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A Horse with a Heart of Gold

Amber Moore’s horse, Paige, has a heart of gold. This team has shined in the past two #WranglerNFR and we think that they are just warming up.

#RunPaigeRun #HeartOfGold #SilverLiningHerbs #BeALegend

Posted by Silver Lining Herbs on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

You Are a Champion

RFD-TV’s The American Semi-Finals are just 2 weeks away and it’s the first time that breakaway roping will be included as an event. Nicole Sweazea Baggarley has qualified twice for the semi-finals and we are excited to watch her and ‘Sweet-Pea’ do their thing!

#RFDTV #TheAmerican #YouAreAChampion #YouAreDoingThis #SilverLiningHerbs #BeALegend

Nicole Sweazea Baggarley

Posted by Silver Lining Herbs on Monday, February 11, 2019

The Man in the Arena

The past 10 days have been all about one thing: what these cowboys and cowgirls are made of, regardless of the success that comes or doesn’t come their way. We couldn’t be more proud of #TeamSilverLiningHerbs, and believe we have some of the best in the game, and congratulate them and their horses.

Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “The credit belongs to the man who is ACTUALLY in the arena.”

Amber Moore Caleb Bennett Professional Bareback Rider Nick Guy Jessica Routier – Professional barrel racer

#WranglerNFR #WeLoveOurTeam #SilverLiningHerbs #BeALegend

Posted by Silver Lining Herbs on Saturday, December 15, 2018

It’s a New Year Cowboys and Cowgirls

What do your habits say about the kind of person that you are?


Welcome to 2019 everyone. It’s time to #SLAY your goals.

#NewYear #Goals #ItsGoTime #SilverLiningHerbs #BeALegend

Posted by Silver Lining Herbs on Sunday, December 30, 2018

Silver Lining Herbs: The Best Alternative Herbal Health Product For Horses and Dogs

Herbs are the original go-to source for health and wellness for your dog and horse, going back thousands of years. Before land was divided by fencing, the soil was depleted, and horses were limited to homogenized patches of grass and bales of hay, horses took care of themselves by eating a wide variety of vegetation, including many herbs. Today, an increasing number of individuals are recognizing that herbs as alternatives to horse supplements and dog supplements can do amazing things. But, as with any product, (and especially one that’s consumed) quality is everything when it comes to effectiveness.

That’s why Silver Lining Herbs offers only the very finest quality herbs for horses and herbs for dogs, precisely formulated and powdered for maximum concentration and absorption. We believe health is a work in progress, and every day we make choices for ourselves and our animals that move us closer to, or away from, a state of optimal health. Silver Lining Herbs strives to provide dog owners and horse enthusiasts with the highest quality all natural herbal alternatives to dog supplements and horse supplements available. Make Silver Lining Herbs your daily giant step forward, just as some of the world’s most reputable veterinarians recommend.