Posted by Silver Lining Herbs – Official Corp Page on Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Active Ingredients: A proprietary blend of (Eleuthero, Sarsaparilla, Damiana, Kelp, Red Raspberry, Slippery Elm, Uva Ursi, Valerian, Dandelion, Dong Quai, White Willow and Goldenseal)7087 mg per tbsp. Scoop included.
Inactive Ingredients: NONE
Recommended use: 1 level scoop per day for 1000-1200 lb horse. There are approximately 60 scoops per bag.
Available sizes: E31-1 1 lb re-sealable foil bag

Note: This product contains Valerian Root, which is a prohibited substance on some venue testing requirements.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 9.75 in

8 reviews for 31 Mare Moods

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve been thrilled with the Mare Moods supplement I got from you all. My mare is usually great, I’ve only had her since January (she’s a 5 y/o OTTB). The first time she went into heat she was so awful she had to be quarantined from the rest of the horses she was turned out with. She couldn’t be ridden, and was terrible to handle. It was generally a mess and I was pretty freaked out that my new mare was being so bad. At the barn it really isn’t acceptable for the horses to be that bad and our choice was to figure something out or find a new place to board. We tried ”Mare Magic” first, with no change. I asked my farrier to see if she had any suggestions and she mentioned that another client of hers had tried the Mare Moods supplement and had good results. There has been a 180 degree turn with my mare. We can barely tell when she’s in heat- she’s easy going, nice to the other horses and just like her usual, wonderful self!
    As you can see by my rambling, we’ve been thrilled with it- thanks for putting together a great product! Cheers.
    – Ann Christianson

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Vickie Eiland (verified owner)

    I have two moody mares, mother and daughter. They are clearly miserable and cranky during heat cycles. Mare Moods #31 has definitely eased their symptoms and has made them easier to get along with.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    T (verified owner)

    My mare has very nasty cycles and can be very difficult to deal with when she is in heat. I tried Mare Magic and it did nothing, but with Mare Moods it was like night and day. I am very please with this product.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gina Leitheuser

    I used ReguMate and Depo for my mare. When she was cycling, she was horrible. Couldn’t concentrate, squirting, mind everywhere but in me. She was good on ReguMate, but at $3.00/ a day, and all the precautions you had to take when giving it ????. The Depo monthly injections, I hating giving it, and it didn’t always work. 60 days on Mare Moods, I have a totally different horse. She is so pleasant to be around, I can’t even tell when she cycled the last 2 months. Another horse whinnies, and she doesn’t even give it the time of day. Her manners are impeccable! Thank you so much for a great product! I was hesitant at first, but I will be using Silver Lining Herbs from now on!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Connie S. (verified owner)

    I have been using Mare Moods for about 5 years and decided to stop thinking I could save some money and assuming my mare had been on it so long it probably was not doing anything any more anyway. Boy was I wrong!! After only a month I remembered why I started using it in the first place as my mare became aggressive and “neurotic” and very difficult to rope on. She was also very nervous when hauled by herself and would not drink or eat normally. After putting her back on Mare Moods, we noticed results again almost immediately and after a few weeks, went to another roping and she was a completely different horse and back to her “mare moods” self again. I am a true believer and will never stop using it again! This is awesome stuff :)))

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Margaret (verified owner)

    Mare Moods was the best thing to come across for my mare Ronnie. Ronnie is currently 28 years old. The bad news is, I just found it two years ago! The good news I found it! :D. She is a mare that used to get so uncomfortable and stallion like, and would have bouts of gas colics during her seasons – so much so that my vet suggested the removal of her uterus (I wasn’t planning on breeding her). I didn’t want to put her through that, so we endured until I found Mare Moods… I swear I could see a difference in her demeanor almost immediately! Love the stuff! ;D Thank you!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    loulouharper (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. I own a mare that I raised. She was such a sweetheart until she started cycling. Then she became terrible. She would bite when I saddled her, she would pee nonstop, she had no focus, and she was seriously terrible to ride. I had to make sure we were nowhere near a stud, because she would make them act crazy. Geldings were terrible, too. She would run backwards and throw her butt in their nose. I couldn’t take her anywhere alone because she would lose her mind. I saw a video with Sheri Cervi and Stingray. She said that she used it on Stingray for years and she loved it. I decided I should try it. Now, I’m ordering another bag because I’m riding a completely different horse! She has so much focus. She’s wonderful to ride. Just recently I was in a small warmup pen with a stud. I was very nervous because I couldn’t put much distance between us. (one stud had already tried mounting her with me on her. This could’ve been prevented with proper training. I love studs, but this one had no discipline.) She paid him no attention! I was shocked! She stayed focused and worked beautifully! She will continue to get for a very long time!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christy J Steinert (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely amazing! My mate was basically brainless during her heart cycle. Also she was very moody even when she wasn’t in heat. I tried Mare Magic with no results. I decided to give Mare Moods a try and the results were fantastic!! She was an angel during her heart cycle and her general disposition completely changed to a sweet happy content made. This product is wonderful and it totally works. Try it for a month and your mate can be happy and content all the time!!

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